Wednesday, April 16, 2008

March 16th Bout Favorite Moments

Annihilasian: My fave moment was definitely "threatening" Fleur d' Lethal from the penalty box. I was also miked up for ESPN, but was concerned I wasn't trash talking enough. So when I was stuck in the box before the jam started, I yelled to Fleur as she was lining up "Hey, hey Fleur! When I get outta here, I'm gonna beat the *&$% out of you!!!” followed by looks of fear, terror, concern and confusion from refs Treble Crush and Carrie Fister.

AntiEm: I spent most of the bout at the ticket table, playing irresponsibly with the walkie talkies but I did get to see a good deal of the first half and some of the second. My favorite jam was when Louise Ze Animal winked at me while she was jamming. It was also really cool to see all the donations for McDonogh 32. The kids are gonna get some good use out of those pencils!!

Ez By U: OMG! While doing crowd control during the introduction of the skaters my name was mentioned, and someone tap me on the shoulder and said, “That's you GIRL!” That was great. Another moment I got to watch the entire bout. All the girls are awesome - great game to all!

Fleur d'Lethal: Being a Wench, skating as one, it felt so good. The whole day was great, and winning was icing on the cake. My cheeks were hurting from non-stop smiling after winning, and also because of realizing we are going to take on the Marigny Antoinettes next bout!

Galfreaka: This was truly one of the most remarkable bouts I have ever watched. The skill, the strategy, the crowd participation, the sheer endurance and hard work put in by all the skaters on both teams was amazing to watch. I had to put down the camera and watch in awe for short periods and I could hardly stand to miss a moment!(when I am taking photos I often miss most of the match as I have to focus on one spot and wait for y'all to hit that spot and then shoot the photo- y'all are fast!) I was taking shots from the top of a Mardi Gras float (the best view by the way: looking down from above you can see the whole track- so much better than being on the same level as the action), anyway, and at one point I was joined by the ESPN film guy up there and it made me so proud of all of y'all to watch his reaction to Derby. He loved it and he was really enjoying the match and in awe of how amazing and tough all our skaters are.

Jambot: Not expecting to hear my name during the introductions and my friend, Melissa, realizing it at the same moment as me and screaming her head off for me. After Lacy delivered a really good hit to Squirt knocking her down and out of bounds, the next time they were both on the jammer line Squirt leans over to Lacy and tells her how that hit was awesome. Also, Lacy doing the robot on the jammer line. And last but definitely not least, watching Julie Jawbreaker play her last bout with BERG.

LaBelle ReBelle: I had so much fun in this game - playing against the Wenches was a blast. My personal favorite moment was knocking down Julie Jawbreaker, and escaping Lacy. Finally - I have no fear of you ladies! (Or at least less than I had before - no fear may be a bit bold of a statement.) Even though we didn't win, I really enjoyed playing with my team - we never gave up, we had fun, and we played hard. I love being a Villain. Jamming against Animal was fun, since we never get to jam against each other! Least favorite moment - seeing Jet all bandaged up. But she's a rockstar!

Lacy Underalls: Only being sent to the box once!

Luvinblood: Wearing my "I love (power) Snatch & Balls (out betty)" t-shirt handcrafted by our lovely Ibeatya Amber, and of course being with all the most wonderful ladies in New Orleans, the Big Easy Rollergirls! Second was seeing how happy my dear friend & derby wife MILF was about winning. She was proud and deserved to be! Great job Wenches! Last was having "Beat up Julie Jawbreaker" as one of my official bout duties at halftime. Now if I could just figure out who assigned that to me....???

Marquee de Squad: The Villains trying their hands against the Wenches dynamic. It sincerely was the hardest game I've played this season. Respect! And the SV's never took it lying down. It's was beautiful and intense. I can't wait to see the championship game- we have some really great teams. The Antoinettes and Wenches each have a tight dynamic. And I can't wait to step up to the Punches again. Getting my bout with Julie Jawbreaker was excellent- the experience makes you a better skater. Wow. Season 3 is going to kick ass.

MILF Duds: Getting a black eye made me feel so totally gangsta'...such a diversion from my real life in the slow lane. The whole bout rocked. I felt like our team played together beautifully. I never went to the BOX!!! I loved playing 2 to Julie Jawbreaker as pivot. She just knows what the hell to do next and how to get you there. All of the Wenches gave each other great assists, communicated, blocked well, stayed low and our jammers f*&@#%&g rock. What a great night for Fleur, she'll be feared from here on. Wit, as usual makes jamming look so graceful and effortless, and we all know better. Crusty took some mean hits that either ricocheted off of her or she took one knee and popped back up like she didn't even feel it. And the Villians never gave up, even in the very last jam with 1 minute left, Asian's out there bustin' my ass--but I gave it back to her before the last whistle. Good thing we love each other off the track.

Pontchartrain BeAtch: OMG, being miked for ESPN was so fun! And funny! I kept watching what I was saying at first, but then I got really into it while I was playing, yelling “Squirt to your outside, inside, outside." Too bad I misunderstood that I didn't get to keep it for the whole first period. I had high hopes of telling Rick, the camera man, "Rick, did you see that play? Beautiful!" And second, at the end, the smiles on my teammate’s faces of being so proud of how we all just played.

Scabigail: Skating with my TEAM!!! Villains FTW! W00T!!!!!!

Squirtalicious: My favorite moment was when Lacy knocked the ever living s%#t out of me. I have not had a hit that perfect that knocked me out so hard I could barely skate. I needed the rest of the jam to catch my breath! That's what makes this game, powerful hits!!

The House Madam: My fav moment was just being able to skate out there with my team. Having an entirely new experience and enjoying every moment of it.

The Mighty Sasscrotch: Walkie m*@#$%f*@#%$ talkie's... Ibeatya, Em, right? right? right? Ok they were extremely functional. Lots of little occurrences were smoothed over as a result of the walkie talkies, but man were they fun. We sang to each other all night - the most glorious songs like, Dreamweaver, Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You, or Afternoon Delight. I went to the bathroom to re- stock everything. There was a whole line of women waiting. Everything was quiet. I was literally fighting with the soap dispenser and from what I remember it was SERIOUSLY kicking my ass. Two persons were waiting to soap up just staring at me and here was Ibeatya on my hip…came on from dead silence singing “do da le biddaly eww eww eww...monkies…chickens....” It was funny... Also, when we passed out those little time schedule bout assignments to the ladies we added ludicrous things in the empty spaces in between like "scrub down Trixie" or "file league taxes" or "take head count of everyone in building" or "pick a fist fight with Julie Jawbreaker". Oh, good times…

SmasHer: Dressing up as a Wench and Villain to show support, but then Mr. Wit Vicious yelled at me for being too Villain so I went on the hunt to “Wench it Up.” Crusty had pink duck tape (how does she find this). I taped some around my boots, marveling at how Crusty is the Accessory Queen... CHEAP as an announcer, I wish we could put a mike in her hand every bout, but we need her on the rink. When she was listing Jaws’ award and Jaws took a fall right in front of her, CHEAP quipped, “Hey, Jaws we were just talking about you…” Ibeatya’s snazzy boot/skates. She’s hot AND creative… Doing the bump and grind with Chess at the afterparty. NOT a favorite moment, but Jet is so tough! She was so stoic; it looked like she just broke a shoelace instead of breaking her collarbone. Jet’s my new favorite bad-ass!

Vargas Grrl: My first bout ever on the inside! It was the coolest experience being able to see the game mechanics and audience participation from the inside of the rink - a perspective I've never gotten before! Finally settling on a skate name was great, too.

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