Friday, March 02, 2012

Black eyes, NEW TEAMS, and March

On March 10th, the Big Easy Rollergirls' own Crescent Wenches will take on the girls from Pearl River Rollerderby. We've got new Wenches this season! They're GOOD. Don't be fooled by their demure smiles or tall bangs in these photos. Harm is an insane strategist/jammer killer, and KreweLT is one of the fastest skaters in the league. There's Diddy, a mosquito on wheels, and Pound Puppy, who has an amazingly lethal bum and can bake a mean Wenchlove cake. That's only a few of the Wenches.

Other news? Diet Choke sported a black eye from scrimmage while she picked up the kids from school this afternoon. (see above photo, made even more dramatic with Teri-Yaki/photoshop) Fleur d'Lethal is back in action on the track this season- as the Crescent Wenches' Coach. She seems even taller as an authority figure, if you can believe it. Anti Em kept up her fresh tattoo safe while scrimmaging by covering it with a sweater fragment. Go, em. Emerald LaGhastly also perfected her bacon brownie recipe. All of the aforementioned skaters are ready to kick some ass fore the start of our 2012 season. Check back for details, ya heard?

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