Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Carnival Season is Over

Carnival Season may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the memories.

This year, The Big Easy Rollergirls were everywhere!

On January 26th, The Big Easy Rollergirls rolled in The Shangri-La Parade.

On January 27th, Ibeatya Amber, Victoria von Doom, Lacy Underalls, SmasHer, Lush Fatale & Julie Jawbreaker walked with royalty as Grand Marshalls in the Krewe of Barkus.
They escorted the King and Queen down the crowded French Quarter Streets.

The Grand Marhsalls!

The Queen!

VvD helps Fannie, aka "Fanniery O'Bomber - Derby Dog" get ready for the parade

Ibeatya & Lacy

Lush Fatale

Lacy helps lead the way!

Julie & Raul

VvD next to the King

Lush & Ibeatya hold back the crowds

SmasHer & VvD

A little rain could not stop The Big Easy Rollergirls!
Muses was moved to Friday, February 1st and BERG rolled with it.
This was our second year rolling with Muses, and we couldn't be prouder!

Jet Lisa

Lacy & Perish

Luna & Diamond



Anti Em: My favorite moment was taking my skates off at the end of it all! But seeing all sorts of people I know along the route was cool, too. And the disco! So much love for the disco.

Em & Diamond

Asian: Drunk-Jaws is totally at the top of my fav moments list!!! Seeing so many fans and friends was tons of fun as well, and just dancing around and being goofy with everyone. The whole night rocked!

Ivy & Asian

BeAtch: Everything!!!!!!!!!!!




Big Sleasy: My favs were: When we got to Gallier Hall and Eric Paulson yelled, "Big Easy Rollergirls! Woo-Hoo!" Seeing people who actually recognized me from the bouts, giving wheels to some of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen, getting to wear Mozzer's cummerbund, and being a part of Mardi Gras. It was killer!

Sleasy & Trix

CHEAP THR!LL: The best part for me was getting to fully participate on my own two legs! I was shaking it up and down St. Charles, waving my tooshie at people and asking, "Can you see the THR!LL?" Like they could miss it. I had a blast dancing in front of the truck and seeing all the people I knew along the route. I almost lost it when I saw a big group of my Whole Foods friends with signs that said, "How Deep?/Elbow Deep!" and "Give Her The Fist!" I can't wait to see that picture! I love being with BERG and feeling the love of the fans.

How Deep?

The Thriller

An infamous post-Muses moment involves a drunken Loco waving off our ride and insisting that she and I push Galfreaka back to the house. Loco swore it was only two blocks past the interstate. Picture the three of us, trekking through bad neighborhoods at that hour and pushing a wheelchair. I'm convinced the only reason we didn't get mugged was because of pity. It seemed like we'd never get there, but looking back it was pretty fun!

Galfreaka: I had so much fun all round and I am so glad that I was able to wrangle a wheelchair at the very last minute (long story but wheelchair #1 fell through and I had to frantically find another 3 hours prior to the parade!
I loved all the incredible outfits BERG came up with this year- ‘hello hot girls in hot pants’ and I loved watching everyone boogie to disco music on skates! I appreciate all the selfless, awesome people who pushed me tirelessly in my wheelchair, never complaining. Big thanks to CHEAP, my wifey, Loco and Diamond and Soviet amongst others (sorry if I am forgetting you- I was partying beforehand and I'll blame my shoddy memory on the drinks...)
I got a huge reception from the crowds. People love a gimp! It was so much fun! People roared and cheered when I passed, and I did countless high fives, which I usually detest but loved doing on the parade route for some reason. I had people yell various hilarious things at me: "You go girl!” "Wow! A broken rollergirl!" “You girls are hardcore!” "The action must be real- look at her!" etc. Glad to represent how tough derby is for the general public by showing how dangerous it is! I think we quelled the rumors that the action is fake, like some kind of choreographed wrestling once and for all! This is the first time since my knee surgery 6 weeks ago that I almost was glad to be a gimp as I was so warmly received- it was great!
I vaguely -and with some embarrassment remember doing a "wheelchair dance" to Rick James's "Superfreak!"- Hey, it's my song! I have regained my voice and I had so much fun- I can't wait to do it again next year!

