Friday, June 29, 2007

San Fermin in Nueva Orleans

Which is more dangerous? Loose bulls or rollergirls loose in the French Quarter? Dress in white, tie a piece of red cloth around your neck and waist, say a prayer to Saint Fermin and find out!

Archbishop Pummel

Embrace Spain’s 41-year rule over New Orleans! Over a dozen of the Big Easy Rollergirls will be guest bulls in the first ever San Fermin in Nueva Orleans on Saturday, July 7th. Watch out for our rollergirls wearing horns on their helmts and wielding wiffle ball bats. They will hit the runners as they try to make their way past our deadly rollergirls!

The Bull Run will take place at 8AM in the French Quarter, the same day that the original Spanish event occurs in Pamplona.

The festivities begin at 7AM at The Three Legged Dog Bar (400 Burgundy) on the corner of Burgundy and Conti in the French Quarter. There will be Spanish Wines available to enhance your “valor” before your run with the BERG Bulls. The run ends at the Sidebar (620 Conti) on the corner of Conti Street and Exchange Alley.

Your reward for surviving (IF you manage to make it) our Roller skating “Toros?” A block party with multiple DJs, Spanish Wines and Sangria!

Why you ask?

Come out and enjoy the fun!

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San Fermin in Nueva Orleans


It’s no secret that The Big Easy Rollergirls have the best refs in all of roller derby! This weekend, under the leadership of our head ref, Henry Roll-ins, some of our finest refs are traveling to Mobile, Alabama to help one our sister leagues in an exhibition interleague scrimmage July 1st.

Henry & Lionel


Henry Roll-ins, Lionel Hurtz, Diamond Grrrl, Reverend Falls-Well, and Anti Em (who is briefly swapping her black & gold BERG uniform for black and white stripes with The Fun Police) will join Mobile’s head ref, Matt Adore, to ref and act as advisors and consultants.

Good Luck Mobile! The Big Easy Rollergirls Wish You The Very Best!

Mobile Roller Derby

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