Thursday, October 26, 2006


Anti Em: I think my favorite moment was during the second period. The Rinkwraiths were down, but in one jam near the end, not only did their blockers successfully shut down the Carrie’s jammer, but it allowed the Rinkwraith’s jammer to score 5 points on each pass. That’s two Grand Slams in one jam! It was pretty cool and I think it made the rest of the game more nail-biting close.

Beatrix sKiddo: The team entrances were amazing. A+ to both teams! The most stand-out moment for me was then the announcer was explaining that with less than two minutes left, the bout could be needed and that’s that. Then the crowd started cheering, “One more jam. One more jam…” I definitely think our audience is starting to get the hang of this weird sport we love so much!

Bruise Springsteen: Hands down favorite… Sophie Nuke ‘Em flying through the pack and blowing kisses to the audience. And then flying through again and making that “I rock” arm-pump. The crowd went wild!

Buck Wild: It is hard to pick a favorite moment, but I really liked the Rinkwraith’s entrance; it looked so badass it was incredible. Also, anytime there were three girls from one team on the bench at a time- evidence that we were a bit naughty, I suppose.

Cheap Thr!ll: So much of it is still a blur, just skating in the bout was so incredible. The Rinkwraiths rocked me with their entrance. It was such eye-candy and I thought it was great that we had a coffin and they had a body! I couldn’t believe anyone would let Bessie handle a chainsaw on wheels, with or without the chain! It was a moment of “Bessie is here and she’s not playing around tonight!” In that moment I knew I had to be ready.

I think my absolute favorite moment was warming up and seeing the Sip crowd and Jen’s Cheap Thr!ll shirt. It had a frothy mug on the back and said 40oz with a fleur-de-lis. That made me feel like a superstar… well, that and seeing my picture on Craig’s List.

The only moment during the bout that I even kind of remember clearly is my major on Wit. The one where I sent her flying into the Leviathan float. What I thought was just a well-executed legal block was in fact just the opposite. Talking to the refs at the after party showed me the folly of my ways. Lionel Hurtz said it was the worst major he saw… Sorry about that, Wit.

Cherry Pi: The chainsaw. I love the sound of a chainsaw on a Saturday night.

Bessie tears it up.

Crusty McKnuckle: Standout moments for me… Well, I really loved our entrances. We all really played it up and had fun with it! Also, I always love watching Wit sail around the track; she makes it look so easy. She and our other jammers never gave up, no matter how many points we were down. They went out there and gave it 100%! They are my MVPs!

I must say that I also like having fans. It was cool to have people yell, “CRUSTY” and motion for me to come and sign autographs. I felt so special.

Crusty obliges her fans.

Galaxy Grrl: I wish I could have been out on the track to see the Carrie’s entrance. I was glad to see that we both had silly morbid surprises in our entrances, like the coffin and the doll and chainsaw. My favorite moments: Participating in our entrance, seeing strategy we practiced actually working, using new skills we had practiced and having them work, preventing the Carries from scoring in the last jam even though we were short two blockers and a jammer for part of it. After it was over, seeing my friends and family who hadn’t been to a bout before so proud and fired up. One friend was hoarse from screaming. She hugged me and called me her hero for being sent to the penalty box. I know that’s pretty twisted, but I found it really humorous. And a man I had never met came up and called me his favorite because I fell into the crowd and landed on him (which I don’t remember doing).

Illegally Blonde: My favorite moment was my bear hug with Rinkwraith Bessie Smithereens after the bout ended. After dueling on the track the second half, in a manner reminiscent of “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome,” it was great to get a friendly squeeze instead of a deathblow.

KelKat: I LOVED it when we completely shut the other team’s jammer down! That’s what happens when blockers are doing their job well. Another favorite moment of mine was Bowling with Cheap Thrill; Cherry Pi went by and threw Cheap into the other jammer (Wit, I think) taking her out, but Cheap was unfazed. I also loved the Rinkwraith’s entrance and the make-up was very scary! Bessie with the chainsaw – terrifying!

Little Miss Ruffit: One of my favorite moments was seeing Vandal get up after the horror of thinking her neck was broken. Go Pretzel Girl! And say “hi” to Contusiastan for me!

Marquee de Squad: When Bessie’s leather belt flew off in the middle of the jam and in one smooth motion, Jaws picked it up and tossed it to her team. That’s looking out for your girls!