CHEAP, Galfreaka & Loco

Jambot: Getting a plush rollerskate! Crusty's boppers. Getting a Crescent Wench doubloon from Cooney. Lush taking an opportunity to stretch at Lee Circle. Sasscrotch's mustache! Not falling! Everyone skating when we got to Canal and the street was smooth. Seeing all my friends along the route. My friends performing a cheer they created after waiting through all the delays to see me. Having one of my friends call me the next day and say that he never thought I would look graceful on roller skates. Skating through the quarter with Sophie and Lush after the parade.


Lt Dan: I definitely have to second Kat, and I'd like to add a few more things! Skating out in front the truck once we got out on to Canal and just listening to the crowd ROAR!!!!! I couldn't help but giggle… Drunk Jaws attacking a sober Dan with a tight hug screaming ' I f'ing love you Dan!!!' (as if I didn't know). Holding on to the truck with Marquee, dancing as it pulled us along. Retiring my old skates. I don't think I'll ever be able to wear those again… Fighting with the taxi driver for over charging...it might not see like a Fav moment, but even bad things can make the whole experience a greater adventure!!!!!



Mama Bar Fly: I'm glad I insisted on the disco music. It seemed to keep most everyone energized despite the late hours. I'm sorry if I jostled you a bit, Gal, but the terrain was treacherous. I see no complaints, or even a mention on your post, so I guess it wasn't too bad.
My favorite moment was doing the "Bump" with Blaze and Vandal at Lee Circle. Next year I'm back up on the float. I'll miss y'all.

MILF: A few highlights: Receiving a custom made MILF barrette from SmasHer before the parade. Seeing how awesome all us girls looked in tights and hot-pants. Derby does a booty good. I especially loved Perish's gold sequined bottoms. SEXY. Listening to the marching bands duel in the Rouse's parking lot. Hearing so many women and girls on the parade routed scream that they loved the roller girls. Dancing, on a smooth spot behind Ruffit, who was looking cool as usual and some chic said, "Hey they really are good." At one of our many stops, I had a chance to talk to an NOPD officer that described himself as a "sports freak" and loved roller-derby because we were "for real" and "some tough ladies." Gotta love the validation.

Luvinblood & MILF

Sasscrotch: Where do I start? Carrie Fister getting her hair done 20's style, and then doing my makeup and mustache all glittery in our our shop on Magazine...Showing up at Mudflap’s house and having Sleazy say, "Your wearing a Cumberbund..?" .."I f'ing heart Cumberbunds!” And then giving it to her and having her wearing it...Lacy and Jambot taking photos of the wheels they had decorated…Trouble lacing glow sticks to her skates spread eagle on the floor... Seeing My Fav's Blaze and De Squade. De Squade in her sexy 7o's attire picking me up in her loving arms (all 8-wheels off the ground) and exclaiming "I love you, Mosser" like a loved child...Rolling down to Muses float #1 sidewalk side with Miss Ruthie to see my friend, Virginia as she presented me with a decorated, knee-high, glittery, silver boot... Showing it off to all, with an evil laugh… Presenting my girlfriend along St. Charles with the “Wholly Grail Muses Boot,” the Bunny rabbbit Mardi Gras hat of her dreams (equipped with buck teeth), and a huge ass genuine $3 plastic amethyst ring - all presented on one knee. Priceless!..J ulie Jawbreaker busting a move with her arm around me along the route... Diamond and Henry with their matching flasks at Lee Circle sipping and giggling like kids in a candy store... Pummel with her Bishop's Hat resting on her knees at the circle looking toward the heavens only to be caught for an appropriate photo... Jaws putting her arm around me to say "Sasscrotch? Is that really gonna be your name?” “Yeah, you like it?” and Jaws says, “No, actually I HATE it!” And then whispers, "But I will support whatever decision you make."...F.N. Trouble busting a move around everyone "turning that mother out,” all 70's style-dancing, like her Mamma did before she was born… Turning the corner onto Canal and dancing like a buffoon... And all the memories that can't be defined... And also talking to Shay Bay on the curb, cuz I like her… And these are a few of my favorite things...

