Tuesday, November 25, 2008

St. Andrew's Day Festival this Saturday!

St. Andrew's Day is Saturday, November 29th! It's presented by the Big Easy Rollergirls' fearless announcer The Right Reverend Psycho Ward in conjunction with NOLABulls!

The Honorable, Reverend Psycho Ward

The lovely ladies of the Big Easy Rollergirls will be sassin' up the place in the parade and will be mingling with the public. Stop by our table to say hi, buy a calendar AND get it signed by your favorite ladies on skates!

The details as provided by the festival overlords:

On Saturday, November 29th at Bacchanal Fine Wine & Spirits on 600 Poland Avenue, you are invited to celebrate Andrzejki: St. Andrew's Day in New Orleans! Brought to you by the Reverend Psycho Ward and NolaBulls, the same people who orchestrated the Running of the Bulls in the French Quarter, this will be more than a simple party, it will be a transcontinental event!

With a bagpipe-led parade, traditional scavenger hunt, fortune-telling, vodka tasting and even a kielbasa-eating contest, St. Andrew's Day will transform Bacchanal into a mystical wonderland of infinite delights! Festivities begin at 4pm and continue until after midnight.

The schedule is:
4 pm Gates open!
6 pm Bagpipe parade
7 pm Kielbasa-eating contest
8 pm Wax-readings begin
9 pm Scavenger hunt begins
DJs, food and tarot card readings throughout!

Participants will be wearing blue and white clothing.

For your info:

• Bring CASH!!! Hit up that ATM before you get to the fest!

• The winner of the Kielbasa eating contest will be awarded an official St. Andrew's Day t-shirt, a $50 gift certificate to Cochon Restaurant, and will be featured for a full year on our website as the reigning King!

• If you decide to mud wrestle (yes, there will be mud wrasslin'), then be sure to bring a change of clothes. We will provide all participants with an official Mud Wrasslin' t-shirt.

For more info check out the NOLABulls website and the St. Andrew's Day website for more details!

Monday, November 24, 2008

November Bout Favorite Moments

Favorite moments from the November 9th bout featuring The Crescent Wenches vs. The StoryVillians


A great bout moment for me was definitely meeting some of the members of the New Orleans Blaze women's football team who helped us out during bout set up. It was really cool to get their perspective on all female full contact sports!
I also had fun shouting "trash talk" out to the wenches' jammers like: "Crusty eats poop!"; "lacy eats her boogers!", and my personal favorite, "MILF drinks her own pee!"

Anti Em

I can't remember the last time I got so bruised up in a game. Derby rules!
I jammed once in the second period and was pretty much, in the words of Squirt, "target practice." I only kept going because I could hear people yelling at me from the sidelines. My favorite moment was when Deuce told me she put down her Wenches sign to root for me! It made the whole jam less excruciating.
And, as with all the best after parties, the dancing at Mimi's upstairs with Vargas, lacy, Slaughter, Chess, and a ton of other skaters was a total blast.

Beatrix sKiddo

There was one jam where I was playing against at least 3 of my former teammates. Ibeatya took me out, Trixie jumped out in front of me, and just when I thought I had cleared the path, Betty swings out and knocked me off the track right into the sweet spot... and this was all in ONE pass!!
Marigny Antionettes' for life!


It was really awesome to bout after so much time away from it - my love for derby was totally renewed after knocking so many girls face down and having my own ass hit the floor a number of times. Thanks for being such a tough bunch of skaters!

Crusty McKnuckle

Asian is HILARIOUS!!! Next time can I eat something other than poop?
Seriously though, moments like that keep it all in perspective. We do this because it is FUN! I loved playing the Villains! There was one jam were I was getting the SNOT beat out of me - knocked down, over and over and over but then I saw that the Wenches were doing the same thing to their jammer and it was all Ok

Fleur d’Lethal

My favorite moment was just really the whole night, realizing people had a blast, learning that there where a lot of new spectators, and winning of course. It was nice to have total strangers come up to me this week to tell me that they thought I did well.

Ibeatya Amber

My favorite moment was when we had only a couple of seconds left to get our pack out and ready on the track... little pregnant Squirt PICKED UP AND THREW TRIXIE onto the track to jam. Squirt has some serious hormonal stuff going on now- when she says, "Jam!" she means, "Jam!"


