Monday, July 16, 2007

The Big Easy Rollergirl Calendar is currently in production with Scott Stuntz of Muttshotz! While you won't be able to see the final calendar until our August 25th fundraiser at One Eyed Jacks, you can catch some behind-the-scene photos here!

Vandal & CHEAP resting between their shots


Frida Pancakes

Vandal lending a hand to Blaze

Santa Lionel

Vandal & SmasHer adjusting Blaze

Vandal tightening up Sleazy

SmasHer slipping on Blaze's skates

Rollerskates on the Supreme Court

Ms. Mental

Santa gets a powder!

Rollerskating lawyers

Chess & Santa Stand-In

It's hard to put on skates when you're wearing a corset!

SmasHer gives a live interview with an Arizona Radio Station while strangling the Stand-In Santa


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