Monday, March 05, 2012


I'm going to just say this once.

BERG 2012 Season Opener, double header.

BERG Crescent Wenches -vs- River Region Girls Deadutantes

BERG AllStars - vs- Cape Fear Rollergirls

Doors open at 4:30, game starts at 5 pm. That gives you time for a beer and a snack, then you'll be able to watch the battle for victory between the Wenches and the Deadutauntes begin.

Either way, we mean business. We're athletes. Come and see.

I can remember my first bout. I couldn't stop grinning for three days afterwards. I remember how my skates felt on that Sport Court, I remember feeling like I got hit by a truck to the outside of the track (I got hit by some burly Bloomington blocker). I remember looking over at Teriyaki, who was glaring at every opposing player, ready to get aggressive. She had the fury. I see the same fury in my leaguemates' eyes now. Harm narrows her eyes at opposing players as if she is trying to activate eye-lazers. Or turn them to stone. Cougar is just quiet. Focused, and silent. Its' terrifying.

Afterparty will be at Maison on 508 Frenchman Street. We'll be ready to get down.

Derby is a beautiful thing, ya'll. Come get some!

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Anonymous said...

Is there an age requirement to get into the bout?