Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Favorite Moments from the Bull Run

During the early morning of July 11, 2009 the streets of the French Quarter were packed with revelers dressed in white and red attire. Over 3,000 brave runners converged to wager the risk (or fortune) of being gored by a Big Easy Rollergirl.

Over 75 rollergirls from around the Southeast took part in the 3rd Annual Running of the Bulls.

Here are some of our very own Big Easy Rollergirls Favorite Moments.

Beatrix sKiddo: The many hours of enjoyment to follow the bull run! I had a fan buy me my first Sangria of the morning.

Bubbles von Vieux: Seeing my hubs on CNN saying "Day hit me so hard, she knocked the moustache right off my face!!!" Love the Yat accent!!!

Jambot: Some dude wanted me to take a picture with him and then he told me that I was his favorite rollergirl!

Joan Cougar Menstrualcramp: At the "end" of the race, people were caught off guard by us still hitting them.

lacy underalls: Carrying home a broken bat after a long day of beatings.

Louise Ze Animal - Without a doubt, my favorite moment was when SmasHer and I got to gore an NOPD officer!

Lush Fatale: By the second half I ended up way in front of the bull pack so I was able to sneak up on big groups of people and start yelling like a banshee from about 20 feet back. Ohh man, would they scatter! True fear! Running on top of their friends, scaling cars, falling down- awesome.

Mudflap Girl - Beating my husband's ass on national television (CNN)… Annual family-style breakfast at Flannigan's (post-bull run)… A fan buying me a popsicle…
Seeing people I have not seen in 15 YEARS…When guys see they are about to be beaten, they run squealing.

Ruffit: My favorite moment was rolling up on Moxie and inviting her to get her revenge. She WAILED on me so good it made my heart sing! Much derby love to her.

Skip4play: Skip's favorite moments included the multiple-location afterparties starting with the six-course breakfast and beer at Flannagan's and culminating more than 12 hours later somewhere in the Marigny. Ya'll are champs! Dionysus and Bacchus couldn't keep up.

SmasHer: Many favorite moments: Seeing Trixie first thing in the morning always makes me smile, when me and Animal walked into Turtle Bay to get a drink and the whole bar gave us a standing ovation, the man with the fancy shaved chest hair, getting “pressured” into jumping rope and having the crowds’ chant change from “Rollergirl” to “SmasHer.” All of the general mayhem, wackiness, eccentricity and beauty that is New Orleans.

Trixie la Femme: My cousin, Madame Bustya, referee for Red Stick, and I were catching the 6:30 ferry from Algiers. We saw people in white and red dashing for the ferry. And we laughed and felt such camaraderie with all the people up that early, with a common goal of being ridiculous and anticipating whacks and adrenaline rushes. The ferry guys are starting to get with the program. They know us crazy rollergirls with out bullhorns now! And when we got to the French Quarter, more white and red… So much anticipation in the air. Also I was very grateful that this year so many bars and restaurants were prepared for our crush-post run! Yay for new traditions!

Victoria von Doom: The whole experience was great! Finally getting to participate in the bull run after being on crutches for the past two was good for my derby heart. I finally feel like Victoria von Doom again! Also - I really enjoyed interacting with so many old and new fans post-bull run. I can't wait to see you all at the next bout!

Mark your calendar for next year's Bull Run brought to you by The NOLA Bulls on July 10, 2010.

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