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October Bout Favorite Moments

SNATCH: There are so many favorites for this season opener! First, that no one was seriously injured. Second, skating with the best team EVER! Third, playing against a really tough team, who hit like they have wrenches tucked in those uniforms! Lacy and Animal--you're both maniacs and I LOVE IT!
And Wit Vicious--the unstoppable force. Amazing.

The force of Wit

Ultimate moments: Balls-Out Betty's skate court rash with the imprint from the floor, gotten in the line of jammer-saving duty. Talk about 110%!

Betty giving it 110%

Watching Deb U Taunt get aggro on everybody's behind.
Seeing Bea and Trixie fly through the pack with the greatest of ease.
Watching some of the best blocking we've ever done--Ibeatya, Ruffit, Em, Queen--The WALL OF DEATH!
Our Bench Coach, Little Mascara, and our injured skaters who kept us on track and cheered us on: Loco Bambino and Luvinblood. You REALLY kept us out of danger.
And of course--F N Trouble. There are no words. Everyone loves Trouble!
Congratulations to all four teams. There was some wicked fast skating going on. Blaze and Squirt--how many times did you jam??? It was amazing to watch. I gotta start thinking how to try and stop you guys when we play. It aint gonna be easy, that's fa show!

ANTI EM: One of my favorite moments was when I got to jam during the last period of the StoryVillains/Punches game (even though I didn't get to score those points for my own team). I was so hyped up after the Antoinettes' win that getting to wear the jammer panty was the icing on the cake.

Other favorites: my roommate wearing an "Eat Skate" t-shirt in our team colors, knocking down some Wenches, and running into my boss after our first half. He had a big grin on his face and told me that next time he was going to bring all the kids from school!

MUDFLAP GIRL: When it was just CHEAP all by herself to block the jammer, and CHEAP totally took out the jammer (forgive me, I don't know which awesome jammer this was).
Trouble dancing in her skates. I DIED laughing.
Crusty falling down and making quick recoveries.
Big Sleasy took some serious hits, but she got up every time with a vengeance!

SQUIRT: I think my favorite moment was watching the fans cheer everyone on, especially during the intros, that was fun! Of course the hitting and people flying was pretty fun to watch too!!

My favorite moment of the actual bout was when Sleasy and I were jamming, and I nailed her two steps off the line (I didn't get to hit too much while I was jamming so that was fun)! Then, in the bulk of pictures, there's a picture of us looking at each other and smiling (this was the next time we were on the floor together) and it looks like we are in love (sorry Trouble, maybe she's falling for me)!!!! HA!!

Jammers in Love!

DIAMOND GRRRL: Hearing somebody say "woot" for my ref-ness as I skated out...I have a fan!

The scrappiest jam ever featuring the one and only Blaze Scarr making it clean through the pack to shouts of glory.

Blaze in the lead!

The awesome group of ladies that are our 2007-2008 Big Easy Rollergirls having the time of their lives in two of the most thrilling bouts I've ever seen these girls skate.

LUSH: My favorite moment had to be during the first jam of the second half. I started out in to box cuz I'd been naughty all night, but I was only there for 27 seconds.. little did the Villians know. So when I got out super early the 3-4 SuperWall of Marquee and Shay, which was blocking the heck out of Blaze, wasn't expecting me at all. So I got a good sprint up leaned wayyy close to the ground and aimed one shoulder right between their upper legs. WHAM! We all three fell, and Blaze flew by to get lead jammer! That felt freakin great! And it made the audience make that cool "OHHH" noise.

The crowd goes "OHHH!"

As a side note, sorry team, but I’ve decided to give up on the game in bouts, and play just to make the crowd go "OHH." It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

CRUSTY: Favorite moment meeting the wonderful long awaiting sport court for the first time at 8:30 Sat morning and realizing WE DID IT
Oh, and that beer and cookie (thanks Julie) after taking off my skates.

SOPHIE: My favorite thing about the bout was seeing how awesome it was for all of the skaters who were bouting for the first time, and how thrilled the audience was with the influx of new (not to mention totally hot) skaters. I think this was my favorite bout, so far.
I'd say for me, the highlights included jamming against Squirt, who is just amazing, the announcer saying "Blaze Scarr, lead jammer," over and over again, CHEAP back on skates and bouting, geting hit by Shay ( I missed her this summer!), and of course, Sleasy and Trouble, cutest derby wives ever.

