Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hooray for birthdays!

The fantastic Flanagan's Pub is having the first annual Ori-Oh! Birthday Celebration for SmasHer, Pontchartrain BeAtch, Whore T. Culture and Vandal O'Riley on Sunday, August 3rd!

It starts at 6 p.m. There'll be food, two cakes and an awesome bartender - Huggy! Flanagan's is at 625 St. Philip Street in the French Quarter.

Come one, come all and celebrate with your favorite rollergirls!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Behind the Scenes

Time rolls on... and so does The Big Easy Rollergirls Through Time 2009 Calendar shot by Scott Stuntz.
Here are some more behind the scenes pictures to keep you satisfied until our September 6th Release Party at The HiHo Lounge
Want to sleep easier at night? Pre-order your calendar now for only $20!

Deuce, awesome volunteer


Models and volunteers for the 1920s

Discussing the shot

Hennessy Williams helps Snatch over the treacherous cobblestones

Wit, Wayne & Animal relax between shots

Moving Props

Madam lends Animal a hand

Jet channels her 30s style

Madam & Wit

Watch out!

Asian practices her head banging

CHEAP belts it out

Fleur and Treble rock out

Asian gets ready to jump

Blocking the shot

Ivy stage dives

Deuce stands in for the future

Jambot gives the evil eye

SmasHer lends Crusty a hand

BeAtch gets a hair check

BeAtch channels Dr. Who

Cougar strikes a pose

Crusty gives us something to look forward to in the future

Crusty, Jambot, & BeAtch take time out to sign a poster for a sick fan

Monday, July 21, 2008

Tales of the Cocktail!

The night was sultry… but The Big Easy Rollergirls were even sultrier.
Many of The Big Easy Rollergirls joined Tales of the Cocktail Friday night, July 18th for a night of Rain Vodka, Art, and Entertainment.

The Big Easy Rollergirls posed for photos and entertained the crowd. The response was extremely positive with many individuals either reliving the revelry of the Bull Run or mentioning how the saw us in Seattle, Houston, Fargo, Palm Beach…. the list goes on. We’d like to thank Tales of the Cocktail for inviting us to this event, and to our fans for their continual support!

Some of the Camel Toe Steppers

Marco & Anais St. John travel in style with Elle

Christopher McDonald aka Shooter McGavin

Friday, July 18, 2008

Vote for YOUR favorite rollergirl!

The Presidential elections are still months away, but you can satisfy your itch to vote NOW by telling the Gambit who your favorite rollergirl is in the Best of New Orleans poll!

Fill out at least half the poll and tell New Orleans which rollergirls tops the rest.

Vote now!! Tell your friends!

FYYFF fundraiser: Black and Gold Forever to benefit Ashley Morris Foundation

Dirty Coast Press, The Rising Tide and the Big Easy Roller Girls Present:

FYYFF It's Black and Gold Forever

A Fund-raiser for the Ashley Morris Memorial Foundation


Come hang out with a bunch of New Orleans characters AND raise money for a great cause!

Proceeds from the raffle and the auction as well as the DEFEND NEW ORLEANS T-Shirts will be donated by the Morris family to the Ashley Morris Memorial Foundation which will be used to present FYYFF Awards at later dates.

Featured guests include: The Big Easy Rollergirls, The Other Planets, Simon Lott, Helen Gillet, Justin Peake , Diamond Kinkade, Fleur de Tease "Nude Is Nice" performance, Supa Saint and emcee Andrew Ward - The Reverend Pysch Ward.

The event will be held at One-Eyed Jacks on Saturday, July 26, 2008. Doors open at 8 p.m. and there is a $10 cover.

Attendees are asked to wear black and gold in honor of Ashley Morris and his larger-than-life love for the New Orleans Saints. Your continued support for Morris' wife and small children is more valuable than you know!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Ashley Morris and his contribution to this city's Cast of Colorful Characters or of his devotion to The Saints, check out the links below:
Chris Rose: We'll miss the Blogger next door
The Ashely Morris Blog
Remember Ashley Morris

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mirrors of Chartres Street: Faulkner in New Orleans

"Mirrors of Chartres Street: Faulkner in New Orleans / New Orleans in Faulkner"
WHERE: Le Chat Noir, 715 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans
WHEN: Wednesday, July 16, 8 PM
STARRING: Ryan Reinike
PRICE: $25. tickets / $15. for actors & students
INFO: (888) 333-5105

New Orleans in the "Roaring 20's. A black dock-worker finds himself surrounded by an armed angry white mob in an unfamiliar part of the city's gritty 9th Ward. A young waiter is mistakenly gunned down in the French Quarter by the jealous husband of a sexy fellow worker. A grifter roams the Fairgrounds looking for an easy mark. These characters and their stories are brought to life by a young unknown writer named William Faulkner

For more information, dates, events: Faulkner New Orleans

Tales of the Cocktail

It’s time again for Tales of the Cocktail. A culinary and cocktail festival that allows the connoisseur or amateur to fully experience (taste, see and learn about) cocktail culture in New Orleans and around the world.

