Friday, December 22, 2006

Living History

Check out Vandal O'Riley, aka Josie Arlington, this weekend off skates and in a corset in the French Quarter. Vandal is part of The Louisiana Living History Project that teaches locals and visitors about some of the amazing individuals who helped shape this city's fascinating history. The group gathers at the Hotel Monteleone at 11AM and departs into the French Quarter. A good place to watch for them is in front of the St. Louis Cathedral before and after Mass on Christmas Day. Some of the other characters include Marie Laveau, Andrew Jackson and Baroness Pontalba. Papa Noel also joins the festivities.

Andrew Jackson & Josie Arlington

For more Christmas Events go to

New Orleans Holiday Events

And for last minute Christmas shopping, check out the Mid City Art Market this Saturday at Palmer Park at South Claiborne and Carrollton Aves from 10-4.

Mid City Art Market

Also, don't forget to support your local businesses. For a list of businesses:
Stay Local


Wednesday, December 20, 2006


We are sad to report that during our fabulously festive and fierce December bout, one of our best players went down – Captain Power Snatch, jr. Miss Snatch is well-known for not only her dedication to the admirable sport we call roller derby, but for her kicky fashion sense and wicked yes of humor. During the second half, Power Snatch took an incredibly hard hit. This hit would have sent even the toughest rollergirl into fits of hysteria, but Snatch crawled to the inside of the track and sat quietly. Unbeknownst to everyone around her, Miss Snatch suffered a broken ankle. But Snatch, who exemplifies the very essence of derby, stayed true to her philosophy, “The Game must go on!” None of her teammates knew the true extent of her injury until after Snatch drove herself to the ER and got X-rays!

Power Snatch, you are an inspiration!

Anti Em: Hope you heal fast, Snatch! You’re hardcore and fabulous and a kickass blocker and we love you!

Henry Roll-ins: Snatch, you’re a f@#*ing amazing human being. I’ve never seen anyone in that kind of pain smile as much as you managed to last night – you had me fooled. What a trooper!

Lt. Dan: I HEART Snatch!

Dynamite Dwalin’: Snatch, you are one of my favorite people in the league—I love your no-nonsense irreverent approach to pretty much everything. I am so sorry that your injury turned out to be a break. Here’s hoping you’ll be back on skates (and back in your multiple pairs of truly fabulous shoes) very soon.

The Countess: Snatch, you better be at practices, ‘cause BERG ain’t the same without you. You are a most excellent, strong, awesome lady, and you deserve all the support and all you’re reading here. In other words: I HEART Snatch!

Sophie Nuke ‘Em: You’re a great captain and an incredibly strong skater. From the you held up on Saturday after the bout, I would have guessed you had broken an ankle. Like the t-shirts say, I HEART Snatch!

Sophie Nuke 'Em, Power Snatch & Cherry Pi

SmasHer: I don’t know which impresses me most about you – your level-headed attitude or your fabulous costume sense. Either way, you are fantastic! I am proud to be under your leadership! I am ordering my “I HEART Snatch” shirt today!

Kelkat: Power Snatch is my hero!

Pontchartrain BeAtch: Snatch, I’m so sorry you broke your ankle. You are a trooper! Hope Holly didn’t flip out too much.

Mel: Snatch, remind me never to play poker with you… what a poker face! Get well soon, and if you need anything, just ask.

Snatch's famous poker face

Beatrix sKiddo: Oh captain! My Captain!

Who needs ankles to rollerskate!

Marquee de Squad: You played a killer game, Snatch. It will heal, though – a break is clean and can heal well – I’ve broken the same ankle twice, so you can recover – don’t worry. Get well soon!

Snatch and fellow BERG players at the Crescent City Classic

little maSCARa: Hope you feel better soon, Snatch.

CHEAP THR!LL: Snatch, you’re so hardcore! You crawled off the track into the other teams’ box and told everyone to keep the jam going… you are amazing. You’ll heal in no time and be back before you know it.

