Thursday, August 21, 2008

San Fermin official website features NOLABulls

NOLA Bulls is featured on the official website for Sanfermines in Pamplona!! There's a video by mhoman along with a lengthy article about the event. Hopefully we'll be able to post a translation soon. Any takers?

This feature means that both AND El Diario de Navarra, the paper of the region, covered NOLA Bulls! And on the second annual run! If you didn't catch it this year, mark your calendars for next year. It's going to be even BIGGER!!

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will said...

Rough translation:
1000 people in confinement in New Orleans

On July 12 was held on the banks of the Mississippi the second edition of this confinement (SFNO) is confirmed as the largest of which are held in Usa. His sentence to invite run encirclement is ... Why not?

San Fermin in New Orleans, SFNO, confinement and a party to the American in two years has become the largest of which are held in Usa. This is what we have achieved in two years all the people who participated and the organizers, who call themselves "Pastors".

And is that everything began when Mickey Hanning, known as "The Godfather", was proposed three goals in his life: to make skydiving (sky-diving), running the marathon and encirclement. A Mickey still lacks the marathon, but in 2007 the Mardi Grass, the mega festival in New Orleans, promised to make a small Sanfermin in their city. His friends supported him and his wife and 7 of 7, 2007 succeeded in organising a party and in confinement.

In 2008 has held the second edition of this Sanfermin in New Orleans and all appointments have been successful participation and fun. On July 12, at 8 o'clock in the morning was the second ran confinement. Until 1000 people came to participate in the race, dressed in white, many with belt and scarf. Only there was a bull, which was cash, but was escorted by a group of 30 skaters (The Big Easy Roller girls), dressed in red, that onslaught with rubber truncheons and helmets with horns. Like any public demonstration was Elvis, with belt and scarf, one of them and scooter.

610 meters in the French Quarter
The French Quarter is one of the jewels of New Orleans and there is celebrated confinement. This is 610 meters in a bar and starts and ends in another, so it is found that successfully received the dark spirit of the party. The confinement has its similarities to the original. The race starts at Three Dog lege, at 400 Burgundy Street. This stretch would be similar to Santo Domingo and Merchants. Fold in the 100 meters to the left on Bourbon Street, which simulates the curve Traders and cascaded slice longer. After 400 meters, to turn back, this time a right at Ursulines Street, which could compare with the stretch of Telefonica. At the end of this street, at the junction with Decatur, next to coffee Gazebo, ending the race, on the banks of the Mississippi.

But this festival is not limited only to confinement and seeks to simulate the cult of gastronomy and the typical party Sanfermin. The previous Friday are going to dinner at Riom Restaurant, 800 South in St. Peters. and how well you spend all they can to remove the shame and confinement to run the next day.

The SFNO 2008 will be held on Saturday July 11 at 8.00 in the morning. All information is contained in its new Web

- Col. Panic (ret.)