Monday, November 24, 2008

November Bout Favorite Moments

Favorite moments from the November 9th bout featuring The Crescent Wenches vs. The StoryVillians


A great bout moment for me was definitely meeting some of the members of the New Orleans Blaze women's football team who helped us out during bout set up. It was really cool to get their perspective on all female full contact sports!
I also had fun shouting "trash talk" out to the wenches' jammers like: "Crusty eats poop!"; "lacy eats her boogers!", and my personal favorite, "MILF drinks her own pee!"

Anti Em

I can't remember the last time I got so bruised up in a game. Derby rules!
I jammed once in the second period and was pretty much, in the words of Squirt, "target practice." I only kept going because I could hear people yelling at me from the sidelines. My favorite moment was when Deuce told me she put down her Wenches sign to root for me! It made the whole jam less excruciating.
And, as with all the best after parties, the dancing at Mimi's upstairs with Vargas, lacy, Slaughter, Chess, and a ton of other skaters was a total blast.

Beatrix sKiddo

There was one jam where I was playing against at least 3 of my former teammates. Ibeatya took me out, Trixie jumped out in front of me, and just when I thought I had cleared the path, Betty swings out and knocked me off the track right into the sweet spot... and this was all in ONE pass!!
Marigny Antionettes' for life!


It was really awesome to bout after so much time away from it - my love for derby was totally renewed after knocking so many girls face down and having my own ass hit the floor a number of times. Thanks for being such a tough bunch of skaters!

Crusty McKnuckle

Asian is HILARIOUS!!! Next time can I eat something other than poop?
Seriously though, moments like that keep it all in perspective. We do this because it is FUN! I loved playing the Villains! There was one jam were I was getting the SNOT beat out of me - knocked down, over and over and over but then I saw that the Wenches were doing the same thing to their jammer and it was all Ok

Fleur d’Lethal

My favorite moment was just really the whole night, realizing people had a blast, learning that there where a lot of new spectators, and winning of course. It was nice to have total strangers come up to me this week to tell me that they thought I did well.

Ibeatya Amber

My favorite moment was when we had only a couple of seconds left to get our pack out and ready on the track... little pregnant Squirt PICKED UP AND THREW TRIXIE onto the track to jam. Squirt has some serious hormonal stuff going on now- when she says, "Jam!" she means, "Jam!"


OMG! It was my first bout and my team won. I couldn't have asked for a better way to start. I fell right in front of my friends and they got it on tape. I didn't die when Asian hit me and I managed to block Ibeatya for a few seconds. People I didn't know telling me I was awesome. Buck jamming that last jam. Fleur scoring 20 points!! My favorite moment of the evening though was MILF wearing lacy's snot rag! And obviously, being a Wench!! YAY!

lacy underalls ("MILF wore what?!?")

Let me elaborate on the snot rag incident:
The week leading up to the bout I was battling a potential sinus infection. Tissues weren't cutting it, so I upgraded to using an old shirt to blow my nose. At the bout, someone saw my shirt on our bench and used it to clean up a water spill. Without my trusty snot-shirt, I had to be resourceful. So, I removed my helmet, took off my bandana, returned the helmet atop my head, and blew my nose silly into the bandana.
Unfortunately for MILF, 80% of the wenches wore a pink bandana that night, including her. At the end of the bout when I went to collect the snot-bandana, I couldn't find it anywhere. But, there was a suspiciously clean bandana sitting on the bench. I grabbed said bandana and brought it to the locker room. I announced "Does someone have my pink bandana? I was using it to blow my nose and this one is not mine."
I look over and see MILF chuckling to herself, as if to say, "Ha, some sucker is stuck with a snotty bandana," when all of a sudden her smile turned to a look of disgust -- she was wearing the snot-bandana on her head! She ripped it off, threw it at me, and replaced it with its cleaner counterpart. I nearly wet my underalls from laughing so hard.
Actin' a fool (and making a fool of myself) at the after party. Good times, indeed.

Mudflap Girl

Beating up on lacy was great. Getting beat on by lacy wasn't so great...
Me, jambot and Animal saying "HEEEEEYYYY!!!" to each other at line up.
Whenever I got on the track and positioned myself next to MILF, her saying "Oh no, not YOU again!"
Racing like hell to break up that Wench front wall.
Betty hopping over a pile of blockers to get lead jammer.


My favorite moment was selling merch with my son, Liam. He really got into working the cash box! Also, I loved watching the game from the mezzanine level. You can see the action on the whole track from up there. HPC rocks!

S’Aint N.O. Lady

Had a great time at the bout, guys. You are all amazing women. It is an honor to be a part of BERG.


There were lots of great moments from the sidelines. Watching Betty smile as she slammed into the Wenches. She has such a beautiful smile, so it’s a little unnerving when it is accompanied by a deadly hip check... Asian getting lead jammer and showboating to the crowd…I had committed to cheering for The Wenches the first half, and the Villains the second, but I had to break rank and cheer for MILF in the second half when she was jamming…Bea threateningly waving her finger at me when I was cheering a Villain instead of a Wench (I am pretty sure it was Ibeatya)…Having some of my friends there, although I wonder if they will EVER see me skate... And the Punches pumping up the crowd with their signs and cheers. They kept the energy up all night – like only the Punches can! And of course, starting Mimi's dance party with Chess!

Trixie la Femme

Fleur getting 20 points! She's become an amazing jammer. I also can still see Wit's booty, blocking me from getting by all night long. Argh!

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