Power Snatch snatching the chair away from Cherry Pi during a vigorous game of musical chairs

Little Miss Ruffit: Jeez-n-crackers, Snatch! What a stoic derby chick you are! You can count on me as your driver to and from practices, once you’re ready, since we work so close together. I’m sure I speak for all of us that we’re here for you if you need anything (I’m SUCH a mom).

And from the lady herself……

Power Snatch, jr: Thanks guys for all the well wishes and support. It feels great to have so many people care about me.
This sport is truly amazing in the way we come together for our skaters and refs.
I’m really proud to be part of BERG.
VVD, I hope I didn’t hurt your hand while EMS was working on me—I’m sure I squeezed the s@*t out of it. It was very sweet for you to be so supportive.
Thanks to all the people who carried my crap, me, got my car, and everything.
Kelkat, please tell your man thanks for me, too.
Sorry I played it cool and didn’t really tell everyone how bad it was. I didn’t want to stop the jam (I wanted to be sure my team could use all the time possible to try and pull out a few more points) and I didn’t want to rain on the after party. It was a hard played game and celebrations were in order!

The Big Easy Rollergirls look forward to seeing you on skates soon, Power Snatch jr. We love you!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Swirl in the City

Join the Big Easy Rollergirls at SWIRL this Friday, from 6:00 to 8:00PM, December 15th for their weekly wine event and pick up some tickets to their Saturday bout. Swirl is located in Mid City at 3143 Ponce de Leon. Their Mid City neighbor, Sylvia is back and they are matching great wines from her portfolio to selections from La Vita’s entrĂ©e menu. Free!

Enjoy wine, buy tickets, hang with SmasHer, Crusty McKnuckle, and meet two of our newest rollergirls Beatrix sKiddo and Anti ‘Em. What could be finer?

If you can’t get to Swirl to buy tickets for the bout this Saturday, there is still time at


Or the doors open at 6PM at Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World in Algiers Point.

Don’t miss Santa's Little Sleighers and The Tannenbombers vie for the Glory in Excelsis DERBY!
There will be live music from THE VETTES concessions, drinks and throws as BERG mascot, Ruthie the Duck Girl will have her trademark sack of gifts for the crowd.


And check out our fresh meat in their debut bout: Beatrix sKiddo and Ibeatya Amber for Santa's Little Sleighers and Lt. Dan for The Tannenbombers.

Give back to the community this holiday season! Don’t forget to bring an unwrapped toy or ornament to the bout, and spread cheer to those who need it most during the holidays. Your generosity will benefit The Arabi Wrecking Krewe and The Common Ground. Not only will your donations go to a great cause, but you'll receive a beverage ticket at the bout!

And thank you for all who turned up at Festivus this past Sunday. The Big Easy Rollergirls had a great time supporting the community.

Deadly on skates, lovely in person: Bruise, Trixie & Ibeatya

The Incomparable Trixie la Femme

Galaxy Grrl with a fetching new haircut!

The Countess & Mel Feassance not keeping track of penalities

Lt. Dan giving to the great cause of derby

Beatrix sKiddo waiting for her first bout

Happy Holidays!

And a special thanks to Scott Stuntz of MUTTSHOTZ PHOTOGRAPHY for the great photographs.

Monday, December 11, 2006

We are legitimized!

Roller Derby is officially legitimized! As fans of the Big Easy Rollergirls and other ass-kicking roller derby leagues, you have known all along the sheer power and indomitability of rollergirls. But now, the world is privy to our energy, athleticism and sheer audacious awesomeness. Because now…. we are on fabric!

Just today, this roller gal opened up her P.O. Box to find a package from her mother. Mind you, this is the same mother, who routinely sends me books on belly dancing or yoga with notes attached “an exercise that doesn’t leave bruises or scrapes.” It’s her subtle attempt to sway me from the finest sport ever invented! But after her recent visit, even she was lured by the passion and resolve of roller derby. So much in fact, that she made me a pillowcase out of this fine roller derby fabric.

Bask in the beauty of this masterpiece.

Enjoy! And live with the knowledge, that you, our dear fans, are ahead of your time!

