Wednesday, May 14, 2008

April Travel Team Favorite Moments

The Big Easy Rollergirls are prepared to take their 1-1 record this season and tilt it more in their favor when they play Orange County from California next weekend at Mardi Gras World.
Last month, The BERG All-Stars took on the Green Country Rollergirls from Tulsa, OK AND The NWA Rollergirls from Fayetteville, AR in one weekend!
The Big Easy Rollergirls triumphed over Green Country, 100-81, but fell to NWA 116-82.

Here are some of their favorite moments from their cross country, double header!

Annihilasian: Waiting on hold with American Airlines for 2 hours just to have them hang up on me! Not. <-- HaHa I said 'not'. Gummi bears rule :p Van 'o' six rules. Crusty's uncle's mustache rules. BeAtch's mom rules. At NWARG they announced Squirt as 'Squidalicious'. HaHaHa. No one in either state being able to pronounce my friggin' skate name. Hearing Diamond Grrrl's name announced and getting excited for a split second that she might have shown up at last minute. But she didn't

Balls-Out Betty: The whole trip was a trip, man! Trixie is the best flying companion on earth; not bad to snuggle with, too! In agreement with Ibeatya and Marquee, bonding with teammates and refs was fun and memorable. (Thanks for the earplugs, Roll-ins! I couldn't hear myself snore!) Who can't forget the buffet parking lot somewhere in Tulsa, watching the 15 passenger van driving off without you in it?! The Tulsa after party was by far the best I've ever seen! I mean, karaoke, shadow dancing, yummy food, a dance floor, AND a mechanical bull? Way to go Fleur for getting the night started by showing that bull who's boss!

Beatrix sKiddo: Being deemed 6 of 6 (I think I walked into the room last or something). Leaving my cell phone in Crusty's aunt & uncle's car. The hand written note from my very own Green Country Rollergirl. I can't remember who, but one of them said she was glad I wasn't hitting her anymore!

Crusty McKnuckle: Ok since everyone has said Shay rapping, I will say watching Shay bust a move behind the screen. That was really funny. I also enjoyed the GCRG game A LOT they were great hosts. AND having my Aunt and Uncle there holding a sign saying GO CRUSTY. It was really nice. Oh yeah that Magic Panty Pass. BeAtch jammed like a Champ!!!

Fleur D'Lethal: Shay rappin'

Henry Roll-ins: The GCRG afterparty, definitely. Shay rapping, Ibeatya dancing, Bea FINALLY doing karaoke (really well!), and the bull riding were all incredible, and the rest was just fun as hell. Shay getting a speeding ticket just yards from the Arkansas state line. The 5lb bag of gummi bears. Watching the relatively tiny Rev. Falls-well give Pet (NWARG's 6'6", 300 lb, big, bald head ref) a piece of her mind when he asked for post-bout critique. Realizing we had just left Betty at the buffet. Getting to work with excellent refs like Brass and Hailey Hawkeye. The exquisite corpse drawings we did on the van ride back.

Ibeatya Amber: 1- Hearing cheers from the entire bar when Shay emerged from behind the karaoke machine and started rapping... 2- Getting to know my roller sisters better
3- Hangin’ out with Falls-well and Roll-ins. 4- Hey that reminds me... Roll-ins can bust a move on the dance floor! Anyone got pics of that??? 5- Hearing Fleur have full blown, sensible conversations with people in her sleep. 6- Agh! How could I almost forget: seeing BeAtch giggle like a mischievous little devil at the end of the jam where Squirt passed her the star.

lacy underalls: When Trixie was jamming and can opener'ed the opposing jammer who was NOT expecting it. She went down and sat there for a second stunned, looked at the refs to see if they would call a penalty on Trixie (why would they?), and then finally stood and tried to catch back up. It was the best execution of a can opener and best jammer on jammer action I've ever seen.

Marquee de Squad: Witnessing all the relevant past events of my life flashing before me as I crossed a rickety-ass bridge in a 15 passenger van. Pissing off an NWARG girl so bad that I became the object of her attention all night (ah, the flattery). Bonding with my team. Watching Crusty ride a mechanical bull. Seeing Bea sing Queen. Hanging out with Elektra Violette - GCRG is a league like ours. Really great.

Pontchartrain BeAtch: The Van of Six!!!!!!!! We rock, didn't get on each other's nerves, and didn't get in any accidents or tickets! Way to make a surprise 12 hour drive after AA canceled our flight, pure pleasure.

ShayBay: BeAtch doing whatever it was on the dance floor. Can someone just post the pictures of it so I don't have to explain? I laughed so hard. In fact all those pictures have got to go up. Henry you took the best one's I believe. 2. The magical trip to the airport down the long forgotten dirt road big enough for one vehicle, yet it was two-way with huge ditches on both sides, and let's not forget the small "wooden" bridge like in Beetlejuice that I swear lost more wood as we drove across it. It moved a bit as we went across fearing it would break at any moment. Thanks GPS for that route to the airport!
3. Wit Vicious bullriding. What?! Exactly. Had to be there. Least favorite was Rosie the Wrecker hurting herself. Their team dynamic wasn't the same after that. Oh yeah, Bea sang her first karaoke song that she normally only performs in her shower and Fleur wouldn't stop singing. How many songs did you do Fleur? 8?

Squirtalicious: Shay rapping was something I think I will never forget and was hands down the funniest shit I have ever seen!!! No words or anything and she had the whole wave your one hand in the air and the mic in the other like the rappers do. Funny, funny shit! I will have to put the deliverance trip to the airport down as the second thing about the weekend that was pretty funny.

Trixie La Femme: Watching Squirt knock the opposing jammer out of bounds immediately off the start line, making her ineligible for lead jammer. That was awesome!
Watching Squirt pass the star to BeAtch after two grand slams, probably the most effective and strategically brilliant panty pass I've ever seen! BeAtch's fresh legs got the additional four points. Watching Ibeatya and Henry bust a move, Squirt bumping booties with a 7 foot gay male ref in thigh highs, BeAtch shaking her salt shaker, Shay rapping as Left Eye from TLC, me and Shay being chased around the bar by Beatrix sKiddo because we turned her name in for karaoke, and then Bea ultimately singing karaoke. (She needed us!)


Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

It was great having you all up for the bout! Thanks for being such a awesome league! GCRG had a blast! BTW, N Fur Action is straight but he thinks it is funny when people assume he is gay! Hope to see you all on the track again soon! To the Zebras, it was an honor to work with you!