Friday, September 25, 2009

Whip It Movie Premiere!

The Big Easy Rollergirls will be guest stars on Wednesday, September 30th for The Whip It Movie Premiere at Elmwood AMC 20 Palace Theatre on 1200 Elmwood Park Blvd.

We will be there at 6:30pm for a meet and greet, and a quick Q&A before the film. The film starts at 7:30pm.

Tonight, some of the rollergirls will pass out premiere movie tickets and Whip It schwag in the CBD at LePhare on 523 Gravier Street starting at 10pm.

If you miss them tonight, you can get your tickets and swag tomorrow night, Saturday, September 26th, when more of the rollergirls will be at Club Voila on 300 Decatur Street from 5pm to 7pm.

One pass admits two. Seating is limited, tickets are not a guarantee of admission. Please come early.

Whip It is released by Fox Searchlight and features the directorial debut of Drew Barrymore (a woman who embodies the rollergirl psyche and substance). It stars Ellen Page (Juno) as Bliss, a rebellious Texas teen who throws in her small-town beauty pageant crown to throw down on the roller rink.

Drew with some rollergirls

Written by Shauna Cross, a former Roller Derby skater with the Los Angeles Derby Dolls. Cross skated under the name Maggie Mayhem with a team of rouge cops called the Sirens. Many of the teams, skaters, names and plot lines were inspired by Cross' time with the Derby Dolls. She was named by Variety Magazine as 10 Screenwriters to Watch! We are so proud of her! Go Shauna!

The film opens nationwide on Friday, October 2nd.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Walk That Extra Mile!

On Saturday, September 26th, members of The Big Easy Rollergirls and The Krewe of The Rolling Elvi are going to walk that Extra Mile in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority.

The walk takes place at Lafreniere Park in Metairie located at 3000 Downs Blvd.

Registration starts at 8:30 a.m. in the Tent near the Park Center Pavilion.

The Walk Starts at 9 a.m. The track is two miles long.

The Extra Mile is a statewide network of professional staff and volunteers dedicated to enhancing and enriching the quality of life for all persons served by public human services agencies. Since 1991, these non-profit organizations have helped persons served by the Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority, Metropolitan Human Services District, Florida Parishes Human Services District, and the State Offices of Mental Health, Public Health, Citizens with Developmental Disabilities, and Addictive Disorders. The Extra Mile programs across the state provide education, support, advocacy, monetary assistance, and program development to fill needs as determined by individual communities. These resources include the time and talent of many dedicated volunteers and donors working together to provide clothing, food, merchandise, in kind services from individuals and businesses, support for individuals and families, community education, advocacy and cash.


    • Share a special talent or interest you may have…be a friend.
    • Advocate for persons who have human services needs.
    • Educate your family and friends about mental illness, addictive disorders, and developmental disabilities. Personal experience and stories are the most effective.
    • Sponsor an Activity (Consumer Outing, Monthly Birhtday Club Party, Holidays, etc.)
    • Donate funds or clothing to help those in need
To make a tax-deductible donation, please send a check to: The Extra Mile; 2332 Severn Ave Suite 100; Metairie, LA 70001.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Calling All Volunteers

The Big Easy Rollergirls are gearing up for their October 10th bout at UNO's Human Performance Center and we want you to be involved!

REQUIREMENTS: Be reliable, punctual, and have a "Viva La Derby" attitude!

Volunteer duties include, but are not limited to the following: track assembly, ticket takers, handing out programs, directing foot-traffic, and merch sales.

In exchange for your awesome derby spirit, you will be able to see part of the action on bout day, get to meet and mingle with the Rollergirls, and receive a free ticket to a future event.

We are holding a Volunteer Seminar with Victoria von Doom, Thursday, October 8th at 7:30 pm at Skate Country, located at 1100 Terry Parkway.

To RSVP to this event, or for more information, please email us at

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dog Wash this Saturday!

Calling all sullied Spaniels, grubby Greyhounds, and pig-pen Pomeranians!