OMG! It was my first bout and my team won. I couldn't have asked for a better way to start. I fell right in front of my friends and they got it on tape. I didn't die when Asian hit me and I managed to block Ibeatya for a few seconds. People I didn't know telling me I was awesome. Buck jamming that last jam. Fleur scoring 20 points!! My favorite moment of the evening though was MILF wearing lacy's snot rag! And obviously, being a Wench!! YAY!

lacy underalls ("MILF wore what?!?")

Let me elaborate on the snot rag incident:
The week leading up to the bout I was battling a potential sinus infection. Tissues weren't cutting it, so I upgraded to using an old shirt to blow my nose. At the bout, someone saw my shirt on our bench and used it to clean up a water spill. Without my trusty snot-shirt, I had to be resourceful. So, I removed my helmet, took off my bandana, returned the helmet atop my head, and blew my nose silly into the bandana.
Unfortunately for MILF, 80% of the wenches wore a pink bandana that night, including her. At the end of the bout when I went to collect the snot-bandana, I couldn't find it anywhere. But, there was a suspiciously clean bandana sitting on the bench. I grabbed said bandana and brought it to the locker room. I announced "Does someone have my pink bandana? I was using it to blow my nose and this one is not mine."
I look over and see MILF chuckling to herself, as if to say, "Ha, some sucker is stuck with a snotty bandana," when all of a sudden her smile turned to a look of disgust -- she was wearing the snot-bandana on her head! She ripped it off, threw it at me, and replaced it with its cleaner counterpart. I nearly wet my underalls from laughing so hard.
Actin' a fool (and making a fool of myself) at the after party. Good times, indeed.

Mudflap Girl

Beating up on lacy was great. Getting beat on by lacy wasn't so great...
Me, jambot and Animal saying "HEEEEEYYYY!!!" to each other at line up.
Whenever I got on the track and positioned myself next to MILF, her saying "Oh no, not YOU again!"
Racing like hell to break up that Wench front wall.
Betty hopping over a pile of blockers to get lead jammer.


My favorite moment was selling merch with my son, Liam. He really got into working the cash box! Also, I loved watching the game from the mezzanine level. You can see the action on the whole track from up there. HPC rocks!

S’Aint N.O. Lady

Had a great time at the bout, guys. You are all amazing women. It is an honor to be a part of BERG.


There were lots of great moments from the sidelines. Watching Betty smile as she slammed into the Wenches. She has such a beautiful smile, so it’s a little unnerving when it is accompanied by a deadly hip check... Asian getting lead jammer and showboating to the crowd…I had committed to cheering for The Wenches the first half, and the Villains the second, but I had to break rank and cheer for MILF in the second half when she was jamming…Bea threateningly waving her finger at me when I was cheering a Villain instead of a Wench (I am pretty sure it was Ibeatya)…Having some of my friends there, although I wonder if they will EVER see me skate... And the Punches pumping up the crowd with their signs and cheers. They kept the energy up all night – like only the Punches can! And of course, starting Mimi's dance party with Chess!

Trixie la Femme

Fleur getting 20 points! She's become an amazing jammer. I also can still see Wit's booty, blocking me from getting by all night long. Argh!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big Easy All-Stars take on Alamo City Rollergirls' Las Tejanas this Sunday in San Antonio, TX!

Our own All-Star travel team is playing their first bout of the season against Alamo City Rollergirls' Las Tejanas in San Antonio, Texas! We need our fans there to support us in hopefully what will be our first travel team win of the season!

Get in on the action this coming Sunday, November 23, 2008 at The Rollercade skate rink located at 223 Recoleta in San Antonio, TX. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door and kids 10 and under get in free. You can buy your tickets on their website or get them in stores local to San Antonio. Or, if you're in a rush, grab them at the door.

Count this weekend trip as an early Christmas present and go support your local rollergirls!

See you there, derby fans!

Food Rocks (and rolls)

The Big Easy Rollergirls are participating in a benefit hosted by Nola Party Productions for Second Harvest on November 21, 2008 called "Food Rocks."

The benefit is being held at Keystones located at 3408 28th St in Metairie. The rollergirls will be there from 8PM to 10PM to help collect canned goods. We will also have our 2009 calendar and tickets to our December 13th bout available for sale.

