Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Psycho Beach Bash Recap

On December 8th, a dozen Big Easy Rollergirls ventured across the state line to Ocean Springs, MS to watch the historic bout between The Mississippi Rollergirls (MSRG)and The Capital City Rollergirls from Jackson, MS.

Lethal, BeAtch, Animal, Shay

Trixie & Crusty

Chess, Trouble & Sleasy

Crusty, Lethal, Satannika

It was MSRG’s second bout and CC’s first.

A few of our refs, Henry Roll-ins, Col. Panic and Diamond Grrrl came to help keep the rollergirls in line, and in bounds.

Panic puts on his game face

Diamond calls dee lead jammer


Henry keeps an eye on Slim

MSRG quickly dominated the bout, leading 129 to 21 at the end of the first half. Capital City came back fighting the second half, and although they couldn’t overcome the strong lead MSRG had on them, they battled admirably. CC were much more aggressive in the second half, and gave the crowd some more jammer-on-jammer action.

Unfortunately, during the second half, Tru Shenanigans went down from an exceptionally hard hit and broke her leg in four places! The Big Easy Rollergirls send her their best and wish her a speedy recovery.
In the end, the final score was 292 to 70, with MSRG as the victors.


Fairy delivers a powerful low hit

Corn and dee battle for lead jammer

Cupcake recovers quickly!

Maxine and her famous booty block

The Big Easy Rollergirls were excited to see two of our Super Fans in the audience, Brandon and Port from New Orleans, who have been to every home bout. They thoroughly enjoyed the MS bout, but had to ask that age-old question, “Where are the floats?”

Brandon & Port

Some stand-outs from MSRG were dee Sniper, an exceptionally strong player. Captain Mad Maxine who did some impressive booty blocking. Dark Fairy was a fast and powerful skater who gave some great whips to Mad Maine. Jin-n-Juice also did some impressive spins on her skates, and skated with great speed. Crusty thought Jin was a beautiful skater.

CC also had many standouts, Rowdy Reeta Ricochet (a favorite of BeAtch, Animal & Crusty) showed incredible stamina and speed, and frequently claimed the lead jammer status. To quote BeAtch, “Reeta rocked it!” Cornbread Fed was constantly aggressive and consistent with the hard hits. SLAMamazon was an intimidating skater, and a soon to be superpower.

To sum it up from Satannika, “We had a great time and look forward to skating with both of the teams.”

Some of the BERG and MSRG Women

Congratulations to both teams!

Special thanks to Marquee and Trix for their great notes!

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Kayo Cupcake said...

thank you all so much for your support of the CCRG!!! We definitely learned a lot from this bout, and we have a lot to work on...We are so thankful to have been able to have an exhibition bout like this...Once again, Thank you all so much for your support, and we can't wait to bout you guys also!!! WOO HOO!
Hugs and Shoves,
Kayo Cupcake!!!