Monday, May 14, 2007

April Bout Favorite Moments

Crusty McKnuckle: The WHOLE game was VERY VERY exciting! I loved how close the score was all the way through. Both teams played really hard, and really gave it their all. It was so much fun. The season for BERG has been a blast and I have TONS of fond memories. Mad props to BeAtch and Marquee; you’re the best.

Rev. Falls-Wells: The way the white team came from behind and shut out the black team in the last few jams, and pulled ahead to a solid lead and the win. (Whore and I naturally root for the team we’re taking the score for).

Sophie Nuke ‘Em: I don’t know if I have a particular moment, since there’s not much that could have topped the hilarious hijinks that were had the Friday before the bout. I just enjoyed skating with the black team one last time. I couldn’t have had better captains, or teammates, and I’m really going to miss skating together as a team. The thing I loved most about my team was that everyone is so good-natured, easygoing and has a terrific sense of humor. It was a privilege to skate with them.

Kim-akazi: When Sophie went out of the rink, all the way to the back and the announcer said, “Sophie just went out for a case of PBR, but now she’s back!”

Pontchartrain BeAtch: Realizing in the second period that we were able to get ahead in points, finally!
Watching our amazing jammers work their butts off for our team.
And Personally, finally being able to successfully hit Sophie, one of the most formidable women in our league.

Little Miss Ruffit: Skating the whole game without my knees or right hand ever touching the ground. That sure satisfies…

Ruffit keeps her eye on the game.

Power Snatch: Not breaking any bones in my first bout back from ankle surgery has to be my all time favorite moment.
It was great to have so many fans in the audience: my girl, my sister, her fiancé, folks from work, their families, and friends all there to cheer us on. It was fabulous and I appreciate it sooo much.
It was also great to have CHEAP in our corner for this bout. She did a great job running line-ups, calling plays and trying to get us to look behind us! Thanks, CHEAP!
Having Anti Em on our squad… you have NO FEAR!
But my absolute favorite—getting to skate as a black squad one more time. Next season will be so different, with four teams, and we will certainly miss our squad members who are on different teams. It has been an honor to skate with these ladies. Now I have to figure out how to beat you!

The Countess: Just call this: EVERYTHING I LEARNED FROM DERBY
1. Don’t yell too much at the refs during the September bout, you might be one of them by October.
2. When you fall down, jump back up and run on your toe-stops.
3. Hit hard, but hit legal.
4. I will work for free pizza.
5. Polyester dries really fast.
6. My husband (Mel) can sweep the length of Canal Street, and people like it when he dresses like a convict.
7. I can actually skate!
8. I can learn something new after forty.
9. Derby appeals to EVERYONE and fits right in to the New Orleans culture.
10. There’s definitely hope for New Orleans, with all these incredible people” skaters, refs and fans!

Diamond Grrrl” My side still splits when I think of Bea heading face first into The Tomatoes. Such a magnificent crash!
Also, practicing my jam skating/roller disco moves while working as center ref was pretty fun.

Anti Em: My favorite part of the bout was finally having my friends there to cheer me on, and introducing them to the love of derby for the first time. The whole game was an awesome terrifying blur. I can’t remember most of what happened, but I am so ready to do it again.

Em shines!

Shay-Bay: My favorite moment was winning.

Bruise Springsteen: One of my favorite moments was seeing that VvD wasn’t looking at me and hitting her very hard (I knocked her into the crowd) while yelling, “Sooooorrrrrrryyyyyy VVVVVVvvvvvvDDDDDDDD!” Sometimes it’s really hard to hit your friends!
I also loved skating with Jaws in the back. She and I have both gotten good dodging the flying hit. It was fun to weave back and forth while trying to hit each other.

VvD recovers quickly!

Henry Roll-ins: My favorite part of this bout was how smoothly the referees adapted to our new referee line-up, Diamond Grrrl coordinating from the center ref position, Mrs. Hurtz working with the penalty board, Mel skating as jammer ref, and newbies Kimikaze and Loco Bambino helping us out as outside jammer auditors. Everyone really rose to the occasion and did an amazing job. Couldn’t have worked out better!

Beatrix sKiddo: My favorite moment was, while crashing into The Tomatoes head fist, acquiring my first ever fishnet rink rash!!!

Medal of Honor

No hard feelings!

Mace m Dixon: My favorite moment was kicking everyone’s ass, as well as my own. Ouch!
The half-time strategy session in the locker room, when we plotted our comeback (again).
When Cherry said, “I love it when you do your gun signal!” after the game, when I didn’t realize I even did that.
Throwing a crazy-ass tantrum about the refs.
Watching the clock count down.
Kenyon’s white team “boutfit,” which I didn’t know about.
Skating with and against all my buddies who have worked so hard to make this year a reality. The league will soon never be the same and I’ve treasured every moment…

SmasHer: Getting game props from Mace’s man after the bout (cause she’s a bad-ass). Skating with The Black team for the last time. Getting knocked down and realizing I still had beads in my pocket, and throwing them to the audience. Conan talks. Having Scabby bring Dan to the afterparty JUST so we could our picture together. Waving madly to Frida in the penalty box (although she didn’t see me). Driving with Trix. The newbies’ hard work. And skating most of the bout with my hand on Vandal's butt... Least favorite moment: having to get up for work the next day.

CHEAP THR!LL: My favorite moment was Henry coming up to our box and asking, “Who’s the captain?” I looked around for Bruise and Snatch, and saw neither, and replied, “Yeah, whaddya need?” It gave me a little rush to pretend I was team captain for those few seconds!

Col Panic: Pulling Anti Em in for her first time ever stint in the penalty box.

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