Food Rocks will have a plethora of entertainment including:The Hitleristic Darwinists, The Converts, Westbank Krewe, D-Kennedy, YGG, Trevelyan.
The events starts at 8PM (and goes all night) and if you bring a canned good or a non-perishable food item you get in FREE! If not it is $5.
All donations collected will be donated to Second Harvest on Monday, November 24th - right before Thanksgiving to help local families in need during the holidays.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

We're having issues with our newsletter server...

....so here's today's newsletter!

First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported Big Easy by cheering on the Crescent Wenches and StoryVillains this past weekend! We all had a blast and hope you did, too! Check out pictures from the bout by Scott Stuntz.

Our next home bout is Saturday, December 13, 2008 with more details to come. Mark your calendars for a fun-filled evening at UNO's HUman Performance Center! If you can't wait until then, cheer on the Big Easy All-Stars travel team November 23, 2008 in San Antonio, TX during their first All-Star bout against the Alamo City Rollergirls! Check out their website for more information.

BERG has some BIG events going on this weekend! Come see us roll in the Fringe Festival parade! It starts this Saturday, November 15 at 10 a.m. from Poland Avenue to Elysian Fields along St. Claude. Get there early to secure a great spot. Check out the Gambit's review of the fest online. The full Fringe schedule can be seen and downloaded from the Fringe website. We've also got more information about BERG's participation on our blog.

If you're still looking for something fun to do this weekend, check out the New Orleans Bookfair this Saturday!

We're also participating in a benefit for Second Harvest on November 21, 2008 called "Food Rocks." The benefit is being held at Keystones (3408 28th St. in Metairie) and will have entertainment including The Hitleristic Darwinists, The Converts, Westbank Krewe, D-Kennedy, YGG, Trevelyan . The shindig starts at 8 p.m. and if you bring a canned good or a non-perishable food item you get in FREE! All donations collected will be donated to Second Harvest on Monday, November 24th - right before Thanksgiving to help local families in need during the holidays.

As always, you can see your favorite derby girls anytime you want by getting yourself (and a friend) a 2009 Big Easy Rollergirls' pin-up calendar! They make excellent holiday gifts - give the gift of derby this season! See 12 months of the hottest derby girls and refs. Get yours from our online store or at bouts and other BERG events including the Freret Market, the Second Harvest benefit and this weekend's Fringe Festival!

Come out and hang with the rollergirls!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The New Orleans Fringe Festival

From November 13-16 The New Orleans Fringe Festival will present over 100 wild, weird, fresh and original shows at venues throughout New Orleans. Forty groups from around the country and New Orleans will be presenting in venues across the city, primarily in the Marigny, Bywater and French Quarter. The shows include the exotic, the dramatic and the insane: drama, dance, one-person shows, cabaret, comedy, puppetry, clowning, circus/sideshow, improvisational, aerialist and many other creative works. Fringe tickets are cheap and easy. All tickets are $7 and all are general admission seating. A Fringe ticket will get you into any Fringe show (that means there are not specific tickets for specific shows). But buying them ahead of time is worth it: pre-sale tickets get priority seating at every show. Fringe fanatic? Get the 5-show pass for $30. You can also by your tickets now!

Don't forget that every Festival goer needs to buy a Fringe button too for $3 big bucks. You can buy it at the door of the first show you go to, then you don't have to buy it again.. (Why do we make you wear that thing? That little $3 pays for the Festival.)

The Big Easy Rollergirls will be part of the Fringe Parade, Saturday, November 16th at 10AM. The parade rolls from Poland Avenue to Elysan Fields along St. Claude Avenue.

Many of our Big Easy Rollergirls are involved in The Fringe Festival. Lori Tipton (aka Whore T. Culture) is not only an assistant director, but an actress as well in The Lunatic King at North Rampart Community Center
This whimsical narrative marries physical theater and the acrobatic feats of the big top. Accompany the King of the Moon on a dizzying misadventure, as he spins across space at the whim of some mischievous Gods. The flying flipping creatures he meets will be beautiful, dangerous and always riotous fun. The showtimes for “The Lunatic King” are Thursday, November 13th at 7PM, Saturday, November 15th at 5:30PM, and Sunday, November 16th at 7PM.

