Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mirrors of Chartres Street: Faulkner in New Orleans

"Mirrors of Chartres Street: Faulkner in New Orleans / New Orleans in Faulkner"
WHERE: Le Chat Noir, 715 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans
WHEN: Wednesday, July 16, 8 PM
STARRING: Ryan Reinike
PRICE: $25. tickets / $15. for actors & students
INFO: (888) 333-5105

New Orleans in the "Roaring 20's. A black dock-worker finds himself surrounded by an armed angry white mob in an unfamiliar part of the city's gritty 9th Ward. A young waiter is mistakenly gunned down in the French Quarter by the jealous husband of a sexy fellow worker. A grifter roams the Fairgrounds looking for an easy mark. These characters and their stories are brought to life by a young unknown writer named William Faulkner

For more information, dates, events: Faulkner New Orleans

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