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Favorite Moments of the March Bout

Trixie la Femme: My FAVORITE moment of the bout was sitting back in the audience, watching my league mates playing with so much force and speed. You guys looked awesome and I felt so much pride for BERG and for you individually as skaters. I was losing my mind screaming and clapping!!! Shay, you are my hero of the bout -- the way you dodged and darted and defended the lead, managed to gesture to your teammates and hold the pack. Your predatory timing is wonderful to behold. Mace, whether jamming or blocking you look like you are ready to whoop ass on someone, it slays me. That's why I get the hell out of your way. Scabigail, VVD, WIT, as always, I love to watch you jam. You guys all have such unique styles and I feel like I learn so much from watching each of you. All of you were wonderful to watch, and it really hit home how much we've accomplished over the last year.


Mace takes 'em on!

Crusty McKnuckle: I agree with Trixie...getting to watch the other team play was great. It gave me a chance to do my favorite thing, YELL! Ya'll played a great game.
I was also very, VERY proud of my teammates and how we came back at the second half with a vengeance. We played hard and well and brought it!

Power Snatch: What a cosmic convergence that both BERG squads would score the same amount of points? It's almost as exciting as our first bout ending with a tie-breaker!
Calling line up for both squads was a fantastic experience. Each squad has a different approach, but with the same goals--VICTORY. Of course, I would have loved to have been out on the track for this one, but since that wasn't possible, I'm thrilled I got to lose my voice cheering both squads on. I jumped around so much, my tush was actually sore the next day!

Another favorite--watching Beatrix jam in a home bout. She looked like a rock star and a Sophie, Jr. rolled into one and never told me "no" when I asked her to jam just one more time. She also took some brutal hits and kept on going.

Beatrix "the rock star!"

Lt. Dan - you are amazing. You took a crazy (and late) hit into a float face first and got back into the game with no pause. The pearls that were dislodged from the impact were strewn across the track, but your trusty teammate, Jaws, tossed them out of the way so that the jam could continue. You shook it off, got onto your toe stops and ran back to the action. Fabulous!

And Dan skates on

Crusty - your abilities continue to impress. Not only can you block a girl with 50 lbs on you, but you can turn a hit and fall into something strategic and positive and then sprint back up to the pack to give it to them again.

Crusty never backs down!

It was a wonderful night, befitting of our great city and in my mind was scored by a great song..."ebony and ivory. Skate together in perfect harmony"

Henry Roll-ins: You guys were so clean and fair and deliberate and smart, so many killer legal hits... it was just fantastic - it was wonderful to see you all unleashed like that, skating and playing derby with so much speed and grace and confidence. It was like a night of personal bests, I kept thinking "she's never played that well before" about so many of you - everyone was playing to their full potential. And though both our teams skated away with big wins, it was clear that both of you were fighting hard the whole way, never becoming complacent and never resting on your laurels - you all just kept the momentum going.
Awesome. Just awesome.
Congrats to you all. Official objectivity aside, I couldn't be prouder to be a ref for any other league, in any other sport, in the world. You guys are my heroes.

Mel Feasance: My favorite moment: Coming back from taking off my skates and finding that the new skaters had already pulled up all of the tape. Thank you, new league members, thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Countess: I guess my own personal moment was either skating my first bout or finding there were BERG players who didn't know that I hadn't skated a bout before
Okay, and one more thing-the teamwork!!! Whether in the set-up/tear-down or the hosting or on the track (especially on the track), it was just amazing. No one does it like we do!!!

Col. Panic: What do I pick from the whole weekend? The Crawfish Berl with BERG, GCRG, ETXB, and Hurt Reynolds? The masterful bout skating? The victories? The super-helpful Skater Tots and Volunteers? The afterparty (and its subsequent and inevitable closing down by the Late Night Krewe)? The overall smoothness of the entire event? Really, there are too many good moments to choose from, so I choose them all.

Marquee de Squad: Showing all of our visitors- ETXB, GCRG, and Hurt Reynolds that New Orleans knows how to host. Thanks everyone for making this event a smashing success. No pun intended.

SmasHer: I loved the thought and effort that BERG put into the crawfish boil – whether it was making the gift bags, shucking corn, or helping clean up – I was so proud of everyone’s heart and enthusiasm.
Watching the Green Country Rollergirls get their team picture taken – they were pros.
Seeing Rosie the Wrecker skate with so much obduracy. Amazing! And then watching her sob with that same kind of passion when she won MVP.

