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Even without a bout in the month of February, The Big Easy Rollergirls have been keeping busy. So much in fact, that this entry is only a brief summation of their recent activities.

On January 20th, the Big Easy Rollergirls were guests of
The Tomatoes
for their cd release party at One Eyed Jacks
Sporting red in support of The Tomatoes, the rollergirls descended on the French Quarter Club.

Trixie la Femme

Wit Vicious

Vandal O'Riley

Cherry & Diamond

The Countess & Mel

Ah, the joys of being the head ref

Lt. Dan, Diamond Grrl, Dynamite Dwalin'

Sophie, Lionel, VVD

Fayard & Anti 'Em

Beatrix sKiddo

Trixie, a fan, Beatrix

Wit and Shane

Sharky & Dan

The Gubernatorial Candidates opened the show.

Trixie introduces TGC

The Public followed.

Some of the rollergirls were on skates, while others were in various forms of bold footwear.

CHEAP THR!LL, despite being in cast, operated the penalty wheel in full magnificence.

Wit lends a hand!

Vandal introduces The Tomatoes

When The Tomatoes took the stage, The Big Easy Rollergirls either danced (or rolled) around the crowded floor to their pulse-pummeling music.

A brief interlude was taken to prepare the drummer, Woody, for his laborious journey into matrimony. It was unfortunate that he actually has to sit down to play… but we hope he cherishes his broken autographed paddle.

Woody aka "Buns of Steel"



It was a late night. It was a great night.

Lt. Dan & Colonel Panic

Henry Roll-ins

Despite the previous night’s adventure, The Big Easy Rollergirls were back in action Sunday afternoon at Lucky’s on St. Charles to cheer on their other favorite home team – The Saints. Despite their buoyancy and exuberance, The Saints fell to The Bears. They had a great season.

Sophie Nuke ‘Em (aka Queen of the Krewe of Mystick Newcombus) was honored at Newcomb College on January 25th. For her royal highness, the documentary by Rebecca Snedeker entitled By Invitation Only was shown. Afterward, Rebecca and co-producer Tom Watson lead a lively discussion group. Impressed by Rebecca’s intelligence, cool head and fortitude, BERG has a new mission – we have got to get this woman on skates!

Vandal O’Riley electrified the CAC on January 26th and 27th as Veve laRoux, Bingomistress at The Bingo Show. Kelkat and Colonel Panic were in attendance and were wowed by the show’s energy and creativity.

The CHEAP THR!LL fundraiser on January 31st was a huge success. Warmest thanks to The Louisiana Pizza Kitchen
in the French Quarter for feeding so many Big Easy Rollergirls and their fans in one night! CHEAP THR!LL, to say the least, was thrilled!

The woman of the hour

“The fundraiser was a much bigger success than I dared hope for. I am still surprised by the huge amount of support that I'm receiving from the people of this community. This is a trying time for me and I'm so happy I don't have to do it alone. That is the best medicine.”

CHEAP THR!LL is overwhelmed!

On February 3rd, The Big Easy Rollergirls gathered on Frenchmen Street to enjoy the wit and sardonicism of Krewe du Vieux. Because (technically) this is a PG-13 site we are abstaining from showing pictures of the floats. We figured showing the rollergirls was pushing it as is.

Crusty, BeAtch, SmasHer, Mace

Mace & Kenyon

Bruise & Em

Fans recognized us even without skates on!

Galaxy Grrrl

Bruise Springsteen

VVD & Henry

Afterward it was off to Molly’s at the Market, where Lt. Dan valiantly worked the back bar and kept the rollergirls blissful.

Diamond Grrl gets her Grrrrr on!

Lt. Dan keeps them coming!

For current events, you can always check out The Big Easy Rollergirls Calander

Ponchartrain BeAtch says you better come to Muses!

Happy Mardi Gras! We will see you at Muses!

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