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November Recap and Favorite Moments

On November 18th, The Confederacy of Punches went up against the Marigny Antoniettes.

The Confederacy of Punches

The Marigny Antoniettes

The Pussyfooters debuted as the official BERG cheerleaders.

Suplec supplied the half-time music.

A first in a BERG bout, the skaters remained uninjured, but the refs suffered two causalities. Col. Panic suffered a bruised tailbone and S'Aint N.O. Lady received a broken elbow.

The Fun Police, pre-injuries

The bout was extra action packed from the moment the whistle blew. The former sister teams battled for every point. Skating a little short, The Punches were lucky to have Wit Vicious and Fleur de Lethal from The Crescent Wenches, and Shay from The StoryVillains as subs.

Loco gives Em a push

Perish tries to hold back Bea

Ruffit & Snatch form a wall

Chess & Wit try to hold back Trouble

Ibeatya and Shay struggle for position

Sleasy and SmasHer try to clear a path for Wit

Bruise and Meannie go over the line-up

A close game, it all came down to the last three jams. The Punches, crippled by CHEAP's dubious honor of being the first BERG skater ejected from a bout, struggled in the second half to form impenetrable walls.

CHEAP does a dance in the penalty box before her legendary ejection in the middle of the second half

Assisted by Trix’s 13 point jam (the highest of the night) The Antoniettes sped ahead to victory and ended the bout, 123 to 93.

Betty and Trouble help Trix through in that crucial last jam

Trouble of The Antioniettes was the lead scorer of her team with 49 points!

F.N. Trouble

Wit, an honorary Punch, was the lead scorer of her team with 23 points!

Wit Vicious

The former Sister Team Share Some Love

Here are some of The Big Easy Rollergirls Favorite Moments

FLEUR: I had a blast skating in the last bout. I thought it was pretty funny when Betty and I were just getting in each others faces when we were pivoting and waiting for the whistle blow, and getting a warning because of being too close. I really enjoyed hearing my name being called by the announcers, and not only because I was down, like the other bout. But the coolest were all those people that came to me at half time and after the bout, telling me what a great job I did! I felt so proud, even though we lost! Thanks y'all!

LUNA SKATEGOOD: After skating in my first bout in October, I didn't think there was anything that would beat the way that I felt. It was so much fun! Having my family in the audience for this bout, and seeing my son cheering for all of the girls and even for ME during the ref race, that definitely topped it! I couldn't stop smiling. I was so proud when the bout was over and my son asked, "Wow! That was fun! How old do you have to be to be a ref?"

MILF: I have to say that my favorite moment was when Trouble and Sleasy were lining up at the jammer line together and they gave each other a big hug. Don't ya love derby wives?

SNATCH: My favorite moments of this bout were all about just how tough it was. The Punches certainly weren't pulling any punches--they skated hard, blocked tough, and left it all on the track. That was the hardest bout I've ever skated in, it was FABULOUS!
Special mad props have to go out to Loco Bambino who skated in her first ever bout and KILLED IT! Also, Chesstosterone and Sleasy--serious respect to you both. You really brought your A-game and kept on comin'.
To all the MAs--holy crap, you guys brought it for this bout! Ibeatya and Trouble seemed to be everywhere at once. Betty- you slayed it out there with some kinda fine pivoting. Trixie and Bea--you made my head spin with how many times you could lap the pack! Queen and Deb--YOU GOT AGGRO, and I LOVE IT! Ruffit, Em, and Loco--OMG! You guys blocked so amazingly! And Mascara and Luvinblood--you two are the key to victory by keeping us on line and out of trouble!
So who are my MVP picks for this bout? Hands down--Big Sleasy for the punches. She showed mad heart that equals her fabulous skating ability. She took hits, and hit back and did amazing! For the MA's--Loco Bambino really made the most of her first bout. She blocked like a wall, helped out her teammates, and was even willing to jam despite being scared sh*itless. Bravo chica--your debut was wonderful!

TRIX: I love seeing all the wonderful derby volunteers grow into their derby personas and becoming a part of the Big Easy Rollergirls!!! It makes me so happy to see our volunteers and EMTs proudly wearing their skate names.... some of my faves are Anita Band Aid, and Frances Skate Key!

RUFFIT: I get a kick out of other leagues coming to watch us play. A crew of tuff'-lookin' broads from Baton Rouge were there. Can't wait 'til we can roll down I-10 a ways and catch one of your bouts!!!!

