Wednesday, September 07, 2011

five things you don't about us: a list

written with love by A.C. SlayedHer

1. Peep this: at practice last night, Bang Crosby was my assist when I jammed. She cleared the OUTSIDE of the pack for me. She was the sandwich meat to my wonder bread. And I made it through (with NO major penalties)!

2. I could bench press 7,000 lbs
I think.

3. All Stars are going to KILL Alamo City on September 17th!
(See, BERG played Alamo City in the Governor's Cup Tournament at the very beginning of the
season in February. Score was 142-98 BERG! Talk about momentum!)

4. We're thinking about game play and strategy ALL THE TIME.
I'm looking at my WTFDA rule book that I keep in my skate bag right now. There's 84 pages in that! Confused about what you see during a bout sometimes? Check out this video from Bitchesbruze- you can see how Steel City delays the jam whistle from being called for 19 seconds, for starters.

We train all the time. During the last week's marsh fire, we trained inside my house. It was epic. I looked proudly at my sweaty teammates doing crunches, cardio, pushups, and burpees all over the house. When its not marsh-firing or tropical storming, we train in a warehouse (pictured below, at Diet Choke's birthday celebration).

It's huge and gnarly. And awesome. There's dirt and grime on the parts of the floor that we haven't scrubbed. Exposed sawed-off pipes. Katrina watermark. Disco ball. And a port-o-potty in the back for when we have to pee.

Have a great day!


jtall said...

Wow! How could anyone NOT be a fan!!!!!

nanfan said...

BERG: totally buff and tuff!! I love you guys! go get 'em!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Roller derby sounds amazing. I really want to play! Do ya'll know when try outs are yet??