Pontchartrain BeAtch: One of my favorite moments was finding out that it was one of my friends who had the honor of being the first person to be thrown out of a BERG bout for pulling his shirt over his head and running onto the track before the last jam. When he called to somewhat apologize, he admitted that, “If loving roller derby that much is wrong, I don’t want to be right!”

PowerSnatch: Getting to skate in a bloody, poofy, pink dress was amazing. The blood sweating through my satin gloves actually looked so real that a fan thought I had really been hurt! It was fantastic to see the great costumes of the Rinkwraiths—the hooded pack was fantastic, and I LOVED the bloody doll Galaxxy made.

Marquee sets the stage.

One of my favorite moments was when little maSCARa took a hit and went down the exit ramp toward the dressing room. I was about to call the ref in case she was hurt when she comes flying right back on the track with a steely look on her face of sheer determinations. I heard the “Rocky” theme in my head that whole jam. maSCARa! maSCARa! maSCARa!

Of course, it was absolutely fabulous to have some jam shutouts, but this was an intense and very close bout. Everyone was giving their all, and the outcome could have gone either way right up to the last jam. So I guess my favorite part was that it was so close and that everyone was bringing their A game. We’ve all improved—each bout only gets better and more intense athletically and emotionally. We are a great league. I pity the fool who tries to beat BERG!

Scabigail: My favorite moment was when we were doing our post-game lap and the crowd came up to the edge of the track and slapped our hands as we skated by! It was so much fun, though in my enthusiasm to slap as many hand as possible, I almost crashed into a couple of people!

My other favorite moment was looking at the picture of SmasHer and Dan from the after-party. Okay, maybe that’s not a bout moment, but that picture is hilarious!

Shay-Bay: My favorite moment was realizing the Carries won (in retrospect, only, of course)and understanding that now we are on a level playing field. I can’t wait until November.

The Carries celebrate their victory.

SmasHer: My favorite moments were seeing our refs Diamond Grrrl and Dynamite Dawlin' in the their outfits for the first time. Aside from looking FABULOUS, they give so much to the team. I also loved watching Sophie Nuke ‘Em and Trixie la Femme jam. Sophie is such a clean and classy skater with tremendous power (I wear my “Sophie is my homegirl” button with pride). Trixie is fearless, relentless and has an incredible spirit…. I loved watching this man proudly parade around in his “I Heart Snatch” shirt that he caught during our introduction laps… I got a kick out of watching Vandal from the sidelines give me the thumbs and “oh well” shrug after her accident. She never fails to lose her sense of humor… And Crusty McKnuckle, who is so pretty, looked so scary and spectacular in her outfit and makeup.

Diamond Grrrl & Dynamite Dawlin'

Sophie Nuke ‘Em: My favorite moment was when I looked over at my son in the audience, and he was jumping up and down cheering. Especially since he’s already gotten to the age where virtually NOTHING his mom does is cool.

Sophie's biggest fan.

I also LOVED the Rinkwraith’s entrance; it was spectacular. The music was perfect, their hoods looked awesome whipping out behind them. They looked so sinister, skating low and in a tight pack, and the Carrie effigy was great! Also, Marquee looked especially elegant and dramatic when she skated out for her solo lap.

Trixie la Femme: Maybe not my favorite, but most memorable.. When I was knocked into the E&Y VIP crowd; I simultaneously grabbed some poor woman’s boob whilst drenching her in beer, and while doing all this I never once dropped eye contact with some dude laughing his ass off. I like to think it was her husband.



Steeler said...

My favorite moment was catching a glimpse of the Carries end of bout celebration. It brought a tear to my eye to witness their pure joy and excitement; then to turn and see mostly tired smiles on the faces of the noble Rinkwraiths. I am truly impressed by all the members of the league that I am only now beginning to know and respect. Both teams have worked so hard to get where they are. We all got to go home uplifted by the experience; but let’s not forget that many of these warriors spent the next week smarting from the bruises and bumps they sustained. To be able to train and fight so hard, hurt so much, and endure the stress and strain on jobs and relationships and come back for more at the next bout, BERG is a class act. I am proud and pleased to know they choose to represent New Orleans. I can’t wait for the next bout!

Anonymous said...

What language Trixie!