Veronica Rusell (aka Vandal O’Riley) performs in two plays. The first, she stars with Chris Lane in Two Easy Pieces at The Skull Club Written and directed by the Master of the Macabre, R.J. Tsarov. “Two Easy Pieces” delves into the negative spaces between people, using mundane settings to keenly expose dark, unspoken mysteries. The showtimes for “Two Easy Pieces” are Thursday, November 13th at 7PM, Saturday, November 15th at 10PM and Sunday, November 16th at 7PM.

Veronica also stars in Sally Asher’s (aka SmasHer) play, Money in the Garter at The Voodoo Mystere She is joined by other rollergirls: Lauren Andress (Blaze Scarr) Victoria Coy (Lush Fatale) Monica Ferroe (Ibeatya Amber) as well as cast members Cyd Casados, Lacey Coffey, Rudy San Miguel, and Mikko. The crew also includes rollergirls: Sound Mistress, Kathryn Hobgood (Trixie la Femme) Projection and Sign Girl (Beatrix sKiddo) and Gal Everything (ChessTosterone). “Money in the Garter” is about Catholicism, Mythology and Strippers. Neophyte, Mae Carter tries to sashay along the delicate tightrope of survival and success: tactful responses to nauseating come-ons, fantasies regarding hat-wearing mules, and negotiations involving wads of cash and cat o’nine tails. Along her enigmatical journey, Mae’s assisted by a Greek Chorus who educate her on various topics. Performance times are Sunday, November 16th at 1PM.

Listen in to WWOZ 90.7 FM, Wednesday, November 16th at 1PM to hear Whore T. Culture, Ibeatya Amber, and SmasHer talk about their involvement with The Fringe Festival, and, of course, The Big Easy Rollergirls.

Big Easy Rollergirls at Partysist!

Join some of The Big Easy Rollergirls this Wednesday, November 12th from 6 to 8PM at Partysist Wine Store located on 200 Metairie Road #100 for a wine-tasting party. Partysist has many fine wines only featured in restaurants! In addition to its 300 plus eclectic wine labels, imported and domestic gourmet foods and specialty spirits, the shop also features distinctive gifts that reflect the art of entertaining, cookbooks, glassware, and other party essentials.

One of the wines being sampled and sold comes from a funky, young Australian wine company, Some Young Punks The sparkling shiraz is named “Naked on Roller Skates.” Modeled after the original pulp fiction novel, it’s the LAST case so get it while you can! Only $23.99

The Rollergirls will also be selling our 2009 Rollergirls Through Time Pinup Calendar and tickets to our December 13th Bout featuring The Confederacy of Punches vs. The StoryVillains, and The Crescent Wenches vs. The Tallahassee Rollergirls.

Friday, November 07, 2008


The Big Easy Rollergirls’ Bout featuring

The Crescent Wenches


The StoryVillains

is scheduled for Sunday, November 9th at UNO’s Human Performance Center (on the corner of Elysian Fields and Leon C. Simon)

The doors open at 6 PM, the action starts at 7PM.

Featuring halftime music by


Tickets are $10 in advance ($5 for kids 12 and under) and $12 at the door.
We will be accepting nonperishable food items on behalf of Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana. Bring a donation and we will give you a 10%-off coupon for Big Easy Rollergirls

Our afterparty will be held at Mimi’s in the Marigny located at 2601 Royal


For more information, please visit Big Easy Rollergirls

A special thanks to Erik Van Buren for his fabulous derby poster!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mudflap Girl in Gambit's 40 Under 40

Congratulations to Mudflap Girl (aka Kelley Strain) who was listed as one of
Gambit's 40 under 40
This award is to recognize individuals who make remarkable contributions to the New Orleans area.

Mudflap, an attorney AND rollergirl, also serves on The Charter School Committee for The Junior League of New Orleans, and is WFTDA'S South Central insurance representative. AND she still looks good in that StoryVillains outfit!

Way to go, Mudflap!

Pick up your copy of The Gambit Today!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

October Bout Favorite Moments


How about the moment when Lush Fatale's skirt came off??!! BeAtch and I were her opposing blockers at the time, and for a second I completely lost focus on the Punches jammer and found myself, out loud on the track, asking BeAtch, "Did Lush's clothes just fall off?"
Sneaky diversionary tactic, Ms. Fatale.


Bouting against Marquee was so bittersweet! We miss her so much but I hope that this bout showed her how much she has helped us grow as a team!


