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December Favorite Moments

The December 15th Doulbe Header Bout pitted the Marigny Antoinettes against the StoryVillains, and The Confederacy of Punches against the Crescent Wenches. The Marigny Antoinettes triumphed over the StoryVillains 97 to 41. The Wenches were victorious over the Punches, 72 to 39.

You can read a recap at Flat Track Fever and watch a Video Recap by the lovely Meredith Barnhill.

Regardless who won or lost, here are some of The Big Easy Rollergirls Favorite Moments of the Bout.

AntiEm: My favorite moment had to be when I got lead jammer. I was just behind Satannika out of the pack, had taken a couple falls already, and was preparing myself for a full two-minute jam when Matt Adore made the call. I called it off before I got to score any points, but it felt awesome anyway.
It's also just a whole lot of fun to play with the Antoinettes. All our skaters are a blast to play derby with.

Asian: So many fave moments!!! My debut...felt incredible competing with my team for the first time, what a rush!!! Receiving praise from my captain, Marquee -- iIve come to realize that my new goal in life is to make Marquee proud. Seeing Jet jam! Holy crap, girl, you were on fire! Accepting Lt. Dan as my sensai, healer, mentor, advisor, and general helper in ass-kicking. Couldn't have done it without her. Flirting with boys at the after party -- does that count? The whole thing was incredible! It was one of the best experiences of my life!!!

Betty: There were so many great moments throughout the night! One of my faves was in one particular jam, watching the Wenches and the Punches duking it out, Julie Jawbreaker was rev'ing up a hit towards CHEAP THR!LL, they locked eyes and CHEAP got the biggest smile on her face that I had ever seen. Watching little maSCARa and Deb U Taunt do their magic in the box, guaranteeing the MA's victory, was incredible. The MA's teamwork, AMAZING. Wit, seriously.... you are a force to be reckoned with. Lacy Underalls, you're right up there with Wit. Satannika, how many power drinks did you have?
Meeting Meredith Barnhill was also a great highlight. That gal has passion and love for this sport!
I'm excited for the league to unite as one, and show the nation what talent we have!

Wit skates like a rock star!

Betty talks to Meredith of

Big Sleasy:I have to say that I got most excited about jamming against Julie Jawbreaker! She is such a beast! I was just floored by her defensive jamming.
I gotta say though I got a huge kick out of seeing the personal ad my wife took out for me in the program. Trouble, you are the best! Oh yea, I also got slammed out of bounds only to fall into a poor bystander who promptly spilled his entire drink on me. Yea, my "Hi Mom" shorts were soaked. It was awesome!


Crusty:My favorite moment was when after the first half (or maybe after the game) my husband told me I ALMOST skated as good as Wit Vicious. Now, I know I have a long way to go before I skate as good as Wit (if I ever get there) but having my husband say that to me means a lot. Man is that sappy or what?

CHEAP: Near the end of the bout I was zig-zagging the track, trying to knock down as many Wenches as I could. I kept looking over my shoulder to see the CW jammer, Julie Jawbreaker, hovering just behind the pack. Then I heard her yell, "Someone get on CHEAP THR!LL" and I knew she wasn't entering the pack because she didn't want to get hit by me. Yeah, that felt good. I'm not scared of Julie anymore, I made it through the bout with no majors, and I successfully executed a Tomahawk fall mid-pack during the jam. Was this a great bout or what?

Countess: Top 2 favorite things: 1. Having my neighbors (who are parent age, for y'all) come and go CRAZY with the sport and the spectacle of Derby! 2. Getting to skate with the wicked awesome Mobile refs (thanks so much you all!) And best of all: 3. After the bout Shay asked me, "When are you going to start playing?" Not that I will, but that was such an incredible compliment!!! (oh, is that 3? Right, the 3 best things...)

Galfreaka: One of my favourite moments had to be having my parents at the bout visiting all the way from the Czech Republic. After I went through the complicated explanation that my family and I are all from South Africa originally, but that my parents now live in the Czech Republic, the awesome announcers gave them a welcome shout out. My friend, Elbow Grease, sitting next to them said they were so embarrassed they literally sank down in their seats, but secretly I think it was fun for them to be acknowledged. They said the whole experience was fun and very exciting although they are still strongly discouraging their little girl from trying to go back and skate after my surgery.
I also enjoyed dressing like a Crescent Wench and I loved my outfit with it's fake tools and all! Now the only team I have left to support in costume is the Villains.

Jet Lisa: My favorite moment was hearing the announcement, "Jet Lisa, Lead Jammer!" followed by cheering from the audience. That was an awesome feeling!

Lacy: Seeing Mace on the Wench bench and day dreaming about her being a Wench so that she and I can unite and form a Mace-Lace tag team out on the track next season and I can fulfill my dream of being in a Bash Brothers type duo.

