Thursday, November 30, 2006


The Big Easy Rollergirls are teaming up with The Arabi Wrecking Krewe and Common Ground to provide holiday decorations and toys for local families affected by Hurricane Katrina.

The water lines across the Parishes of Louisiana did more than destroy the physicality of homes and businesses. The hurricane washed away memories, and sometimes generations of life history. These memories tenderly stored in the back of closets, attics and upper shelves became refuse. It’s a difficult future when your mementos turn to mold.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just the water and wind that played executioner to keepsakes. In a recent letter to the Times Picayune editor, a woman wrote about her family coming back to her rental home only to find all of their belongings on the street and rummaged though. She heartbreakingly wrote about how her Grandmother’s china would sit on someone else’s table, and whoever placed her ceramic angel on their mantel would never know realize its significance.

For many, the holidays are a time of ritual and remembrance. Our goal is to give families new memories, so in 25 years when they open up their holiday storage boxes they can tell their children (or grandchildren) the story on how New Orleans gave back to them after the worst natural disaster in the United States. How out of the flood waters came hope.

The Arabi Wrecking Krewe’s goal is to bring our musicians and our music back home. They have assisted thousands of local musicians, their families and extended families. They have gutted, cleared and repaired numerous homes free of charge. To better understand the unselfish commitment of these volunteers, listen to Brian Denzer from WTUL’s Community Gumbo give an interview with the krewe. If this won’t help you understand the depth of their commitment and the positive impact they have had on the community, nothing else will.
Community Gumbo Interview

For more information on AWK visit
The Arabi Wrecking Krewe

Common Ground provides short-term relief for victims of hurricane disasters in the Gulf Coast region, and long-term support in rebuilding the community affected in the New Orleans area. They are collecting toys to give to deserving children this holiday season. Please give a child an opportunity once this year to wake up to an optimistic future. For more information visit

Common Ground

Santa’s Quarters in the French Quarter is offering a special discount to people who donate to The Holiday Décor & Toy Drive. Not only do you get 15% off any item you buy in the store to donate, but 15% off your entire purchase! Please take advantage of their incredible generosity. You can also drop off any ornaments or toys at that location. They have an incredible selection of artificial Christmas trees, lights, ornaments, nativity scenes and much more. Come visit the husband and wife team who have been part of our local landscape for over thirty years.

1025 Decatur Street. Daily from 10-6
Santa’s Quarters

You can also drop off decorations and unwrapped toys at the following business locations

Tommy Crane Group, Realtors
3702 Bienville St
Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 5:00
Tommy Crane Group

Vespa of New Orleans
901 Julia Street
Tuesday to Friday from 10-6
Saturday 10-5
Vespa New Orleans

To mail tax-deductible contributions, please send them to
Big Easy Rollergirls
P.O. Box 19751
New Orleans, LA 70179
Please make your checks out to Arabi Wrecking Krewe or Common Ground (or both)! In the memo please write, “Holiday Décor and Toy Drive” or HDTD. Please get them to us by Friday, December 15th so we can get them to the families.

Flattery sits in the parlor, when plain-dealing is kicked out of doors.

Now is everyone’s chance to bask in the parlor of well-wishes from The Big Easy Rollergirls. For some finespun flummery visit them and their golden tongues when they are guest flatterers December 3rd and 10th for Festivus. This holiday market for locals features over 40 regional artists, live music, food, Office of Homeland Serenity Massage, Flattery Booth and a re-gifting station. Buy local! Aside from handing out compliments, the rollergirls will be collecting decoration and toys at that time. For even more adulation and panegyrizing, donate! Festivus is located on 700 Magazine (corner of Gird) from 12-4. For more information visit

Catch Crusty McKnuckle, Little Miss Ruffit, CHEAP THR!LL, Trixie la Femme & KelKat this Sunday, December 3rd from 12-4

Return on Sunday, December 10th from 12-2 for Trixie la Femme, SmasHer, Diamond Grrrl & Little Miss Ruffit. Come back and enjoy the second shift from 2-4 with Mace m Dixon, Jaws & Lit Dan.

Of course, The Big Easy Rollergirls will have a bin set up for donations at their next bout, Saturday, December 16th at Mardi Gras World. Give a donation and get a free drink ticket. Buy your tickets now at
Rollergirl Tickets

Please support your community by buying from local businesses and artisans. For more information on local businesses, check out Buy Local at
Buy Local

And of course, you can always buy local from The Big Easy Rollergirls. Why not give the one you love a BERG t-shirt, keychain or koozie? Check out our other fabulous merchandise at
BERG Merch

Please contact Sally Asher: or
Christy Wood : for more information.

P.S. While we are re-tooling our gallery page, please check out our photographer, Scott Stuntz’s page for images from our bouts.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Do you have what it takes to keep the Big Easy Rollergirls on the on the straight and narrow?

We are currently recruiting referees for the Big Easy Rollergirls. All of the action and none of the pain (well, that’s not entirely true).

An information seminar is being held Wednesday, November 29th at 6PM at the Starbucks at Magazine and Washington.

