Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The New Orleans Fringe Festival

From November 13-16 The New Orleans Fringe Festival will present over 100 wild, weird, fresh and original shows at venues throughout New Orleans. Forty groups from around the country and New Orleans will be presenting in venues across the city, primarily in the Marigny, Bywater and French Quarter. The shows include the exotic, the dramatic and the insane: drama, dance, one-person shows, cabaret, comedy, puppetry, clowning, circus/sideshow, improvisational, aerialist and many other creative works. Fringe tickets are cheap and easy. All tickets are $7 and all are general admission seating. A Fringe ticket will get you into any Fringe show (that means there are not specific tickets for specific shows). But buying them ahead of time is worth it: pre-sale tickets get priority seating at every show. Fringe fanatic? Get the 5-show pass for $30. You can also by your tickets now!

Don't forget that every Festival goer needs to buy a Fringe button too for $3 big bucks. You can buy it at the door of the first show you go to, then you don't have to buy it again.. (Why do we make you wear that thing? That little $3 pays for the Festival.)

The Big Easy Rollergirls will be part of the Fringe Parade, Saturday, November 16th at 10AM. The parade rolls from Poland Avenue to Elysan Fields along St. Claude Avenue.

Many of our Big Easy Rollergirls are involved in The Fringe Festival. Lori Tipton (aka Whore T. Culture) is not only an assistant director, but an actress as well in The Lunatic King at North Rampart Community Center
This whimsical narrative marries physical theater and the acrobatic feats of the big top. Accompany the King of the Moon on a dizzying misadventure, as he spins across space at the whim of some mischievous Gods. The flying flipping creatures he meets will be beautiful, dangerous and always riotous fun. The showtimes for “The Lunatic King” are Thursday, November 13th at 7PM, Saturday, November 15th at 5:30PM, and Sunday, November 16th at 7PM.

Veronica Rusell (aka Vandal O’Riley) performs in two plays. The first, she stars with Chris Lane in Two Easy Pieces at The Skull Club Written and directed by the Master of the Macabre, R.J. Tsarov. “Two Easy Pieces” delves into the negative spaces between people, using mundane settings to keenly expose dark, unspoken mysteries. The showtimes for “Two Easy Pieces” are Thursday, November 13th at 7PM, Saturday, November 15th at 10PM and Sunday, November 16th at 7PM.

Veronica also stars in Sally Asher’s (aka SmasHer) play, Money in the Garter at The Voodoo Mystere She is joined by other rollergirls: Lauren Andress (Blaze Scarr) Victoria Coy (Lush Fatale) Monica Ferroe (Ibeatya Amber) as well as cast members Cyd Casados, Lacey Coffey, Rudy San Miguel, and Mikko. The crew also includes rollergirls: Sound Mistress, Kathryn Hobgood (Trixie la Femme) Projection and Sign Girl (Beatrix sKiddo) and Gal Everything (ChessTosterone). “Money in the Garter” is about Catholicism, Mythology and Strippers. Neophyte, Mae Carter tries to sashay along the delicate tightrope of survival and success: tactful responses to nauseating come-ons, fantasies regarding hat-wearing mules, and negotiations involving wads of cash and cat o’nine tails. Along her enigmatical journey, Mae’s assisted by a Greek Chorus who educate her on various topics. Performance times are Sunday, November 16th at 1PM.

Listen in to WWOZ 90.7 FM, Wednesday, November 16th at 1PM to hear Whore T. Culture, Ibeatya Amber, and SmasHer talk about their involvement with The Fringe Festival, and, of course, The Big Easy Rollergirls.

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