Monday, July 14, 2008

The 2008 Running of the Bulls Recap!

The only reason to wake up at six in the morning? To put on skates and hit people!! – Ponchartrain BeAtch

The 2008 Big Easy RollerBulls

It was a scorcher. By 7AM on July 12th, beads of sweat were dripping off the brows of many a Big Easy Rollergirl as they skated their way through The French Quarter. Dressed in protective gear, with a bull emblem emblazed on their chest, and armed with wiffle ball bats, they were greeted with cheers of, “Go get em!” and “Knock ‘em out!” In a city that gets up at dusk for breakfast, the 7:30AM crowd that swarmed outside The Three Legged Dog was claustrophobic, to say the least. Men, women, and children packed the streets in their white attire adorned with red bandanas and scarves. Cameras were snapped, video cameras whirled, and microphones were clipped on. Some bulls gave the crowd a few practice hits to warm up.

Some Rollerbulls get ready to pound on Taslin Alfonzo from WDSU

Senoritas and the Mechanical Bull

“The energy of the runners was electric” Mudflap Girl observed. “It was a truly amazing feeling that hundreds of people were stoked that we were there, and stoked to have their azzes whupped by us!!

Getting Ready

After a prayer led by The Master of Ceremonies (aka The Right Reverend Psych Ward) to Saint Fermin for protection from The Rollerbulls the crowd prepared to run. You could smash the tension with a wiffle ball bat. Who would live to tell the tale? Who would limp home? Who wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week? The Rollerbulls stood behind at a safe distance, menacingly pounding their bats on the sidewalk and yelling threats. The whistle blew and the streets became a blur of white and red as every man, woman and child, ran for their lives. A short time later, the bulls were released, expertly skating their way through the crowds and inflicting pain on anyone who got near.


Ibeatya Bull nailed many people with “Be Afraid” bat that should have been named, “Be Petrified.” CHEAP Bull lost a horn goring a runner. Luvinblood Bull led up to her name as she took a nasty fall, but also led up to the derby philosophy and kept on skating. SmasHer Bull went samurai with two bats for more collateral damage. “This year was my first bullrun and it was awesome!” AnnihilAsian stated. “My Sponge-Bob wiffle ball bat may not have seemed intimidating to some of the runners, but after a few good whacks, Sponge-Bob proved them wrong!” The rollerbulls were followed by the less menacing but equally entertaining Rolling Elvi

At the end of the run, the sweaty, yet exhilarated rollerbulls graciously posed for pictures and honored requests from runners who needed just a little more pounding.

Taking out an Elvi

Bulls take revenge on Panic and The Reverend

A Future Rollerbull

No hard feelings

“As a newbie rollergirl and a first year bull, I had no idea what to expect. There aren't even words to describe just how incredible this event turned out!” Trip Wyre gushed. “This made me realize just how much I love the Big Easy! I met a lot of cool new people & got to feel like a celebrity being chased down by the paparazzi! I can't wait for next year!!”


Blood, Deuce, Trip


Vargas captures the action... Next year she will be part of the action

MILF and BeAtch







Rebelle & Sam



Chess & Lush

The Reverend

SmasHer & Trix


Jet & Blood



A block party with music, tapas, and drinks followed at The Gazebo.

The Diario de Navarra even wrote this event up! If you can read Spanish, check it out here!

Did you miss us on WDSU? Or CNN? Or the AP Article that made almost every newspaper from Florida, to North Dakota, to Alaska?

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George "Loki" Williams said...

It was great fun, my knees still hurt!

Stuff like this is exactly why the Big Easy Roller Girls are HumidCity's Official Sports Team!

Roseanne Scarr, #18 said...

Love, love, LOVE IT! I'd kill to be a rollerbull. (No pun intended.) ;P

--Roseanne Scarr, #18
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