On Saturday, September 19th bring all your dirty doggies out to the Crescent City Farmer's Market from 8:30 to 11:30 located at Magazine and Girod Street.

For only $10, your canine companion can get an all-natural, moisturizing wash and dry by The Big Easy Rollergirls!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Skates and Scooter Party for MS

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is dedicated to ending the devastating effects of MS but they can't do it alone.

Team Big Easy Rollergirls and Team Rolling Elvi have organized the first ever Scooters and Skates for MS, September 11, 2009 at Finn McCool's on 37o1 Banks Street from 7pm until midnight. There will be food, incredible feats of competition, and a raffle.

For only $2 you have the opportunity to win these fabulous items:

  • 2 $40 certificates for Matt and Naddie's restaurant
  • A resin and powdered marble wall hanging decorative NOLA housefront, value $75
  • 4 cocktail glasses, engraved to reflect KRE and BERG
  • 4 wine glasses, engraved to reflect KRE and BERG
  • 3 separate packages of KRE event schwag (cozies, belt buckle, etc.)
  • 1 package of BERG event schwag (key ring, stickers, etc.)
  • A "favorites" package from KRE and from BERG containing an item from each team member
  • A liquor basket donated by Finn McCool's
  • 2 San Fermin Running of the Bulls posters featuring BERG and KRE participants, value $40 each
  • Tickets to the Audubon Insectarium
  • An evening sail in Lake Pontchartrain to include viewing the sunset
  • Gift certificate from Yacht Club
  • 2 Voodoo tickets
  • Original artwork by Pauline Patterson
  • Original artwork by Stevie Collins
  • $20 bar tab to Hi Ho Lounge
  • $100 certificate to Road Kill
  • 2 BERG season tickets
  • 2 $25 gift certificates to Daiquiri Dock on the Westbank
  • A gift certificate to the Occasional Housewife
  • 2 Saints tickets for Sunday September 13th
  • $50 gift certificate from Juan's Flying Burrito
  • $100 gift certificate from Parkway Bakery
  • Gift Certificate from Lux
  • Gift Certificate from Pal's
  • $50 Gift Certificate from Mick's Bar

*Items subject to change, evolution and multiply!! Items may be paired, singled, broken up from listed above, or used in a silent auction. Moral of the Story – LOTS of cool stuff for you to win!!!*

Make a donation to participate in games including the following:

  • “What Would Elvis Do?” advice booth
  • Flip Cup
  • The BERG “Penalty Wheel”
  • “The Dating Game” – get a date with a participating KRE or BERG team member!
  • Tug of War where YOU pick the sides
  • A dart tournament
  • Photos with your favorite BERG or KRE
  • Pay for a slow dance with participating BERG or KRE
  • A Squares gamble sheet determined by jump-rope between BERG and KRE
  • *more, more, more!!!!*

The two teams have traded in their skates and scooters for spokes and joined the Louisiana Multiple Sclerosis Society for the annual Bike MS150 on October 3rd and 4th of 2009.

The bike ride is 150 miles over two days and all the funds raised will go toward supporting research projects, education programs and other special projects designated by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

If you can't make the event, please donate today. Thanks!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Everyone Was A Winner At The 3rd Annual Fleur de Wheelies!

The Third Annual Fleur de Wheelie Awards were held this year at Finn McCools on August 28th.

The show opened with Cyn Valdivia, one of our derby kids, reciting an original poem she wrote regarding The Big Easy Rollergirls.

The Pussyfooters roused the crowd with a riotous cheer and the formal announcement of our two glorious emcees, Skip 4Play and The Reverend Psych Ward.

The Reverend

Mr. 4Play

Slack Adjustor jump started the crowd even more with "The Battle of The Big Easy Rollergirls," followed with a sing-a-long of our state song, "You Are My Sunshine."

First up were the Fan Awards. The lovely Vannas for the night, Roxie and Afro, assisted in delivering the Fleur de Wheelies to the lucky recipients.

