Saturday, November 25, 2006


November 18, 2006 Bout: The Axles of Evil v. The Legion of Zoom

The Big Easy Rollergirls November 18th intraleague bout at Mardi Gras World was a sold-out showdown between opposing forces of nature: The Axles of Evil v. The Legion of Zoom.



Tailgaters arrived as early as 4:30PM to catch their favorite rollergirl battle it out on the rink. Once the doors opened, fans poured in, many showing support for their favorite team.

A fan shows his support of CHEAP THR!LL by sporting a 40oz

Announcers, Andrew Ward, Savannah Blue and Ian McNulty kept the crowd informed and entertained as they gave play-byplay commentary.

The volume intensified as The Legion of Zoom, dressed in green and black burst through their personalized banner to the tune of Faith No More’s “Be Aggressive” and took the rink. The team threw their own personalized buttons, stickers, glow necklaces and white Legion of Zoom handkerchiefs. Cooney Coo Coo threw Mardi Gras beads with a plastic chicken.



Next up came The Axles of Evil, dressed in purple and black. The team skated out to Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs.” Vandal O’Riley and Power SnatchJr threw t-shirts, CHEAP THR!LL handed out her signature 40oz and SmasHer (aka FEMA FATALE) tossed “Heckuva Job Brownies.”



The second the first whistle blew, the action was fast-paced and fierce. Legion of Zoom Captains Marquee de Squad and Ponchartrain BeAtch put the hurt on the Axles of Evil. Jammers Wit Vicious, Victoria von Doom and Scabigal racked up points for the green-clad Legion, while blockers Jaws, Crusty McKnuckle, Shay-Bay, Sugar, Cooney Coo-coo and Babycakes worked excellent wall defense in tandem with Bessie Smithereens and Mace, who shined as double-duty jammers and blockers. By halftime, the Legion of Zoom were ahead by 16 points with the score of 41 to 25.

DJ Facial Hair kept the teams pumped up during the bout, while The Tomatoes adrenalized everyone during half-time.

Fans enjoyed food by Juan's and Slice, and drinks from Magnolia Marketing.

And they purchased some of our fabulous merchandise.

Ruthie the Duck Girl routinely ran through the crowd tossing delicious pralines Loretta’s Pralines, although she did hitch a ride from Max with Vespa New Orleans.

Although, pumped up and motivated, The Axles of Evil never could gain traction in the second half. Jammers Cherry Pi, Illegally Blonde, Sophie Nuke ‘Em, and Trixie la Femme raced to earn points while blockers Kelkat, Power Snatch, Vandal O’Riley, Ruffit, Buck Wild and Bruise Springsteen worked hard to close the gaps. Though the purple-clad Axles never could get ahead, they managed to get some hard hits – particularly CHEAP THR!LL and little maSCARa. The final score was Legion of Zoom 93 and Axles of Evil 43.

Although, there were some major spills during the bout, thankfully no one got seriously hurt.

The over-all lead scorer was Scabigail with 38 points.

Wit Vicious followed with 24.

The top scorer for The Axles of Evil was Illegally Blonde with 16.

Trixie la Femme was close behind with 15.

The Axles of Evil may of not scored the most points, but they did score the most penalties with 108. The Legion of Zoom had even number of points and penalties with 93.

Shay-Bay of the Legion of Zoom won the dubious honor of racking up the most penalties with 15

Shay, distraught over her penalties

While CHEAP THR!LL and Cherry Pi of The Axles of Evil tied for second with 14.

CHEAP THR!LL & Cherry Pi

The after party was held at Mid-City Lanes Rock n’ Bowl with BERG fans enjoying free entry to see Rockin Dopsie Jr. & The Zydeco Twisters. Some Rollergirls doubled as singers as they got up on stage and joined Rockin Dopsie Jr. for a song.

The Big Easy Rollergirls would like to thank all of the fans who donated art supplies from the KIDsmART Wish List. With your help, this great community organization is keeping art in the public schools of New Orleans.

The Big Easy Rollergirls would also like to thank The Houston Rollergirls: Death by Chocolate, Chewcifer and Sigory Cleaver from coming out and lending their support. We love you!

And a special thank you to Scott Stuntz of Muttshotz photography for providing pictures.


Stacey Greenberg said...

hey great blog! did yall know that memphis has a team called legion of zoom? we registered with wftda---just curious how yall got permission to use the same name??

Big Easy Rollergirl said...

It was a one-shot deal. Until we split into our permanent 4 teams at the end of the season, we have a different theme each bout, as well as a different team name and a different costume. Sounds like fun, but it is a lot of work. We would love to come up to Memphis soon and see your league. We have heard great things about you!

Stacey Greenberg said...

ok, pshew! that's good to hear! hey our legion of zoom is playing the prisskilla prezleys saturday dec 9th. tickets are available online. (buy them ahead cuz we sold out our first bout!) yall should definitely come see us! we'd also love to practice with you. :)