Tuesday, May 29, 2007

BERG Parties with WFTDA

On May 25th. The Big Easy Rollergirls celebrated the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) coming to town for their three-day convention, the end of their season party and their first-annual Fleur de Wheel-Lis Awards. Rollergirls and Refs came from all over: Seattle, New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, North Carolina – just to name a few.
They all gathered at Generations Hall for some food, drinking and dancing.

Sophie, Royal & Ruffit

Hot Gimps!

Nutty & Wit

Julie & Blaze



Holly & Snatch


Bruise, Smasher & Nutty

Em, SmasHer & Bea

Galfreaka & Vandal

RUffit, Vandal & Frida


The Fleur de Wheel-Lis awards were hosted by the incomparable Nutty McGillicutty. Below are a complete list of the winners


Sonic Boom Award: The speediest Rollergirl: TRIXIE LA FEMME
Apple Pie Award: The Rollergirl who most want to take home to your mother: WIT VICIOUS
Crash-Zone Crush Award: The Rollergirl you most want to land in your lap: SMASHER
Furnished Flesh Award: Favorite Tattooed Rollergirl: IBEATYA AMBER
Chief of Skate: Rollergirl most likely to be President of the United States: BRUISE SPRINGSTEEN
Flair Award: Best Dressed Rollergirl: VANDAL O’RILEY
Nom de Pummel Award: Rollergirl who most lives up to her name: CHEAP THR!LL
Under the Radar Award: Most underrated rollergirl: COONEY COO-COO
Purple Heart Award: Favorite Injured Rollergirl: VICTORIA VON DOOM
Dark Alley Award: Most Intimidating Rollergirl: JAWS
Dorothy Parker is a Liar Award: Favorite Four-Eyed Rollergirl: TRIXIE LA FEMME
Amped-Up Award: Favorite Half-time Band: Liquidrone
Golden Mic Award: Favorite Announcer: Rev. Psych Ward
Tanned Zebra Award: Favorite Ref you love to hate: Henry Roll-ins
Fun Police Award: Cleverest persona in all of Refdom: Diamond Grrrl

Cheap picks up one of her awards

Cooney nabs "Most Under-Rated"


Rocky Award: Hardest Hitter: MACE M DIXON
Blocker of the Year Award: SHAY-BAY
Pivot of the Year Award: SHAY-BAY
Jammer of the Year Award: SOPHIE NUKE ‘EM
Ms. Big Easy Rollergirl Award: Rollergirl who most personifies BERG: BRUISE SPRINGSTEEN & TRIXIE LA FEMME
Best Trash Talker: MARQUEE DE SQUAD
Most Feared: SHAY-BAY
Golden Whistle Award: Ref you don’t mind sending you to the penalty box: LIONEL HURTZ
Most Charitable Award: CRUSTY MCKNUCKLE
Rah-Rah Award: Best Team Spirit: CHEAP THR!LL

Shay snags one of her many awards

Henry announces the Stats Awards


Jammer Award: Most Overall Points: WIT VICIOUS
Most Points Scored in a Jam: WIT VICIOUS & SOPHIE NUKE ‘EM
Hell’s Angel: Most Overall Penalties: SHAY-BAY
Heaven’s Angel: Least Overall Penalties: VANDAL O’RILEY

Special BERG Awards

Volunteer of the Year Award: Royal Trucks
Honorary Rollergirls: Krewe of Muses
Photographer of the Year: Scott Stuntz
Fan of the Year: H-Bomb
DJ of the Year: Brian Denzer of WTUL

Shoves & Kisses Award to
Jason Villemarette from Fire on the Bayou Productions
Bill Asher

CHEAP THR!LL won the “Whose Bruise” contest and was the winner of a giant league photograph by Scott Stuntz.

Henry Roll-ins won the “Know your Rollergirl” quiz and was the winner of a giant league photograph by Scott Stuntz.

The Big Easy Rollergirls would like to send out the most heartfelt thanks to all of our fans, sponsors, fellow rollergirls and volunteers for making our first season not only successful, but incredibly memorable.

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