Monday, February 01, 2010


Last year, The Big Easy Rollergirls were fortunate to welcome two veteran skaters from other leagues: Bang Crosby and Peaches Rodriquez, as well as a new referee Johnny Crash.

Bang, Johnny & Peaches

Bang moved here from Austin, Texas in October. She started skating in March of 2008 with the Texas Rollergirls Rec-n-Rollerderby. In September 2008, she tried out for The Texas Rollergirls and was drafted by the Hotrod Honeys. The Hotrods, two-time Texas Rollergirls Champs, are renowned for their teamwork and hardcore training. Bang learned to play derby with some of the best skaters in the country, including Rice Rocket, Cat Tastrophe, Vicious Van GoGo, Lucille Brawl and Crackerjack. She also learned a lot of the business of running a derby league as an assistant to Rice Rocket and Electra Blu, the Chief Operating Officers, and later as Program Coordinator of the Rec-n-Rollerderby and the Texas Rollergirls Junior League.

The Hotrods only lost one game in the season Bang played with them, and it was against the Oly Rollers Cosa Nostra Donnas (Current WFTDA Champs).

My scariest and favorite moment on the track was lining up against D-Bomb and coming out of it alive. My first bout was against the Nashville Rollergirls All-Stars. I was nervous and excited and the crowd of 1200 people booed us and we won 156-40. It was a great night. I learned so much and had so many wonderful experiences with the Hotrods, but I'm definitely still learning my place on the track.

Bang usually plays Blocker 2 or 3, and hopes to play pivot and jammer as well, with Big Easy. Currently, Bang serves on The Training Committe and Interleague Committee.

My goal for our league is to really come together, skate hard, and make it to Regionals.

Peaches transferred from Tucson Roller Derby/TRD in Tucson, AZ. TRD is the Third oldest Roller-Derby League in the World. She started skating for TRD during it's 2005/2006 Season and was placed on it's flagship Team the Furious Truckstop Waitresses as well as their Travel Team the Tucson Saddletramps. At the end of the 2008/2009 Season, Peaches received the "FTW Best Jammer", "FTW Best Pivot" and "FTW MVP" Awards.

Following a total of eight months off of skates, Peaches transferred to BERG and returned to Roller-Derby.

I am very excited about playing for BERG and the Southern Region. I would very much like to see the Southern Region become as competitive and fierce as it's Western and Eastern counterparts and want to help BERG however possible to smash it's way to the top of the Southern Rankings. I and am very grateful to have been given the chance to be a skating representative of the great City of New Orleans and fully intend to give BERG and NOLA everything and anything I am physically able.

Aside from her expertise, Peaches also brought along her husband Johnny Crash.

Johnny was TRD's Head Ref for over 2 Years. He is one of only five Level 4 WFTDA Certified Referees in the country! In 2005, Johnny officiated at the very First Dust Devil in Tucson, AZ (Roller-Derby's very first National Tournament), as well as the Second Dust Devil in 2006. He Reffed at WFTDA Nationals, the Texas Shoot-Out in Austin TX. in 2007 and the WFTDA Nationals, the Northwest Knockdown held in Portland, Or. in 2008. Johnny has also Reffed at least 7 Regional Tournaments across the country and truly is one of the most experienced Roller-Derby refs in the world.
Johnny's first trip to New Orleans, LA was for the WFTDA Rules Conference in 2007 (NO-CON).

Welcome Bang, Peaches and Johnny. We are so happy to have you part of The Big Easy Rollergirl family.

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