My new Wenches uniform. I enjoyed getting tailored just minutes before the start of the game by VVD and her magic sewing machine/iron combo! Yes, she brought her sewing machine to bout day, 'cause she's that awesome.


I was so happy to have our new skaters out on the track with the team! The Punches are lucky to have some talented ladies added to our ranks and they bring so much. And although we didn't skate away with the big W, I was thrilled to hear that we had won the cupcake contest. People's Champions!
And yes, I think Lush's "wardrobe malfunction" was one of EVERYONE'S favorite moments!
And although this has little to do with the bout itself, one of the best moments from that night was seeing Ibeatya's amazing banners. Not to mention hanging them...what a blast! It was like the setup to a joke: How many Rollergirls does it take to throw a wheel over a beam? We ended up with the UNO guy doing it and dubbed him "the baseball coach" although I have no idea if he is or not. He sure could lob those wheels!


I guess my fav kinda mixes in with my worst. After breaking and dislocating both leg bones, Beatrix Skiddo came racing to my rescue!!! She kept me focused and calm. Insane props must got out to Wayne and the rest of the EMT Crew along with the Art Docs! They all worked well together and took really good care of me. Mad shout outs to Shoeless for the ride to the ER, Stinky for consoling me, Asian for showing up at the hospital just in the nick of time (she knows what I mean), and again to Wayne for speeding along the process!!!
I don't ever want to live through this EVER again but if I had to, I couldn't have ask for any better cast and crew!! Thank you to everyone for all the myspace messages, emails, and text! I love you guys and promise I'll be back on my skates in no time!!!!


I loved hearing Deuuuuuuuuuuuce being announced over the loud speaker. - thanks Vargas!! And every time I walked in front of the crowd, Shoeless would yell, “Deuuuuuuuce we love you”. Ha. It cheered me up, considering I was pretty disappointed that I got hurt.
Other fav moments..
- Skating with the Punches.. it made me feel like a rockstar!
- Playing against the Wenches for my first bout. They are awesome!!
- Having Cheap be a great friend/teammate and consoling me after I was unable to skate.
- Being able to share the "first bout experience" with Lil Rowdy and Cougar.
- Watching Deb U Taunt rock that jammer panty!
- Seeing my friends and family in the audience all dressed in red shirts representing the Punches.


This was my first bout after my injury in March and I loved being able to bout again! Love my teammates, old and new! Yay Villains


Timing a good hit!!!!


It was my first bout. I got my first intro as a member of a team - the StoryVillains, and we WON!!! It was also super-cool subbing for the Wenches.
Of course, my favorite moment was that for the FIRST and ONLY time I jammed at a bout, I got lead jammer - and I got it over some quick nimbly chick too (Small Frye).
Me and Ruffit hitting on each other when I was subbing for Wenches (we are both former MA's, so this was good fun)
Seeing Lush skating in her gold drawers and white hot garters!
Marquee attempting to land a really big hit on me, with me avoiding her completely, and the look of surprise - "I taught her well"


Watching the new Villains team gel! With so many additions to our team, this was a whole new game, and it was fun to watch Villains old and new work so well together. It's gonna be a fun season!
Watching Betty jam - she always has a smile on her face, and that makes me so happy!


Seeing the fantastic banners Ibeatya made… Getting our intro right- the first time in 3 seasons!... Convincing Mr. Vicious to wear a Punches button…Watching how hard my team fought and how well they played. Our new skaters Rowdy, Deuce and Cougar did an excellent job. And it was great to have Ruffit back on my team. The Punches played their heart out... Hanging with Chess at the after party...And yes, of course, when Lush’s skirt fell off. Von Doom and I almost missed calling the next lineup we were laughing so hard.


I enjoyed coaching and watching the Villains really step it up in the second half and win the game.


I loved being a part of my new team, the StoryVillains -- including some original members of the 2006 white team whom I have never skated with! It was great to finally be a home teammate with Jaws and Dan who I've been skating against for a few years! And Shay as my bench coach - awesome. (Wish you were my pivot!)
Also, I am so happy to still have a flank of trustworthy MAs to lean on (literally and figuratively).
All the Villains are awesome girls and I look forward to a great season!


I was thrilled to see our new crop of skaters in their first bout. Congrats, ladies! I'm so proud. I can't wait to share the track with you soon.