We will see you this Saturday at the bout!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Last weekend, The Big Easy Rollergirls took off for Austin, Texas to participate in a roller derby boot camp. Beatrix sKiddo, Anti ‘Em, Bruise Springsteen, Power Snatch Jr, Victoria von Doom, Ibeatya Amber & Henry Roll-ins all piled into a mini mini-van and headed off to ATX for three days for an unyielding, taxing and strenuous derby education at the hands of the capable, yet merciless Texas Rollergirls. Rollergirls came from all over to participate in a three-day event of hell on skates. Death By Chocolate “DBC,” my number-one Houston rollergirl, guiltily admitted to contributing many bruises and scratches to her own roller derby drill partner.

After a full day Saturday of drills, endurance skates and scrimmages, The Big Easy Rollergirls got a reprise to watch The Desert Rival Revival bout between the Tucson Saddletramp and
The Texecutioners

Dynamite Dwalin’, Diamond Grrrl and SmasHer, who were in town to celebrate Dynamite Dwalin’s birthday, joined their fellow BERG teammates at the bout.

The Birthday Girl, DBC, Diamond Grrrl

It was a momentous match with Texas ranking #1 and Tucson #2. Immediately BERG was impressed with both teams incredible speed. Rice Rocket was a standout with her tenacious spirit and agility. By the end of the first period, The Texecutioners were ahead 15-22.

Many of the Texas girls celebrated by performing with Karaoke Apocalypse. Belle Star quickly became my favorite with her riotous and enthusiastic performance.

Belle Star

By the second period, The Texacutioners had little to celebrate with a tied score of 38-38.

The Saddletramps, with fierce determination and strategic game playing and blocking by Deadlock Doe Holliday, courageously rallied.

At the end of the third period, yet again, the score was tied 59 to 59. A last two-minute jam was established.

Jammers Fisti Cuffs from The Saddletramps and Lucille Brawl from The Texacutioners lined up.

The crowd’s screams were purely corybantic as everyone yelled out their encouragements to their favored team. At the end of the two minutes, the teams huddled, anxiously waiting the refs’ decision. The Saddletramps were victorious! The Texacutioners, the “Godmothers of the roller derby” had been defeated for the first time. The first time in roller derby history!

The Victors

Saddletramps captain, Jezze Jamez, who played with such die-hard dogmatism, could not hold back her emotions as she openly sobbed, “Hard work pays off!”

Jezze Jamez

BERG and every other rollergirl were in awe and impressed with both teams skillful and passionate athletics.
And what did BERG learn at boot camp? Check out the next bout December 16th at Mardi Gras World to find out!

And in New Orleans….

The Big Easy Rollergirls KelKat, Crusty McKnuckle, Little Miss Ruffit & Trixie la Femme were out and spreading goodwill on skates at Festivus! The day was beautiful and clear, but cold. The aroma of freshly popped Kettle Corn and the exquisite fragrances from the lotions, soaps and candles mingled in the air. There were food vendors offering fresh pastries, chocolates, quesadillas, crepes and freshly squeezed Satsuma mimosas and bloody marys. The booths featured wildly diverse arts, crafts and wares of New Orleans’ merchants.

Trixie la Femme made friends with some little girls from “Girls First,” a non-profit that was set up to wrap presents for donations. They decided they wanted to become flatterers, too, and ran around the crowd to pass out tiny slips of paper with affirmative messages.

Kelkat, Crusty McKnuckle, Ruffit, Trixie la Femme

KelKat & Ruffit

Crusty McKnuckle

Galaxy Grrl was also out as a vendor.

Crusty McKnuckle & Galaxy Grrl

You can see her live this weekend at Festivus or
Check out her web sites at

Jeremy the Alien
Craft Mafia
Galaxy Grrl

Come out this weekend to once again catch The Big Easy Rollergirls as guest flatterers at Festivus, the holiday market for locals that features over 40 local artists, live music, food, Office of Homeland Serenity Massage, Flattery Booth and re-gifting station. The rollergirls will also be collecting decoration and toys at that time for families effected by Katrina AND selling tickets to the December bout.

The Big Easy Rollergirls love Vespa!

Festivus is located on 700 Magazine (corner of Gird) from 12-4.

We hope to see everyone out there!