IBEATYA: I had several favorite moments: one was seeing the Red Stick Rollergirls in the audience again- can't wait to play with them in the future. Another favorite moment was spending some time in the box with CHEAP. We complimented each other on our hits- not more than five minutes later she blocked me so hard I was almost decapitated. It was great getting to really meet our awesome volunteers after the bout, too... We are all so grateful to have such wonderful volunteers. Before the bout, the event guy from MGW (I forgot his name) complimented Von Doom on how organized BERG is with setting up and breaking down our games- I felt really proud to be a part of such a well-managed league. Kudos to the bout production committee!

SLEASY: OMG, I had so much fun. I loved it when CHEAP was trying to get the whole pack to start dancing before the jam started. Looking out into the croud and seeing fans wearing our "Give her the Fist" t-shirts was awesome. Not only did I get a chance to skate against Trouble in the bout, but I also got a few chances to JAM against her. Oh yea.... I loved skating with Wit, Fleur, and Shay as subs. You ladies rock!

BETTY: I don't think there was a single moment that wasn't enjoyable. The entire night was incredible. There was some mad derby love shown by all who were in attendance; skaters, refs, volunteers, announcers, fans- everyone!
Wit Vicious.... damn girl, you are unstoppable!
Antoinettes, I flippin' love you.
BERG, I heart you, too!

LOCO: My favorite moment was when the final whistle blew and it was over. I had survived my first bout! Great Feeling! Can't wait to do it all over again on December 15th!

GALFREAKA: My favorite moments were definitely watching my new derby wife: Loco Bambino do so well in her very first bout! (yes, folks she proposed and I accepted- aww!) I was scared for her- but she skated like an old pro- I was such a proud wifey! I also loved being dressed as a honorary punch cheerleader, and having several people think my black eye was real and asking me who slogged me! Overall, it was just an excellent and fun bout- everyone skated with the ballsiness and calculation that makes derby so special!

PANIC: The best moment of the bout for me was landing on a skate on my tail bone in the second period.
Wait. Scratch that. Reverse it.
The best moment was the bout up until the point that I landed on a skate on my tailbone. Yeah, I has an owie.

CRUSTY: I had a great time at the bout even as a NONskater. It was so much fun Jammer Auditing, I felt like I had the best "seat" in the house.

SHAY: It was fun playing with and not against the Punches. Wow, and only a month apart.

PERISH: The highlight of the game for me was seeing my teammates get pumped after they did some killer skating and blocking to take the lead in the first period. That and having my brother in the crowd. Oh, and drinking whiskey with everyone afterward.

ANTI EM: This whole bout was good, tough fun. I love skating with my Antoinettes! My favorite moments had to be at the after party, dancing at Molly's when most of the crowd had gone. I thought it was awesome that Chesstosterone stuck with us all the way to the end, despite taking a few knocks on the head at the bout!
Also, my boss has become an avid BERG fan and has been in the crowd at both bouts this season. It's pretty cool to have a fan--even if he has been telling everyone at work that I elbow people in the face! (Never!! At least, not on purpose!)

BEATRIX: After the bout and most of clean up:
Not Mel (Mr. The Countess): Have you ever seen Fred Astaire dance?
Beatrix: Well, yeah. In commercials and stuff.
Mr. The Countess: You skate like Fred Astaire dances.
Beatrix: Awwww, thanks Mel!

How much fun is it to be a rollergirl in the best city ever? And what's better than seeing Sharky hold up a sign cheering for "The Black Team."

SAUCY: OK...This is more of a "memorable" moment, rather than favorite. I remember two incredible hits from Ibeatya. One in the first half sent me flying to the feet of the refs. As I got up, I could hear one of the announcers say, "Saucy LaRoux just took a massive hit from Ibeatya!" Hearing this made me smile and then I heard from the audience, "Look, she's smiling after that!"
In the second half, Ibeatya hit me again and unfortunately Chesstosterone was right behind me. I had no wheels on the floor! Ibeatya, you really are a little spider monkey! But, part of the fun of derby is taking the hits!

TROUBLE: My favorite moment was when my wife and I hugged on the jammer line!!!

JET LISA: The ref race! I thought for sure Luna was going to win, but Henry claimed the victory at the end. It was also great to have Countess back! Go Team Z!

SMASHER: Hmmm… it’s hard to have a favorite moment when you were suffering from strep throat and running a fever. Although, I could only play a few jams before I had to remove my skates (and spent most of my time in the penalty box) I did have some highlights. I was so proud of how fierce my team played. While it was frustrating to be coughing on the sidelines, it was also REALLY exciting to watch them play... I am also sad that I didn’t get a chance to skate with Wit or Shay, something I had been looking forward to all last year… But I did pull away three favorite moments from the night – the first being, Perish saying she wasn’t sure if she should jam again and then watching her do the most bad-ass jam of the night! Saucy giving some mad hits. And Chess taking some serious blows and keep on skating!!! I am sorry I missed those ladies at the afterparty (but I have seen some video….)

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