You must be able to:

Make a commitment to be at weekly scrimmages (currently held 3 Tuesdays a month from 6:30-8:30PM and 1 Saturday morning from 8:00AM-10:00Am at Westbank Skate County in Terrytown. This is subject to change).

Have eagle-eyes, booming voices, thick skin and basic skating skills.

Any skating refs must have their own gear: skates, helmet, elbow and knee pads, wrist guards and a mouth guard.

You must pay USARS membership prior to getting on the rink. USARS cost $35 a year, which runs from September to September and cost $35.

There are also non-skating positions involved as a scorekeeper. You must have a keen mind, loud voice and basic math skills (no counting on the fingers).

All refs are also required to have their own ref uniform. We stick to a black and white vertical stripe theme, but refs embellish according to their own tastes. Check out the “Meet the Derby Girls” section of the message boards for photos of our fabulous refs!

If you need any more incentive, check out what our celebrated refs have to say.


Starting as a ref for the league has been a pretty good way to ease into roller derby without getting too overwhelmed. We've been able to get a feel for how the game operates and I know for me it has given me time to get more comfortable on my skates before I get out on the track. Being jammer ref is a lot harder than it looks. You've got to keep your eye on your jammer at all times, while constantly avoiding falling
skaters and dodging the penalty refs as you pass. I can remember a few
instances during the September bout when I my jammer was ten feet ahead of
me on the track, one of the penalty refs was right in front of me trying to avoid a pile-up, and a falling skater was clawing at my back to stay on her feet. Things get really tight when the two jammers are neck and neck and the two jammer refs are competing for limited infield space to keep up. When I started I never thought it could be so difficult to keep track of just one skater.

Reffing takes a thick skin and a good sense of humor - skaters can get pretty riled up during bouts and scrimmages and the refs have to keep their cool. The skaters are the game but the refs have to make sure the game goes on with as few hitches as possible. That is by no means an easy job. They have to be in constant communication, always have their eyes on the game, and make a lot of split-second decisions - all while the music is blasting and the crowd is screaming. It's doing your best to make order out of chaos. In a lot of ways the refs are their own separate team (Go Team Zebra?), they just play a different side of the track.

It will be strange to transition from being a ref to being a skater. But I'm looking forward to getting on the track and kicking some derby butt in a few months. Hopefully all the things I've learned on the ref side of the track will help me play better and stay out of the penalty box.

Beatrix sKiddo

The fastest way to learn anything is to practically be thrown into it without a moment’s notice. The first practice I ever showed up to for information, I didn't know rule one and I was blowing whistles and manning stopwatches. I even got yelled at for not doing it right. From there it was stat tracking to skating and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I certainly think my stint as a ref will make me a better derby girl one day. I’d say the most important element to refereeing these girls is tough skin. It’s nothing personal and I won’t remember what calls I made from one day to the next, but you better be certain, these girls will always remember that elbow that they didn’t throw that you said they did!

Diamond Grrl

I do it for the new craft horizons provided by each bout.
I do it for the fun and wacky photo-ops.
I do it for the glamour.

But seriously, I love to be one of the fun police. I get to be a part of this wonderful sport that kicks ass and takes names, and makes the men weak in the knees & all swoony over the strong women who perform at the height of their athletic abilities one Saturday a month. Ii do it to spread the word that we can have fun in post-Katrina New Orleans. I do it to inspire others to create something big from a simple idea. I do it because I love to roller skate, it makes me think about the smooth concrete of the park on L.I. where my grandpa used to take my sister and me after much prodding and we'd race around the rink and it was one of the single biggest thrills of my childhood. And I think that the rollergirls (and the refs) inspire a new generation of girls and boys to lace up some skates and get rolling.

Lionel Hurtz


2. My skating skills have gotten much better.
3. Being around and working with so many committed athletes in a league built from the ground up is thrilling.
4. Although we don't like being the target of ire and resentment, it is definitely not a thankless job because many of the skaters regularly show appreciation for our efforts.
5. Roller Derby is fun. I have fun, I watch others have fun bouting, I watch spectators have fun spectat-ing, and I watch other refs have fun.
6. No more Tuesdays on the couch with a bucket of chicken.
7. I now have something to fall back on if the "law talkin' guy" thing doesn't work out in the long run.
8. Free admission to Mardi Gras world once a month when family and friends can join to take pictures around the floats, float decorations, and a fantastic: eight-wheeled, shoulder flying, pack weaving, point scoring, rollicking good time!
9. It is always great to be a part of anything that is a roaring success. The league is doing quite well and I am happy to be part of the "tweaking" process through these first few bouts to help make our reff’ing increase in quality thereby making each bout better and better (I hope.)
10. I get to read the “girl’s only” message board.

One dislike:

"You need glasses." Also known as the occasional insinuation that our errors are for lack of knowledge of the rules or intentional somehow. We know the rules and their application. We are having a hard time getting them applied perfectly during the action but it is with certainty that we are trying our hardest just as all the skaters are to avoid obvious penalties.