Adorable Derby Wives!

BEA: My favorite part was actually winning a game! This was the first time in interleague play that I've been in the "W" column. Thanks, team!
It was also so great to finally see all of our "skater tots" skate their first game. I feel like these guys have been around for so long at this point that I pretty much just call them all equals. Any one of them can knock me down just as good as Cooney or CHEAP!

PANIC: My favorite moment? Getting to the after party, sitting on the street corner outside the R Bar with my beer. A friend of mine was so overwhelmed by his first derby experience that the second question he asked me was if he could volunteer. Either that, or helping ChessTosterone shotgun a beer for the first time, and have half of it go all over her face.

Panic helps other ladies with their drinks

VON DOOM: Watching Anti-Em rock the jammer panty as a sub for the StoryVillains, and then (as if that alone was not enough) realizing she was wearing my number. I'm not ashamed to admit I teared up a little. It was like getting to be on the track in spirit with one of my friends.

TRIX: Hearing everyone saying, "Wow, that's one sweet piece of ass!" at the R-Bar. Thanks for the BEST birthday party BERG! I was pretty stunned to see all of you wearing Trixie pins at the bout! And thanks to my wonderful team, the Marigny Antoinettes, who threw little Trixie label cakes to the audience. Hey, do you think there's anyone left who does not know that I am 30? It was a very special birthday, and I loved celebrating it with you all.

Trix's Ass

The Birthday Girl!

Something I noticed at this bout was how FANTASTIC our announcers have gotten... Nutty and the Reverend are becoming derby experts! They did a great job calling the game and thrilling the audience.

The Reverend taking a break from announcing

SHAY: Watching Jet Lisa's face as she took down some rollergirls. She would get so excited that her eyes would light up and she jumped with glee.

Jet hits hard!

COUNTESS: Well, all of it: the excitement, the fun everyone in BERG was so obviously having, the new skate court, watching how seamlessly the newbies and the vets work together, the pride of seeing 4 teams, the camaraderie and the love, the fans, those crazy announcers, and ALL THOSE AWESOME REFs... but most of all waking up the next morning and realizing that there was NO WAY I could miss being a part of this season!!!

MARQUEE: That "Ooooh" sound from the audience that Lush now has a taste for- gotta say I love that, too.
The great feeling of pride and accomplishment in watching so many skaters go through their own "first bout" initiation- and coming out of it safely! They will be all be different skaters now. What an exciting season. Congrats to old and new for accomplishing something so wonderful. Watching my team take every strike against them and pull it together- taking risks and giving their all to establish their first win. The pleasure of adding fellow league-mates to our team roster for the night! Thanks Cooney, Em, Ruffit, and Ouisie!!! Team Zebra stepping it up! What a pleasurable game!

StoryVillians dominate the pack

SLEASY: My fav would have to be when Trouble was Rollin wit it along to DJ Jubilee whilst jamming.

CHEAP: Actually participating in the bout was by far my favorite thing! I got a little teary eyed during warm-ups when some fans came to the edge of the track to high-five me and tell me how happy they were to see me skating again. Derby love! Also, finding out how much I love the skate court!
Ultimate fav moment: safe bout, no injuries!
The second fav moment was realizing how much I love skating with my team. I think each of us found some unknown, untapped resource within. It was amazing and I felt like I, and our whole team, skated like never before. Third fav moment was closing down the bout, realizing I was SO freaking happy that I truly, truly didn't care we had lost. No matter what, I ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES!!!

Give Her The Fist!

TROUBLE: My fav moment was like, the time we all had our skates on, and were skating, on the new floor, and bouting and yea. Seriously, its hard to say, I personally was high on derby, so the whole thing was just a big smile for me. I’m getting excited thinking about it. Newbies being in our first bout, the people, the boutfits, the skating, the announcers, those bad-ass shirts (thanks again, SmasHer). Even opening the cardboard boxes on the pallets to get the sport court out… I was excited to be sweeping. I mean, you ask the person who woke up that Friday with a giggle and big smile on her face (because she thought it was bout day), to pick a favorite moment? Wow. Yeah, how could I forget.... Bruise's belly!!! OMG! It’s so cute, every time I got a side view of it, it made me smile.

