Tuesday, November 04, 2008

October Bout Favorite Moments


How about the moment when Lush Fatale's skirt came off??!! BeAtch and I were her opposing blockers at the time, and for a second I completely lost focus on the Punches jammer and found myself, out loud on the track, asking BeAtch, "Did Lush's clothes just fall off?"
Sneaky diversionary tactic, Ms. Fatale.


Bouting against Marquee was so bittersweet! We miss her so much but I hope that this bout showed her how much she has helped us grow as a team!


My new Wenches uniform. I enjoyed getting tailored just minutes before the start of the game by VVD and her magic sewing machine/iron combo! Yes, she brought her sewing machine to bout day, 'cause she's that awesome.


I was so happy to have our new skaters out on the track with the team! The Punches are lucky to have some talented ladies added to our ranks and they bring so much. And although we didn't skate away with the big W, I was thrilled to hear that we had won the cupcake contest. People's Champions!
And yes, I think Lush's "wardrobe malfunction" was one of EVERYONE'S favorite moments!
And although this has little to do with the bout itself, one of the best moments from that night was seeing Ibeatya's amazing banners. Not to mention hanging them...what a blast! It was like the setup to a joke: How many Rollergirls does it take to throw a wheel over a beam? We ended up with the UNO guy doing it and dubbed him "the baseball coach" although I have no idea if he is or not. He sure could lob those wheels!


I guess my fav kinda mixes in with my worst. After breaking and dislocating both leg bones, Beatrix Skiddo came racing to my rescue!!! She kept me focused and calm. Insane props must got out to Wayne and the rest of the EMT Crew along with the Art Docs! They all worked well together and took really good care of me. Mad shout outs to Shoeless for the ride to the ER, Stinky for consoling me, Asian for showing up at the hospital just in the nick of time (she knows what I mean), and again to Wayne for speeding along the process!!!
I don't ever want to live through this EVER again but if I had to, I couldn't have ask for any better cast and crew!! Thank you to everyone for all the myspace messages, emails, and text! I love you guys and promise I'll be back on my skates in no time!!!!


I loved hearing Deuuuuuuuuuuuce being announced over the loud speaker. - thanks Vargas!! And every time I walked in front of the crowd, Shoeless would yell, “Deuuuuuuuce we love you”. Ha. It cheered me up, considering I was pretty disappointed that I got hurt.
Other fav moments..
- Skating with the Punches.. it made me feel like a rockstar!
- Playing against the Wenches for my first bout. They are awesome!!
- Having Cheap be a great friend/teammate and consoling me after I was unable to skate.
- Being able to share the "first bout experience" with Lil Rowdy and Cougar.
- Watching Deb U Taunt rock that jammer panty!
- Seeing my friends and family in the audience all dressed in red shirts representing the Punches.


This was my first bout after my injury in March and I loved being able to bout again! Love my teammates, old and new! Yay Villains


Timing a good hit!!!!


It was my first bout. I got my first intro as a member of a team - the StoryVillains, and we WON!!! It was also super-cool subbing for the Wenches.
Of course, my favorite moment was that for the FIRST and ONLY time I jammed at a bout, I got lead jammer - and I got it over some quick nimbly chick too (Small Frye).
Me and Ruffit hitting on each other when I was subbing for Wenches (we are both former MA's, so this was good fun)
Seeing Lush skating in her gold drawers and white hot garters!
Marquee attempting to land a really big hit on me, with me avoiding her completely, and the look of surprise - "I taught her well"


Watching the new Villains team gel! With so many additions to our team, this was a whole new game, and it was fun to watch Villains old and new work so well together. It's gonna be a fun season!
Watching Betty jam - she always has a smile on her face, and that makes me so happy!


Seeing the fantastic banners Ibeatya made… Getting our intro right- the first time in 3 seasons!... Convincing Mr. Vicious to wear a Punches button…Watching how hard my team fought and how well they played. Our new skaters Rowdy, Deuce and Cougar did an excellent job. And it was great to have Ruffit back on my team. The Punches played their heart out... Hanging with Chess at the after party...And yes, of course, when Lush’s skirt fell off. Von Doom and I almost missed calling the next lineup we were laughing so hard.


I enjoyed coaching and watching the Villains really step it up in the second half and win the game.


I loved being a part of my new team, the StoryVillains -- including some original members of the 2006 white team whom I have never skated with! It was great to finally be a home teammate with Jaws and Dan who I've been skating against for a few years! And Shay as my bench coach - awesome. (Wish you were my pivot!)
Also, I am so happy to still have a flank of trustworthy MAs to lean on (literally and figuratively).
All the Villains are awesome girls and I look forward to a great season!


I was thrilled to see our new crop of skaters in their first bout. Congrats, ladies! I'm so proud. I can't wait to share the track with you soon.

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