Mel Feasance

For the glory. Wait, no, there isn't any. Because I love it when women are pissed off at me, and annoying one wife just isn't enough sometimes? Besides Little League (where you might be beaten to death by a parent), where else can a guy wear black & white striped shirt made entirely out of rayon? I'm getting old, am out of shape, and like feeling like I was hit by a truck only a third of the way into skills & drills practice? It must be for the glory, after all. That and the skating. And because Scabigail put me in a headlock and Illegally Blonde started kicking me in the shins and they wouldn't stop until I said I would at least try it.
I just started so it is premature to offer any insights. My biggest challenge so far is just to try learn quickly enough to be useful and otherwise not be in the way.

And don’t forget, the Big Easy Refs get to hang out at the best after parties with the coolest people!

For more information, email our lovely ref coordinator Bruise Springsteen

Monday, November 27, 2006


Woman Power!


Bruise Springsteen!

Pure Addictive Fun!

Hot chicks in skates!

I love to watch rollergirls switch panties

It makes me cry!

Watching everyone's hard work pay off... and fast women in skates.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


November 18, 2006 Bout: The Axles of Evil v. The Legion of Zoom

The Big Easy Rollergirls November 18th intraleague bout at Mardi Gras World was a sold-out showdown between opposing forces of nature: The Axles of Evil v. The Legion of Zoom.



Tailgaters arrived as early as 4:30PM to catch their favorite rollergirl battle it out on the rink. Once the doors opened, fans poured in, many showing support for their favorite team.

A fan shows his support of CHEAP THR!LL by sporting a 40oz

Announcers, Andrew Ward, Savannah Blue and Ian McNulty kept the crowd informed and entertained as they gave play-byplay commentary.

The volume intensified as The Legion of Zoom, dressed in green and black burst through their personalized banner to the tune of Faith No More’s “Be Aggressive” and took the rink. The team threw their own personalized buttons, stickers, glow necklaces and white Legion of Zoom handkerchiefs. Cooney Coo Coo threw Mardi Gras beads with a plastic chicken.



Next up came The Axles of Evil, dressed in purple and black. The team skated out to Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs.” Vandal O’Riley and Power SnatchJr threw t-shirts, CHEAP THR!LL handed out her signature 40oz and SmasHer (aka FEMA FATALE) tossed “Heckuva Job Brownies.”



The second the first whistle blew, the action was fast-paced and fierce. Legion of Zoom Captains Marquee de Squad and Ponchartrain BeAtch put the hurt on the Axles of Evil. Jammers Wit Vicious, Victoria von Doom and Scabigal racked up points for the green-clad Legion, while blockers Jaws, Crusty McKnuckle, Shay-Bay, Sugar, Cooney Coo-coo and Babycakes worked excellent wall defense in tandem with Bessie Smithereens and Mace, who shined as double-duty jammers and blockers. By halftime, the Legion of Zoom were ahead by 16 points with the score of 41 to 25.

DJ Facial Hair kept the teams pumped up during the bout, while The Tomatoes adrenalized everyone during half-time.

Fans enjoyed food by Juan's and Slice, and drinks from Magnolia Marketing.

And they purchased some of our fabulous merchandise.

Ruthie the Duck Girl routinely ran through the crowd tossing delicious pralines Loretta’s Pralines, although she did hitch a ride from Max with Vespa New Orleans.

Although, pumped up and motivated, The Axles of Evil never could gain traction in the second half. Jammers Cherry Pi, Illegally Blonde, Sophie Nuke ‘Em, and Trixie la Femme raced to earn points while blockers Kelkat, Power Snatch, Vandal O’Riley, Ruffit, Buck Wild and Bruise Springsteen worked hard to close the gaps. Though the purple-clad Axles never could get ahead, they managed to get some hard hits – particularly CHEAP THR!LL and little maSCARa. The final score was Legion of Zoom 93 and Axles of Evil 43.

Although, there were some major spills during the bout, thankfully no one got seriously hurt.

The over-all lead scorer was Scabigail with 38 points.

Wit Vicious followed with 24.

The top scorer for The Axles of Evil was Illegally Blonde with 16.

Trixie la Femme was close behind with 15.

The Axles of Evil may of not scored the most points, but they did score the most penalties with 108. The Legion of Zoom had even number of points and penalties with 93.

Shay-Bay of the Legion of Zoom won the dubious honor of racking up the most penalties with 15

Shay, distraught over her penalties

While CHEAP THR!LL and Cherry Pi of The Axles of Evil tied for second with 14.

CHEAP THR!LL & Cherry Pi

The after party was held at Mid-City Lanes Rock n’ Bowl with BERG fans enjoying free entry to see Rockin Dopsie Jr. & The Zydeco Twisters. Some Rollergirls doubled as singers as they got up on stage and joined Rockin Dopsie Jr. for a song.

The Big Easy Rollergirls would like to thank all of the fans who donated art supplies from the KIDsmART Wish List. With your help, this great community organization is keeping art in the public schools of New Orleans.

The Big Easy Rollergirls would also like to thank The Houston Rollergirls: Death by Chocolate, Chewcifer and Sigory Cleaver from coming out and lending their support. We love you!

And a special thank you to Scott Stuntz of Muttshotz photography for providing pictures.