Friday, November 20, 2009


On November 14th, sixteen of our newbies skated in their debut bout.
The Wild Turkeys took on Santa’s Slayers.

Captained by Nasty, The Wild Turkeys’ roster included:
Ammeaux, Anne GoLA, Herculetta, Megumi Nasty, Rogue Roulet, Roxy Monoxide, Snake, Turbo Doll, and veteran skater lacy underalls with bench coaches Crusty McKnuckle and ChessTosterone.


Captained by Afro, Santa’s Slayers roster included:
Afro-F'N-Die-T, Combats Domino, DauFiend, Marilyn Merlot, Menopause Maniac, Quasi-MoFo, Tchouper, Vieux Careen, and veteran skater Beatrix sKiddo with bench coaches MILF Duds and Deb U Taunt.


With both teams evenly matched, The Turkeys took an early five-point lead. The Slayers fought back with consistent blocking and scoring. Both teams demonstrated excellent pack awareness and strong hitting.

Gola scores the first five points of the bout

Fiend scored 4 points in her first jam

Roxie helps hold back the Slayers

Afro fights her way through the pack

In the end, while the Slayers shut down the Turkeys in the final jam, it was still not enough for them to gain the lead and The Turkeys were victorious with a final score of 31 to 29. As proud bench coach, Chess pointed out “The turkeys didn't let their feathers get too ruffled; the first rule of zen derby!”


Rogue from The Turkeys scored the most points per jam with 9 points.

Lead jammer, Rogue

Vieux from The Slayers followed with an 8-point jam.

Vieux moves past lacy to score some points

Vieux also scored the most points overall for a total of 15; almost half of her team’s points! Vieux was also pleased with her debut bout. “I loved being able to play and I had the time of my life! I loved the adrenaline and the competitiveness of the whole event. Afro, our fearless leader, helped build up the confidence of our team, which motivated me to go out and do my best! Afro is a rockstar!”

Congratulations to all of our newbie skaters who broke, shattered, and burst their bout cherries. You played hard and clean, and made us all very proud.

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