Friday, June 05, 2009

May Bout Favorite Moments

It was so much fun playing with Marquee again. It was like she never left! Villains for life! At the end of the bout, Beatch put her arm around me and said "I'm so glad it's all over". We're all so excited for the league restructure where we can finally start playing with each other instead of against each other to make the league stronger and better.

Anti Em
The only moment better than getting lead jammer against the Wenches on my first trip to the jammer line was getting lead jammer against the Wenches the second time! I always love hearing Skip announce the "Wicked Witch of the West Bank" from the sidelines, too. Playing this season with the Villains has been so much fun and I had a blast skating this last game with them. We really pulled together as a team to give the Wenches a run for their money and play some awesome derby.

 Getting lead jammer was a dream come true and hearing the crowd cheering for me really made me feel awesome. Being sent to the box so many times was even fun, some of my hits were glaringly illegal but so worth it at the time. The hugs from my roommate, friends, and fabulous boyfriend after we won were extra special. Also hearing and singing and dancing to the Punches song at the after-party was unforgettable. Finn McCool's ROCKS.

Crusty McKnuckle
 I couldn't dream of a better way to end the season. I LOVE playing the Villians. You ladies are the best. It was also really great to have my mom there to watch my last bout as a Crescent Wench. Righty Tighty Lefty Loosey!

Jamming in the last jam at the last bout with my favorite team!! And getting lead jammer and scoring some points, was pretty awesome as well. I am so happy to have been a Wench this season and that I got to skate with the ladies that made me want to become a Big Easy Rollergirl in the first place. Also, getting to skate against Marquee with the Villains was pretty awesome too. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the season.

lacy underalls 
A fan named Alyssa asked me to sign her arm. I felt like Brett Michaels.

Lil’ Rowdy 
I liked it when Chessa kept knocking the jammer into the wall on the 1st corner. It was cool how Cougar swooped in and blocked and knocked. I liked it when Cheap made lead jammer. It was awesome when Deuce made 15 points in one jam. I liked it when Lush was a pesky gnat on the track. It was visually stunning when Sophie leaped laterally to cut to the inside and make lead jammer. I liked it when Rowdy got her first time sent to the box during a bout. It was amazing playing with Wit, Ibeatya, Coony and Deb. Ruffit has no fear... she's awesome I liked it when Smasher and Slaughter praised us on every return. It was a stress relief to have someone like Meanie as our bench coach And I liked it when Mudflap got me red cream soda to go with my boutfit. Oh...and then there was the winning-our-last-game part that was the icing on our cake

Louise Ze Animal
My favorite moment was when I was jamming and passed the Wenches bench. My teammates were cheering me on, and lacy was extra- enthusiastically impersonating an animal, growling and clawing at the air. I couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the jam.

I LOVED rolling with the Punches this season. Seeing this team gel after so many hiccups early in the season did my heart good. Punches and Antoinettes and Black Team for life!!!! I am so thankful for the Big Easy Rollergirls.

 I am very proud of my team. They have so much spirit and verve and never give up. The last bout was a mixed blessing- I wish I could have played, and I wished Slaughter could have played, but I am glad we got to take part. It’s been so satisfying watching The Punches progress over the last few months to really start gelling as a team. They’ve really stepped it up on and off the rink (well, they have always stepped it up on the dance floor). Having Meannie by my side; she’s indispensable! Specific fav moments would have to be Shane giving the shirt off his back so Wit could sub for us, seeing a dancing bull and knowing immediately it was Trixie, Cougar’s bucket of ice, Punches dresses room post-bout, afterparty at FinnMcCools – even though I left my favorite boots there (long story). And as always, the women of The Big Easy Rollergirls.

The House Madam 
Going to the box FOUR times. I never do anything wrong

Trixie La Femme
I enjoyed wearing a bull head and walking through the crowd to promote NOLABulls and San Fermin in Nueva Orleans! As for game moments -- it always feels good to slip past a few Wenches on the track. In your face Wenches! (Except for all those times your booty blocking stopped me cold.) Also, I really enjoyed taking a hip whip off of Wench Buckwild when I heard the refs call 20 feet on her. Not sure if that's legal but it should be and it worked! And feels oh so satisfying. I LOVE LOVE LOVE bowling with Villains and being bowled by Villains, too. Such a fun, physical strategy that is SO unique to derby!

LaBelle ReBelle 
That was one of the best times I've ever had playing derby. I was so proud of us! The Villains gelled amazingly and really made the Wenches work for it, plus they are always a fun team to go up against! It was great having Marquee in the pack and Shay & Jaws at the bench. It was fun watching the Punches win their game! Although the upcoming changes are bittersweet and I will miss playing with my teammates, I was excited to finish off this "stage" and get ready for the next! Tearing my mcl sucked big balls.

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