Monday, August 20, 2007


Once again, keep in mind that these lovely and luscious images from Scott Stuntz didn't even make the final cut of our 2007-2008 calendar.

Saucy, Lethal, Shay

Lethal, Shay, Saucy

Stinky, Lionel, Trix, Chess, Galfreaka

Stinky, Trix, Lionel, Chess, Galfreaka

Trouble, Animal, Cooney, Ibeatya

Ivy, Loco, Marquee, Pummel

Ivy, Pummel, Loco, Marquee

Lush, Wit, Deb, Panic

Deb, Lush, Panic, Wit

Madam, Mascara, ReBelle, Sleasy

Frida, Whore, Diamond, Mental, Falls

Asia, Mite, Scabby

Asia, Mite, Scabby

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