Louise Ze Animal: It was an honor to sub for the Villians- you girls skated your hearts out! My favorite part was getting hit over. and over. and over. by those damn Antoinettes, when Marquee put me in as a jammer. Alls I know is that I hit several floats, and somehow at one point I think Galfreaka was on top of me on the ground... I'm not entirely sure how that came to pass.
I love the derby!!

Animal prepares to go against Trouble

Lush Fatale: My favorite moment was while subbing as a Storyvillan. Marquee put me in the back with Jaws while Shay was playing the front. (which was such a blessing cuz I'd had a stomach virus all week and was sick all throughout the bout). Because Jaws and Shay were so awesome at walling and stopping the jammer, who I think was Bea, I was able to just slam into her over and over. It was a perfect set up! Sorry, Bea!
Okkk, wait. I have a new one. After playing a really difficult first period against both the Wenches and my never-ending stomach virus, I RAN to change to sub for the Villans (which I did in under 5 min, (tights and skates) thank you very much), and got back on the floor just in time to line up. As I was writhing around on the ground trying not to vomit as I stretched I heard "Go Lush Fatale, you're a trooper" from SuperFan Shoeless! It was just what I needed! Who knew that famous berg SuperFan Shoeless even knew my name!! Then, I noticed he gave me props on the "Meet the Rollergirls" forum. Hehe! My first non-family fan!!

Lush (as a StoryVillan) slams into Bea

Luvinblood: Three favorite moments: the first being taking my nosedive into the audience in the crash zone and realizing that my knee was fine. The second favorite moment was having CHEAP tell me that when I got up from the nosedive that I flashed the audience and my bottom looked muscular and round (tee hee), and the third being the rush of victory, considering I've never been on a sports team that has actually won before!

NOLA-Mite: My Dad flew in from Ohio that day for the bout.
I worked all day then tried to explain derby rules to him on the hour+ ride in.
He kept saying "OK...OK...I GOT it...I GOT it..."
Then as soon as the skating started he yelled...
"WHOA!!! Did you SEE that???...That girl crashed into her and knocked her down on PURPOSE!!!!"...and people just stared at him like he was from Mars.
I was thinking it was gonna be a long night... Then I watched you all charm him like I knew you would. Now he is all in love with you.

PowerSnatch: In a moment of half vanity and half insanity, I think my favorite moment might be jamming for the first time in a bout. Granted--I was pretty lousy--but what a rush! My word, that sure is difficult to do. It makes me appreciate even more all of the great jammers in our league, especially Squirt who did double duty this bout and was amazing.
My MVP picks for this bout have to be Balls-Out Betty from the MA's. Her blocking and jamming was pivotal (pun intended!) in this victory in particular. I can't wait to root you on during interleague play against CRG in January!
And for the Villains--Satannika you showed some beau coux heart and skills out there. You kept your feet moving and really made us work hard.
Special props go out to Loco Bambino for taking that jamming mantle to heart and slaying it. And to Luvinblood, who bouted for the first time in December--I KNEW you would rock it!
It was great fun getting to watch the Punches-Wenches bout in between our periods, and I'm looking forward to shooting some more, and hopefully better quality, videos in the future. What an awesome first season half!

Satannika & Betty go shoulder to shoulder

Ruffit: My favorite moment of the December bout was 4 days before when I found out I COULD actually bout. I would hate to let my 'nettes down after all our hard work. I also had great fun slugging it out with the Punches. Maybe in March I can sub for the Wenches so I will have played for all 4 teams this season.... The breakdown of the track and sport court afterwards was so smooth thanks to all our exquisite volunteers. They make it look easy!

Saucy: My favorite moment was shotgunning a beer with my Punches after the bout. Then, later at the after party at DBA, a group of girls said, "OOOH! You're Saucy LaRoux! You're one of our favorites!" I think I actually blushed!


SmasHer: Having my mom there was absolutely the best. It was her first bout and she was very nervous for me. When I told her that I was going to make her a shirt that said, “SmasHer’s Mom,” she replied, “How about making me a shirt that says ‘This sport is dangerous and stupid.’” We settled on a new shirt, “SmasHer’s Mom AKA Conscientious Objector.’ I also loved that she told me that she waved to Diamond (from five rows back) almost the entire game and “she never saw me!”

SmasHer's Mom wears her shirt proudly

Two of my least favorite moments turned into some of my favorites. 1. Being hit so hard in the face by Lacy that I ended up with a black eye. But getting up and knocking her down on the next turn 2. Getting sent to the penalty box. But when I got there Fister was so damn pleasant and sweet that I literally thought she was going to offer me tea and a foot massage. What a pleasure going to the penalty box when she is there.

Trix: My favorite moment of this bout was before hand.... when our new team shirts were unveiled!!

WhoreTCulture: One of my favorite moments was when one of our ever-so-clever announcers said "I haven't seen this many whips since fetish night at the Dervish..." Hilarious!

Special thanks to Scott Stuntz for the wonderful bout photos.

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