Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Wow, if only Toulouse Lautrec were alive today, or Helmut Newton, they would have loved these girls - Bruce Weber

On January 12th, The Big Easy Rollergirls did a fashion shoot with Bruce Weber for W Magazine's April issue.

Bruce and his crew

In true do-it-yourself form, the rollergirls met on top of an abandoned rooftop, pulled out the brooms and pulled up the changing sheets.




Shortly before dusk, Bruce and his fabulous crew came roaring up on the roof and started snapping and filming our lovely and multi-talented rollergirls.

BeAtch gets ready

Sophie does some practice moves

Trouble poses for the camera

SmasHer talks with the crew

We are so proud to be part of this special, 60-page pictorial of New Orleans. You can also view some behind-the-scenes video of our shoot.

Bruce Weber & crew and The Big Easy Rollergirls

Pick up your copy of W Magazine this week!


Anonymous said...

you gals are such rockstars! that's so cool. Good for you and all you do for the city.

dungeonmaster said...

The layout looks great in the magazine. And to be photographed by Bruce Weber. Big-time!

Is there any chance y'all would schedule a bout the weekend of June 7-8? I know you have the Texas bout the week before, but I'd be really excited if my trip down there coincided with a BERG bout!

very respectfully,


(friend of Crusty and Scabigail)