Roxie, Merlot, Afro


Go Go Max Berandi then delivered The Confederacy of Punches Team Song "C.O.P" while Bella Blue and Company accompanied by dance.

Go Go Max

Bella Blue

MILF DUDS from TEAM BERG MS spoke about their upcoming two day, 150-mile bike ride to benefit multiple sclerosis.


The coveted Fleur de Wheelies continued with The Team Awards. Go Go Max and Bella then performed The Crescent Wenches Song, "Wench Wall."

Next up were the Stats Award hosted by refs S'Aint No Lady, Henry Roll-ins and Mamalicious.

S'Aint, Henry, Mama

Trixie la Femme and SmasHer continued with The Honorary Awards and Newbie Induction Ceremony - bestowing the traditional roller derby, bearing necklaces on our newest BERG sisters.

SmasHer & Trixie

Some of BERG's Newbies

Afterward, Go Go Max and Bella performed The Storyvillains team song, "Villains."

Skip and The Reverend continued the awards with the final League Awards.

Belle BERG DEVO closed the show with their derby rendition of All The Stinky Ladies (Put Febreeze On It).


The party continued after all the Fleur de Wheelie Awards were handed out with "The Most Likely Awards" hosted by Deuce, Dumaine, and Deb. The crowd then enjoyed the debut of Centerpunch's new music video starring The Big Easy Rollergirls!










Calendar Girls: Deuce, lacy, Slaughter, Dumaine, MILF

Frank Hopkins

The Krewe of The Rollin' Elvi

Dr. Gumbo






The New Orleans Bulls


G- String Blue Grass Band

Shane Thomas

Scott Stuntz


The Pussyfooters



Steven "Voodoo" Powell





The Crescent Wenches

Wayne Tullier






Winners of the 3rd Annual Fleur de Wheelie Awards

Sonic Boom Award: The Speediest Rollergirl: Trixie la Femme
Apple Pie Award: The Rollergirl You Most Want To Take Home To Your Mother: Deb U Taunt
Crash-Zone Crush Award: The Rollergirl You Most Want To Land In Your Lap: SmasHer
Furnished Flesh Award: Favorite Tattooed Rollergirl: Ibeatya Amber
Chief of Skate: Rollergirl Most Likely To Be President of the United States: SmasHer
Flair Award: Best Dressed Rollergirl: Lush Fatale
Nom de Pummel Award: Rollergirl Who Most Lives Up To Her Name: Balls-Out Betty
Under the Radar Award: Most Underrated Rollergirl: duMaine Attraction
Purple Heart Award: Favorite Injured Rollergirl: SmasHer
Dark Alley Award: Most Intimidating Rollergirl: Beatrix sKiddo
Dorothy Parker is a Liar Award: Favorite Four-Eyed Rollergirl: Jambot
ER Award: Rollergirl Most Likely To Put You On a Gurney: CHEAP THR!LL
After-School Special Award: Favorite Rollergirl Mom: MILF Duds
The People's Champion Award: Favorite Team: The Crescent Wenches
Golden Mic Award: Favorite Announcer: Reverend Psych Ward
Fun Police Award: Cleverest Persona in all of Refdom: Luna Skategood
Tanned Zebra Award: Favorite Ref You Love To Hate: Henry Roll-ins
The Never Ending Month: Favorite Calendar Month of 2009: 1970s Skate Rink
Artistic License: Favorite Bout Poster: January 2009 Bout Poster by Abby Heckenlively
Amped-Up Award: Favorite Half-time Band: G String Blue Grass Band
Derby 24/7 Award: Favorite Afterparty Place: Finn McCools


Jammer of the Year Award: Coalminer’s Slaughter
Pivot of the Year Award: ChessTosterone
Blocker of the Year Award: Deuce McMaliceHer
MVP Award: Deuce McMaliceHer
The Cardiac Muscle Award; The Heart of the Team: SmasHer


