Saturday, August 18, 2007

Vandal O'Riley's One-Woman Show

That superlative chameleon, Vandal O'Riley, is now performing in her own one-woman show, "A Different Woman: A True Story of a Texas Girlhood."

According to David Cuthbert of The Times Picayune, "The benign title is based on an obscure, scandalous 1925 memoir by Texas teacher Edna Gertrude Beasley, 'My First Thirty Years,' printed in France and immediately banned in England. Its infamy was such that it was seized by U.S. Customs as "grossly obscene" and what copies found their way to her native Texas were yanked off bookshelves by Texas Rangers."
Ms. O'Riley was performing the show in New York at The New York City Fringe Festival when Katrina hit. The Village Voice called it, "a lively compelling 90 minutes," while the Broadway World critic found it, "simultaneously horrifying and uplifting; a fierce spirit is what drives the play and makes it such a strong theatrical experience."
"A Different Woman," is playing at Barrister's Gallery, 2331 St. Claude Ave. Tickets are $12. 8PM
The show opens today, with performances Sunday as well. It also runs August 25th and 26th. and August 30th to September 1.

So come out and support a fiesty and controversial woman - and you can then decide if I am talking about Vandal or Edna Gertrude Beasley.... Maybe both?

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