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Favorite Moments of the November Bout

Diamond Grrrrl: My fave moment, as a non-ref for this bout, was when the girls entered and Snatch threw out her t-shirts that said, “I heart Snatch” One missed the audience and people literally started clamoring for them like they were made of gold. I actually had to throw the stray one and the audience dove for it. It was a hot moment. I think you actually had to be there. And some of you were!

Crusty McKnuckle: Favorite moment at the after party was to look to the stage to surprisingly see Cherry, Blonde, Mascara, Baby Cakes & CHEAP THR!LL singing on stage with Rockin’ Dopsie Jr. CLASSIC!!!

Victoria von Doom: My favorite moment of the bout was in the bathroom at half time. Wit and I headed to the public restroom because (I can’t speak for Wit, but…) I’m a princess and I couldn’t wait for the portalette. While trying to unpin various costumes parts, a little girl approached us and said, “Y’all are really good” in the cute manner that only kids have. I remember being that little girls years ago (except I was at the theater and not the roller derby) and something about that makes me happy and nostalgic.
Also, getting to Rock n Bowl and realizing that we finished breaking down Mardi Gras World so much quicker than before.
And one more, just 3 words: Sophie, Cheap, Shotgun.

Little Miss Ruffit: I got a kick out of seeing my daughter Cassidy’s friend, Jesse collecting hugs from several rollergirls after the bout. He was in heaven!

Sophie Nuke ‘Em: Favorite part of the bout – Babycakes and I were both in the penalty box, and she jokingly hit me with her shoulder, and I gave her a little hug. It was a good reminder that even though the league is split into two teams, and we play really hard against each other, we’re still one league, and I like everyone in it.
My favorite part of the post-bout-shotgunning beer with Cheap and how excited Mace and I were at the prospect of drinking Irish car bombs.

Countess: I love the way the volunteers are so hard working, especially at the post-bout clean up. After each bout, they immediately started breaking down the track, chairs, etc. The people in those yellow shirts are everywhere, pulling tape, bringing over a trash can, carrying heavy tables, picking up the nasty left-over beer soaked trash, and always cheerful, always excited about the skaters! I especially have to mention two young men (not more than 10 or 11) who were attacking the tape, without any adult direction (or nagging) and they were doing a great job of it!

CHEAP THR!LL: I think my favorite moment during the bout was the one when I heard the announcer say that the Legion of Zoom jammer (not sure which one) was passing Axles of Evil left and right but, “Can she get past CHEAP THR!LL?” I heard him say that and somehow found it in me to sprint up and slam into her. I think I knocked more people to the ground this month than during either previous bout! Especially during the last jam when it was apparent that we wouldn’t win. Maybe it was the heat of the moment, but during the last jam it felt like every time the jammer came around I took her out! Maybe it’s just delusions of grandeur… either way, it felt good!

Scabby trying to get past CHEAP

Kelkat: My favorite moment was briefly looking over to where my family was sitting to see my son, Riley cheering for me. It was his first bout and he really got into it.

Shay-Bay: I can think of many inappropriate posts, but I would have to say maybe a guy (one of Mace’s friends) came up to me, with Mace, of course, and said he was my new fan. He was shy. It was cute. He gave me a handshake. I told him that maybe next bout, I’ll look for him and send a rollergirl from the other team into his lap to meet. I am now somebody!
I also heard the announcer say, “What? She got past the wall of Shay-Bay?” At that moment, I found my feet and took off like lightening towards the jammer and knocked her. The reply in my head was, “No, she’s not getting past me!”
Another great moment was playing trivial pursuit with people at Pal’s.

The wall of Shay-Bay

SmasHer: My favorite moment of the bout was putting on skates for the first time since August. September bout, I was still in a leg brace and hobbled out on the rink. October bout, I walked on the rink. November bout, I actually got to skate my introduction lap. It was only one lap, but it was a start! I hope to be out playing on the rink soon.

Marquee de Squad: My favorite moment – looking at Cherry Pi in the last or second-to-last jam- and she is a front blocker—and she is totally laughing and grinning like a little kid. She seemed to be having a blast! I was laughing myself… and she was taunting the pivot, welcoming the opposing player to “bring it.” It was priceless. Above all else, I remember, and am still in the throes of my overwhelming pride for my team. The game played perfectly as if it came straight from my most optimistic ideas. I am the luckiest captain alive!

The one and only "Taunter" Cherry Pi

Mace m Dixon: The memory of me sliding under the float will stay with me from now on, and creeping out from under there to keep going was a little personal feat of my own. I’d like to see anyone else take about 6 consecutive clear open hits from CHEAP, Snatch, Kelkat and keep coming back for more even if I wearily crawled to my skates at the end.
My additional favorite moments also included: Clapping when the new lights and light covers were lit up Saturday morning during set-up. Almost a complete track, yes!
Playing makeup before bout time in the dressing room and gasping at Scabby’s grand entrance in her sparkly special outfit.
Diamond Grrrl yelling “derby girl comin’ through!” as she escorted me through Juan’s line to the dressing room at half-time, what a way to run things!
Having my little rally of friends and family come up after the game after I was just beat down in the last jam, and realizing it was all worth it!
Gabbing in the bathroom at Rock ‘n Bowl while the 80’s class reunion people stared in amazement, dishing with DBC on tops and things and her calling me ‘Mama’ every once in awhile, air hockey, Irish car bombs, and talking into the wee hours at Pal’s and thinking about how I was missing Mod Party with maSCARa in the late-late crew at Circle Bar.

Mace & DBC

Scabby in all her fabulousness

Power Snatch jr: My favorite part was seeing so much improvement in so many skaters on both teams and thinking about how great it will be to surprise Sin City with some killer jammers, blockers and hitters. This league really has amazing talent all over the place, and the costumes were just fabulous! And yes, I am in awe of Von Doom’s rear!
My other favorite is that Vandal got to be a pirate…finally!


Cherry Pi: A couple of moments I remember from after the bout: I really enjoyed playing air hockey at Pal’s against CHEAP. She is a dangerous opponent. I suggest wearing a mouthguard when playing her.
I also introduced some guy to Beatrix telling her that he wants to be a ref, when really, he just came up to me, pointed at Beatrix and said, “I wanna meet that ref.” I happily obliged. Beatrix started telling him about ref preparation.

Cherry Pi keeping it low

Trixie la Femme: After the bout three little boys came up to me and asked if they could take a picture... WITH ME! I happily did so. One of the moms came up to me and said, "My son has his FIRST CRUSH on you!" She was so proud her little boy was growing up. And I said I was proud cuz I finally get to be somebody's first crush!

Trixie and her legion of fans!

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