Friday, August 17, 2007

Dirty Linen 2007

It was a hot August night, but The Big Easy Rollergirls were even hotter. August 11th the rollergirls participated in their second-annual Dirty Linen Night. It was extraordinarily muggy, but as usual the rollergirls shined (not sweated).

MILF, Blaze, Slaughter, Blood

MILF- best dimples in the league!


Blaze - too hot!


Julie Jawbreaker confirmed her Heartbreaker status by wearing sparkly gold tights. Fleur de Lethal came decked out as a live, neo-plasticist Mondriaan. Vandal O’Riley, who last year had the dubious honor of breaking SIX chairs during Musical Chairs, was still in an ankle brace due to her injury in May. This year Vandal carried a bullhorn unlike, last year where her voice was sufficient. Come on, Vandal, you broke your ankle – not our vocal chords. We all know Vandal’s astonishing ability to accentuate. ☺

Fayard & Vandal


Bruise, Julie & Panic (fresh from the Red Dress Run)

Crusty McKnuckle led the rollergirls in not one, but two games. She transformed one of our drills, The Devil’s Mattress into a relay race. The object of Devil’s Mattress is start flat on our stomach, leap up on your toe stops, sprint, slide on your knees, lay back on our stomach, pop up and do it all over. Why do you think rollergirls are in such good shape?

Wit & Trouble get ready

Blood & Chess

The rollergirls divided up into two teams: red and yellow. Red was lead by Wit Vicious and her team: Luvinblood, Deb U Taunt, Rebelle and MILF. Yellow was lead by F.N. Trouble and her team: Squirt, Cooney, Slaughter & Chess. Both teams gave it their all, sometimes even sliding into the crowds! Ultimately after running this relay many times throughout the night, SmasHer spurred the crowd on by running up and down the streets screaming, “One more time! One more time!” Since she was not on skates and not actually doing the drill, it was a miracle she was able to leave without any serious injuries from the other rollergirls. While Yellow had dominated most of the night, Red came back at the last relay. Prompting SmasHer to yell, “Best two out of three!” In the end, it was Yellow who was triumphant.

DEb & Cooney


Blood takes off

Another activity the rollergirls demonstrated for the crowds was “Blood and Thunder.” It’s the roller derby equivalent of “Last Man Standing.” It’s a very easy game to follow. Rollergirls knock each other down (those who are knocked down automatically become obstacles) and the last one upright is crowned the winner.

Newbie, Trouble “Nessie” operated under the ‘Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee” creed and won not only once, but twice!!! Congratulations Trouble!

Trouble knocks them down left and right

Trouble & Chess go skate to skate

Chess & Trouble- No Hard Feelings

Trouble, The Winner!

At the end of the night, with the lights fading and the galleries closing, the rollergirls skated home.

Tom & Jaws - and she's wearing...



Pummel with her broken lace - Blood & Thunder Casuality


And as always, looking forward to next year.

Special Thanks to Robert Gutherie Gallery.

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