Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All Stars and Colorado. And, teamwork-related victory.

Bringing home a WIN from time in Denver and Fort Collins this weekend.  My photos are from non-game related logistics and fun times.  Explanations?  Greeley's venue (charmingly called "Greeley SlaughterHouse Kill Floor") had meat painted on the wall in the locker room.   Also pictured:  hippie trashcan set up, victory bacon, victory reaching-in-the-overhead cabin, and a homemade program.  The FoCo Microbruisers offered intense competition, which ultimately led to our first victory of the season.  Its not our last, I guarantee it.  As we left the venue, one FoCo NSO made it a point to say that we were "classy broads."  I have to say, I agree.

Are you coming to our June 23rd double header?  You should.  At the afterparty, we can all eat victory bacon.  Click here to buy your ticket to badassery

xoxo A.C.


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