The Big Easy Rollergirls will be participating in The Royal Street Strut sponsored by Rain Organic Vodka on Friday, July 18th from 6:o0 to 8:30 PM. For only $45 you can stroll down Royal Street and savor a gorgeous Rain Organic Vodka drink made from an array of their newest flavors: Cucumber, lime, honey mango melon, red grape hibiscus, and lavender lemonade, among others. The party starts at the 200 block of Royal, and has over fourteen local businesses participating. The Big Easy Rollergirls will be on the 400 block.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The 2008 Running of the Bulls Recap!

The only reason to wake up at six in the morning? To put on skates and hit people!! – Ponchartrain BeAtch

The 2008 Big Easy RollerBulls

It was a scorcher. By 7AM on July 12th, beads of sweat were dripping off the brows of many a Big Easy Rollergirl as they skated their way through The French Quarter. Dressed in protective gear, with a bull emblem emblazed on their chest, and armed with wiffle ball bats, they were greeted with cheers of, “Go get em!” and “Knock ‘em out!” In a city that gets up at dusk for breakfast, the 7:30AM crowd that swarmed outside The Three Legged Dog was claustrophobic, to say the least. Men, women, and children packed the streets in their white attire adorned with red bandanas and scarves. Cameras were snapped, video cameras whirled, and microphones were clipped on. Some bulls gave the crowd a few practice hits to warm up.

Some Rollerbulls get ready to pound on Taslin Alfonzo from WDSU

Senoritas and the Mechanical Bull

“The energy of the runners was electric” Mudflap Girl observed. “It was a truly amazing feeling that hundreds of people were stoked that we were there, and stoked to have their azzes whupped by us!!

Getting Ready

After a prayer led by The Master of Ceremonies (aka The Right Reverend Psych Ward) to Saint Fermin for protection from The Rollerbulls the crowd prepared to run. You could smash the tension with a wiffle ball bat. Who would live to tell the tale? Who would limp home? Who wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week? The Rollerbulls stood behind at a safe distance, menacingly pounding their bats on the sidewalk and yelling threats. The whistle blew and the streets became a blur of white and red as every man, woman and child, ran for their lives. A short time later, the bulls were released, expertly skating their way through the crowds and inflicting pain on anyone who got near.


Ibeatya Bull nailed many people with “Be Afraid” bat that should have been named, “Be Petrified.” CHEAP Bull lost a horn goring a runner. Luvinblood Bull led up to her name as she took a nasty fall, but also led up to the derby philosophy and kept on skating. SmasHer Bull went samurai with two bats for more collateral damage. “This year was my first bullrun and it was awesome!” AnnihilAsian stated. “My Sponge-Bob wiffle ball bat may not have seemed intimidating to some of the runners, but after a few good whacks, Sponge-Bob proved them wrong!” The rollerbulls were followed by the less menacing but equally entertaining Rolling Elvi

At the end of the run, the sweaty, yet exhilarated rollerbulls graciously posed for pictures and honored requests from runners who needed just a little more pounding.

Taking out an Elvi

Bulls take revenge on Panic and The Reverend

A Future Rollerbull

No hard feelings

“As a newbie rollergirl and a first year bull, I had no idea what to expect. There aren't even words to describe just how incredible this event turned out!” Trip Wyre gushed. “This made me realize just how much I love the Big Easy! I met a lot of cool new people & got to feel like a celebrity being chased down by the paparazzi! I can't wait for next year!!”


Blood, Deuce, Trip


Vargas captures the action... Next year she will be part of the action

MILF and BeAtch







Rebelle & Sam



Chess & Lush

The Reverend

SmasHer & Trix


Jet & Blood



A block party with music, tapas, and drinks followed at The Gazebo.

The Diario de Navarra even wrote this event up! If you can read Spanish, check it out here!

Did you miss us on WDSU? Or CNN? Or the AP Article that made almost every newspaper from Florida, to North Dakota, to Alaska?

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