Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Big Easy Rollergirls do Muses!


On February 15th (appropriately Susan B. Anthony’s birthday) The Big Easy Rollergirls make Muses’ history as the first roller derby team to march (skate) in The Muses Parade. Our roller derby women will be throwing limited-edition BERG beads, as well some other one-of-a-kind throws. Some skaters will be throwing decorated wheels (our homage to Muses) skate bearing necklaces (like all of the derby girls wear) buttons, trading cards and more! You can only catch them if you come to Muses. See what The Times Picayune listed as one of Mardi Gras’ hot throws.

Let it be known that preferential treatment will be given to those wearing Big Easy Rollergirls Merchandise! Sport your t-shirt, drink out of your koozie, jangle your key chain. We are not above playing favorites when it comes to our fans!

Just so there are no excuses, here’s a copy of the route! The fun rolls at 7:30 p.m.


Happy are they whom the Muses love – Hesiod

Blessed are they whom love BERG – The Big Easy Rollergirls

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Maitri said...

You girls were lovely and awesome! Loved your beads and skate wheel!! Woooohoooo - GO ROLLERGIRLS!! Can't wait for your next bout ...