Bruise's Happy Belly

LACY: First, knocking Snatch over. I've never even come close to knocking her over, so I felt like I did the impossible. (or was that just a dream..?)

second, this:

(my friend came to support me and made posters...he spelled "release" incorrectly on the orange poster, but decided to use it anyway because he was so excited.)
Finally, I agree with what everyone else has said - seeing everything come together and all the hard work of the league pay off. It's strange to think that we started not so long ago in March with thirty-some new skaters. It sure didn't look like it. All the vets put in so many hours to teach the newbies, and the newbies worked hard to improve -- it showed.

NOLA-MITE: I didn't see much of the this is probably not what you are looking for. A little boy came to the merch table and said he had something for me. He opened his hands and they were full of beverage tabs. He had gone around gathering them during the bout. When I said thank you and asked if I could treat him to a soda...his face lit up, and he said "For free?!!" Then he said "Sprite, please". Don't know if that guy belongs to any of you in some way...but what a great little man. Someone has done really well with him. If you know who it is, by some chance...let them know I said so.

BRUISE: Seeing the Punches roll out for the first time.

Overhearing the following conversation:
Drunk guy 1: "Hey that girl is dressed up like a pregnant rollergirl. Haha!"
Drunk guy 2: "Dude, I think she IS a pregnant rollergirl."
Drunk guy 1: "Sh*t, that's hot."

Seeing everyone kick off the season with such a great bout. I love you all!

SAUCY: I think it was the last jam when Blaze got hit, fell and hit her head in front of a group of rollergirls from another team. They started yelling, "GET UP!" She did a Chester Cheetah (IY-YI-YI), and got up!

BETTY: The whole evening was just fantastic! It was my first time inside of Mardi Gras World, so I was not only fascinated by the league members' well organized set-up & tear down, I was in awe of all the floats. I was certain that I was going to get smacked into one of them!
Watching Sophie shotgun a beer after tear down, because she couldn't come out to celebrate, was fun to witness!
I just loved being a part of the wickedness we call roller derby with you ladies. Everyone was beaming that night, realizing that our hard work paid off for such a successful night. Oh, and the refs were all bad-ass, too!

Deb & Betty relax after their win!

FLEUR: I thought the whole thing was awesome. I was soo happy to know that my parents were there, and that I saw them before the bout, cuz I was afraid they wouldn't be on time since they were riding with my friends...
Before the bout, Trixie asked me which team my husband was going to shout for, since last year she was his fav' girl... and I thought it was way cool to jam against her!
The whole thing of being one with my team, not just at the bout, but the events before, and the sacrifices Julie made us take. And thanks CHEAP, for helping me in the store, I am still eating cereal with soy!

JET: Skating out on the track with my teammates for my first bout. Looking out in the audience and seeing my family there cheering for me. Being asked for my autograph at half-time. My mom wearing my sweaty helmet after the bout. The sweet feeling of victory!

SMASHER: Skating with CHEAP. This was the first bout neither of us was injured and after a year, we FINALLY were able to skate together. Wall of Pain - together again!... Trixie's Butt Cake & Buttons (it couldn't happen to a nicer person)... The few minutes Sophie and I were able to dance around on our skates to Gal Holiday... The reaction from our t-shirts (limited edition)... Seeing a little five-year old girl wear a "Give her the fist!" t-shirt, and a young boy wearing a "I Heart Snatch" t-shirt... Blaze putting on my rockin' eye makeup... The last jam having Chess say, "Put me in, put me in I can do it!" Even though she had a warning, she swore she wouldn't go in the penalty box - and she didn't! She was great!... Sitting with The Countess and cheering the other teams on... Shay's suspenders, even though I didn't get to snap them... Least favorite moments: Not being able to skate against VvD, even though she would have pounded on us... Getting punched in the chest so hard the mark immediately showed up and then having to spend the rest of the bout explaining, "It's a bruise not a hickey!"

Chess resting on Saucy after that last jam

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