Jammer of the Year Award: Wit Vicious
Pivot of the Year Award: Louise Ze Animal
Blocker of the Year Award: Pontchartrain BeAtch
MVP Award: lacy underalls
The Cardiac Muscle Award; The Heart of the Team: Crusty McKnuckle


Jammer of the Year Award: Trixie la Femme
Pivot of the Award: Balls-Out Betty
Blocker of the Year Award: Ibeatya Amber
MVP Award: 3 WAY TIE: Balls-Out Betty AND Ibeatya Amber AND Trixie la Femme
The Cardiac Muscle Award; The Heart of the Team: AnnihilAsian


Hell's Angel Award; Most Average Overall Penalties: Ruffit with 15
Heaven's Angel Award; Least Average Overall Penalties: Joan Cougar Menstrualcramp with 3
One Night Stand Award; Most Points Scored In A Bout: Trixie la Femme with 57 points in the October Bout.
Bench Warmer Award; Most Penalties In A Bout: Ruffit with 19 penalties in the October Bout.
Smack Down Award; Most Points In A Jam: Trixie la Femme with 24 points in the October Bout.
Teacher's Pet Award; Best Attendance: Deuce McMaliceHer
Time Served Award; Most Community Service Hours: SmasHer


Magazine of the Year: New Orleans Magazine
Radio DJ of the Year: Steven "Voodoo" Powell of WTUL
DJ of the Year: Dr. Gumbo
Photographer of the Year: Scott Stuntz
Roadie of the Year: Wayne Tullier
Volunteer of the Year: Frank Hopkins
Fan of the Year: Shoeless
TV Station of the Year: WWL 4
Event of the Year: San Fermin in Nueva Orleans
Honorary Rollergirl: Krewe of the Rolling Elvi
Honorary Rollergirl: The Pussyfooters
Honorary Rollergirl: Pauline Patterson


Rocky Award: Hardest Hitter: Deuce McMaliceHer
Blocker of the Year Award: Balls-Out Betty
Pivot of the Year Award: Louise Ze Animal
Jammer of the Year Award: Beatrix sKiddo
Bootyvicious Award: Best Booty Blocker: Ponchartrain BeAtch
Comeback Kid Award: Rollergirl Coming Back From An Injury: Balls-Out Betty
Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap Award: Best Trash Talker: AnnihilAsian
Shiver & Shake Award: Most Feared: Balls-Out Betty
Golden Whistle Award: Ref You Don't Mind Sending You To The Penalty Box: MaMalicious
Florence Nightengale Award: Most Charitable: Cooney Coo-Coo
Rah-Rah Award: Best Team Spirit: CHEAP THR!LL
James Brown Award: Hardest Workin' Girl in Roller Derby: Victoria von Doom
Over the Shoulder Award: Rollergirl You Will Be Looking Out For Next Year (Skater Not On A Team): Jas Lounge
The Perseverance Award: Rollergirl Who Never Gives Up: Joan Cougar Menstrualcramp
Golden Sideline: Rollergirl You Most Want On The Sidelines With You: lacy underalls
Golden Teammate: Rollergirl You Most Want in the Pack with You: Balls-Out Betty
Derby Widow Award: Best Derby Partner: Shane Thomas aka Mr. Wit Vicious
Rookie of the Year Award: Deuce McMaliceHer
Walt Whitman Award; O'Captain My Captain, Favorite Captain Award: SmasHer
MIP: Most Improved Player: Joan Cougar Menstrualcramp
MVP: Most Valuable Player: lacy underalls
Ms. Big Easy Rollergirl Award: Rollergirl Who Most Personifies BERG: Trixie la Femme

A lot of work went into the planning and preparation for The Fleur de Wheelie Awards. The Big Easy Rollergirls would like to thank the following "civilians" for all of their help and support: Jack Miele, John Haffner, Bill Asher, Dylan O'Donnell, Michael Cain, Scott Frilot, Pauline Patterson, Bella Blue, Slack Adjustor, Go Go Max Bernardi, Glenn May, Andreas Koch, and Scott Stuntz.

Thank You! We Will See You At The Bouts!