Thursday, February 19, 2009

Set your TIVO for Kath & Kim

For those of you outside of the NOLA area tonight, check out NBC's hit show, Kath & Kim starring Molly Shannon and Selma Blair, and featuring members of The L.A. Derby Dolls

For those of you in the NOLA area who are coming out to see us tonight in The Krewe of Muses set your TIVO!

In tonight's episode, we meet Rusty, Kath's ex and Kim's father, when Kath finds out that her divorce from him was never finalized. Rusty runs a roller derby team (expertly played by The LA Derby Dolls), and in exchange for re-signing the divorce papers, he requires Kim to become his new Jammer, a position Kath once occupied.

Blue Collar Comedy star Ron White guest stars as Rusty. Busy Phillips guest stars as the Jammer that Kim replaces.

Tune in to support roller derby, and to see if it is really possible to "act" like a true rollergirl!

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