Friday, August 31, 2007

One Eyed Jack's Recap

Thanks to everyone who made our August 25th fundraiser/calendar debut at One Eyed Jacks a smashing success.

The place start filling up early, with fans and rollergirls alike anxious to see the completed calendar. While most rollergirls were use to tired feet at the end of their events, many were unaccustomed to tired hands. More than one rollergirl commented on how sore their hands were from autographing all of those calendars.

Rollergirls autographing calendars

MADAM signs away!

Trouble & Loco

Trixie & Mascara

As always, Nutty McGillicutty and The Right Reverend Psycho Ward were in top comic form.

Our announcers, the incomparable Psycho Ward & Nutty

When Fleur de Tease took the stage, the crowd surged forward to watch these beautiful ladies pay homage to the exquisite art of burlesque. Fan dances, grass skirts and dreidels… The crowd fluctuated between hearty cheers and silent gasps of awe-inspired astonishment.

Madame Mystere performing a Classic Fan Dance

Natasha takes it off to "Take it Off."

Trixie Minx performing "Hot Jewish Chicks!"

Lily L'Envie in "Jump in the Line"

Fleur de Tease performing their finale, Tunnel of Love

With Chess and Asian acting as our Vanna Whites for the evening, they assisted Nutty and The Reverend in handing out various prizes generously donated by many local businesses. Some lucky person’s teeth are going to be a lot brighter, skin a little more inked, and stomach a little more full after that night.

Our gorgeous Vanna Whites - Chess & Asian

Asian digs in for the raffle

Slaughter, Gal, Blood, Deb, Blaze, MILF

Sleasy & Saucy

Trixie & VvD

SmasHer & Bea

The gorgeous, Stinky!


Next up was Liquidrone, the always grooving crowd favorite, who drew even more people to the dance floor.



Em & Trixie Trailer Trash from Dallas!

VvD gets her groove on to Liquidrone

At the end of the night, with visions of burlesque and rollergirls in their minds, calendars and prizes in hand, the crowd went home happy… They went home late, but very happy.

Ivy, Fayard & Asian

Frida & SmasHer

CHEAP & Trixie Minx of Fleur de Tease

Meannie looking very nice

Lethal & Luvinblood


Asian & Chess

Blood, Saucy, Slaughter & MILF



Thank you once again for all your support. Until next time!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Congratulations Ponchartrain BeAtch

Congratulations to our very own Ponchartrain BeAtch who won The Gambit Weekly Best of New Orleans Reader’s Poll for Best Local Big Easy Rollergirl! Go BeAtch!

BeAtch has that special combination of grittiness and girliness. She excels in hitting you and then laughing at you when you fall down (hmm… okay, maybe that’s just me she loves doing that to) and, of course, apologizing for it later (although I don’t think she really means it when she does it to me). Two minutes after slamming into you, she’s on the sidelines encouraging you, or congratulating you on one of your plays.

BeAtch on the prowl!

BeAtch holds them back!

BeAtch takes out Memphis!

As Captain of her team, BeAtch is one of those superb leaders who leads by example. She is fair, level-headed and always pushing her fellow teammates to do their best. In fact, when I was injured and coming back to skating after almost six months, I was anxious to make up practices (and a little nervous). Even though I was on another team, BeAtch let me attend her team practices. I was impressed by her direction and observations. She worked us hard, but she also made the practice enjoyable – a difficult task to achieve at 8AM on a Sunday.

BeAtch battles it our with Sophie

BeAtch is also very active in the league (and while not required) always attends the monthly manager meetings to offer her input and concerns. She can always be counted on for thoughtful analysis of current situations, and always has the skaters’ best interest at heart.

BeAtch talks it over with Wit

To hang out with BeAtch is to always have a good time, and to always laugh. We are so proud of her, however, I must strongly contest one part of the article – calling BeAtch “a mild-mannered art gallery assistant by day…” There ain’t nothing mild-mannered about this broad, and that’s why we all love her!

BeAtch puckers up!