Oh, Rosie, you're a bad-ass

Rosie takes home more than the MVP award

Having Lionel Hurtz tell me that he thought it was going to take the jaws of life to recover one of Tulsa’s jammers (won’t say who) that I knocked under the float.
Seeing those fantastic MVP awards that CHEAP and Ibeatya made. Wow!
Seeing Shay wear black! Heh-Heh! (It was an honor)

It's about time- Shay comes over to the dark side!

Tapping knuckles with Vandal before one of our jams.
Being able to finally skate with Sophie and Trixie (missed you in Philly)
The thank-you card Green Country gave me. Made me teary.

Hugging VVD after the game.
Of course, FINALLY being able to skate in a home bout was fantastic. I had been cheering from the sidelines for so long, but it was so nice to cheer knowing that I would be out on skates as well. And my knee held up! Yay!

Least favorite moment: not getting my picture taken with Scabby’s man Dan. Dan, where were you? You broke the circle of derby life! And.... my wardrobe malfunctions. Sorry.

Anti Em: I got to watch two of the best games the Big Easy Rollergirls have played to date up close and personal - what's not to love? It was also great to see what East Texas and Green Country bring to the flat track. They have some really tough, fabulous skaters in their ranks.

Most favorite and least favorite moment: realizing it was my last bout skating with Team Zebra! (Refs Rule the Rules!)

Beatrix sKiddo: The looks on the Big Easy Rollergirls' faces when ETXB paraded in to the potluck Friday night in what seemed like a never ending stream. My thought, "Wow, those girls are big!" Rather intimidating.

It was great to see our girls play from the outside of the rink (always love ya Team Z) and Lt. Dan, I felt your pain when I saw that Leviathan face plant!

To quote Power Snatch, "She looked like a rock star and a Sophie, Jr." Awww shucks! Next, I want to be just like Rosie the Wrecker!

Everybody brought their A game and it paid off. Much love for BERG, Texas, Oklahoma (you're a bunch of hard hitting banshees -- I've got the bruises to prove it), Mr. Hurt Reynolds and I think I even saw some Mississippi Rollergirls out there. Yay!

Sophie Nuke’em: I loved getting to watch, and skate against, Rosie the Wrecker. She's amazing, as in, I'll bet people all over will eventually be talking about her after Green Country plays a few more bouts. She's unforgettable. And, it was fun to be hostesses to two awesome leagues, with the crawfish boil and bringing them to Mardi Gras World. SmasHer skating with the black team for the first time, and she was terrific! I'm glad she's on skates and bouting!

I also loved skating in to DJ Jubilee. But I think everyone knows that already.

Scabigail: I loved getting to play on both BERG teams. Not only was it fun to skate with all of the black team ladies for once, instead of getting knocked down by them, but I got to win twice in one night!

Little Miss Ruffit: Scabby was awesome!! Can't imagine what we'd have done without you, Shay, and Cooney. Truly amazing athletes! My favorite moments were seeing how hard the visiting teams kept at it in spite of a lagging score. Very admirable. Oh and yeah, watching LA. Gator take his 10th birthday victory lap. He was soooo looking forward to that!

Gator's birthday lap!

Buck Wild: Being able to watch live derby was a first for me - our team did an amazing job and the other teams played damn well, too. Scabby, Cooney and Shay were stars of the show - bouting for two hours and not looking tired and maintaining their A game - great job ladies!

Lt. Dan: Ok, My Favorite Moments:
Watching Bea kick some Major Tulsa Booty!
Ripping the pearls off that sissy Float! (Watch out Sophie! You're Next!)
Paying Against People I didn't know until after I beat them up (j/j)
And last but not lest, Special thanks to Diamond Girl, her iPod, her fabulous taste in Music, the Dead Milkmen, and everyone else that put up with my insane dance party that only I could hear except for the random outburst of out of tune sing-a-longs!

The always fab Diamond


CHEAP THR!LL My favorite moment was the end of the bought when I took the mic from Nutty and handed out the MVP awards with maSCARa. We couldn’t skate but we still had our moment! And I LOVED watching Rosie the Wrecker get knocked down and slide straight into the box with the White Team (who had just won) and the non-skating Black Team. That was intense!

Sophie & Rosie battle it out for MVP!

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