Thursday, September 20, 2007


The wait is finally over.... Our new teams!

Confederacy of Punches

L to R: Blaze Scarr & Big Sleasy, Captain Orleans Perish & CHEAP THR!LL, Saucy LaRoux & Melpomeanie, SmasHer & ChessTosterone.
Center: Captain Bruise Springsteen.
There in Spirit: Coalminer’s Slaughter, Sophie Nuke ‘Em

Crescent Wenches

L to R: Ez By U, Stinky Lafitte, Wit Vicious, Crusty McKnuckle, Fleur d'Lethal, Captain Pontchartrain BeAtch
Off Fighting Crime (or in Paris): Mace M. Dixon, Archbishop Pummel, Sugar Raye, Cooney Coocoo, Captain Julie Jawbreaker, lacy underalls, Louise ze Animal

Marigny Antoinettes

Lt to R: Ruffit, Beatrix sKiddo, Captain PowerSnatch, Loco Bambino, Luvinblood.
Center: Queen CinSational
Invisible: Anti Em, Captain Balls-Out Betty, Deb U Taunt, F.N. Trouble, Ibeatya Amber, Trixie la Femme


L to R: AnnihilAsian, Jet Lisa, Galfreaka, Squirtalicious, Captain Shay-Bay, Victoria von Doom, Lush Fatale, LaBelle ReBelle, Captain Marquee de Squad
Flying overhead: Babycakes, Ivy Rased’ya, Jaws, Lt. Dan, Scabigail, The House MADAM, Satannika

And you can see all of them play, October 20th at Mardi Gras World!

Thank you, as always,Scott Stuntz

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