Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Behind the Scenes

Time rolls on... and so does The Big Easy Rollergirls Through Time 2009 Calendar shot by Scott Stuntz.
Here are some more behind the scenes pictures to keep you satisfied until our September 6th Release Party at The HiHo Lounge
Want to sleep easier at night? Pre-order your calendar now for only $20!

Deuce, awesome volunteer


Models and volunteers for the 1920s

Discussing the shot

Hennessy Williams helps Snatch over the treacherous cobblestones

Wit, Wayne & Animal relax between shots

Moving Props

Madam lends Animal a hand

Jet channels her 30s style

Madam & Wit

Watch out!

Asian practices her head banging

CHEAP belts it out

Fleur and Treble rock out

Asian gets ready to jump

Blocking the shot

Ivy stage dives

Deuce stands in for the future

Jambot gives the evil eye

SmasHer lends Crusty a hand

BeAtch gets a hair check

BeAtch channels Dr. Who

Cougar strikes a pose

Crusty gives us something to look forward to in the future

Crusty, Jambot, & BeAtch take time out to sign a poster for a sick fan

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