Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Here is a little calendar teaser...

And keep in mind, these pleasing and pulchritudinous pictures didn't even make the cut!!!

So, take a moment, and please explore in the caverns of your mind, the wonderous reality, that these photos are, in fact, second and third choices.

Wait until you see the real thing!

And the only legal way to do so is to Buy a BERG Calendar Now!

To date, we have already sold 65% of our print run, so get them while you can!

Shake, Sophie, MILF, SmasHer & Ruffit

Shake, Sophie, Ruffit, MILF, SmasHer

Soviet, Meanie, VvD, Julie

Soviet, VvD, Julie, Meanie




Crusty, BeAtch, Mace

Mace, Crusty, BeAtch and guest star: Guy

Dan, Squirt, Buck, Bruise

Bruise, Buck, Squirt, Dan

Satannika, Snatch, Em

Betty, Perish, Queen, Slaughter

Blood, Jet, Beatrix, Jaws

Keep checking back for more outtakes!

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