Monday, July 04, 2011

Get Ready to Rollerbull!

Look out! This rollergirl is excited to break out the bat this Saturday! I've been crafting my horns and juicing up the bat all week. The annual Running of the bulls is going to be awesome!

It goes down this Saturday (July 9th) at 8am. Runners take off from Ernst Cafe in the CBD. Come check it out!

Also, congrats to our Crescent Wenches who road tripped up to Lafayette this past weekend to meet the Acadiana Rollergirls on their home turf. What else is there to say... the Wenches brought home the boudin!

Wenches battling it out with Acadiana

But that wasn't the only derby action to go down! In fact BERG has been jetsetting this month. Two weekends before, both the All Stars and the Wenches traveled up to Knoxville, Tennessee to take on the Hard Knox Rollergirls.

Both teams played hard... real meaning was brought to the term "blood on the flat track." In the end, the Hard Knox All Stars bested BERG, but the Crescent Wenches came out ahead of the Hard Knox Brawlers. Great derby all around!

Wenches take on Hard Knox Brawlers

BERG All Stars battle Hard Knox All Stars

As if that wasn't enough derby (and let's be honest, is there such a thing as "enough derby"), just one weekend before that the Wenches were on the track against our nearby rivals, the Pearl River Derby Swamp Dolls! After another hard fought evening of derby madness, the Wenches did the home team proud ending with the win!

Wenches post up against Pearl River

Wow! That's a lot of derby! After this whirlwind month of hits, whips and jams I just want to state for the record,"I've got Wench Love!" Do you?

Wench Love!

Do you feel sad because you've missed out on all this amazing derby action? Don't worry! There's more to come!

The next home bout is Saturday July 23rd. The BERG All-Stars are taking on the Dixie Derby Girls Raging Rockets of Huntsville, Alabama. Check out the action at the UNO Human Performance Center. Doors at 6pm. Action at 7pm.

Can't wait that long? Want to check out "the Big D?" The BERG All-Stars will be on the road to take on the Dallas Derby Devils on July 16th! Good luck ladies!!!