Sass & Falls-Well

Trouble & Mascara


SmasHer: I loved the marching bands having a “band off” in Rouses parking lot while we waited to start, and have one of them play, “Don’t Cha” by The Pussycat Dolls. Classic. I swear, if you have never heard a high school marching band play it, you don’t know what you are missing. Of course the band was from New Orleans… Talking Perish into taking off her skirt and skating in her underwear like me (that was from getting into a car full of rollergirls and experiencing that ever-so dreadful “Oh my God, I-am-the-only-one-not-wearing-gold-hot-pants panic attack)… The look on everyone’s face I gave a skate to… Not having ANY beads tangle up this year, but I think someone accidentally threw half of my bead stash… And I loved hanging after the parade with the other “hardcores” and actually watching Muses. I got a shoe AND a boot (and a sword, plushie, disco ball, koozie – and managed to pick up extra booty for Bea, who couldn’t make the parade because of the rescheduling). Thank you, Muses!

SmasHer & Perish

Soviet Block: The whole parade was a blast! I loved dancing to “I will Survive” while holding the BERG banner. I felt cool and honored at the same time. I loved watching Sophie in her little golden hot pants dance the whole way while on skates – that was very impressive! I loved giving decorated wheels and BERG beads to my daughter’s preschool teachers, who were screaming and jumping like high school girls. I loved being a part of BERG. That was probably the best part. Being a full-fledged Big Easy Rollergirl. Being part of the most awesome group of strong, independent, cool, and fun women I have ever known. We really are MUSES.


Stinky Lafitte: Me and Dan getting ready at my flower shop: hairspray, makeup, gear, clothes, and glitter all over the place. Everybody looking awesome and adorable. The warm and appreciative reception from the Muses ladies. Me, Dan, Jaws, and Asian dancing like dorks in front of the truck when we were stopped in Lee Circle, and the parade watchers getting into it too. Discovering that I actually CAN swing dance on my toe stops. My friends waving a sign with my name on it! The look on each recipient's face when I pulled out a wheel for them. The fact that even though Friday wasn't Muses nigh, and the whole thing had been rescheduled, it seemed like everyone out there was there for Muses. The other marching krewes and parade riders who were amazed and impressed that we were still on our skates and going strong at the end of the parade. On the walk back to the quarter overhearing three Riding-Muses talking about how exhausted they were (and they didn't even have to do it all on skates!)
Still can't find my hairspray....Still finding glitter in strange places...

Crusty, Fleur, Stinky & Squirt

Squirt: My favorite was when people yelled my name out in the crowd. They were all my friends when I was skating by, but it was still fun to hear "SQUIRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!!"


Vandal O’Riley: I'm SO glad I was able to make it out again- because I didn't have the luxury of taking the day off. I was worried about being able to meet up with you all, but I thought, ‘Ahhhh, what the hell, I gotta jump-start myself into Mardi Gras somehow!’ So I strapped on my skates and planned to meet you all say, halfway around Lee Circle or something.
So I get past the interstate overpass, take some time to watch Krewe d'Etat, then discover there's ANOTHER parade in there, and head off up St. Charles, finally meeting up with you fabulous broads at Josephine, and after skating most of the way up and all the way back, I still wasn't that tired!
It was really the perfect way for me to get Mardi Gras started- I was having a hard time of it because I was working so much, and it was so early, but after that parade, it was Katie Bar the Door for Mardi Gras weekend.
I think my favorite thing was having everyone go, "Hey! Where did you come from?" That, and the great big space once we turned the corner onto Canal- and I found out with Blaze Scarr that whips really are one of the ultimate crowd-pleasers.


Willie Score: Sweeping beads in front of the grandstands near Gallier Hall and I hear somebody yelling "Amigo! Amigo!" I did my best to blow her a Ricky Martin-style kiss.

Willie & Henry

Carrie Fister & Henry



Thank you Jambot & Henry for the extra pictures.
Hugs to Tom, Jaws & Trix who made it possible for us to skate with the date change.
A thousand thank you's to Willie, Henry & Sam Rice for their remarkable sweeping skills - you kept us safe!
And of course, THANK YOU, MUSES!!! WE LOVE YOU!

And on Mardi Gras Day....
You could catch many of The Big Easy Rollergirls out and about, and enjoying Fat Tuesday!

Bea & SmasHer


Em & Bea

Fister & Friend

Ivy, Loco, Bea, Asian & VvD

Jaws & Tom

Kenyon & Mace


Henry, Em & Bea

Marquee & Trix

Mascara & Sleasy

MILF, Ivy & Cooney



VvD, Diamond & Mental