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December Bout Recap

In the spirit of the holidays, The Big Easy Rollergirls celebrated their last intraleague bout of 2006 in full holiday regalia. On December 16th, Santa’s Little Sleigher and The Tannenbombers vied for the Glory in Excelsis Derby at
Mardi Gras World.

Santa's Little Sleighers

The Tannenbombers

The Refs aka "The Fun Police"

The Announcers

With the anticipation at an all-time high for this saturnalia skirmish, Santa’s Little Sleigher’s took the rink dressed in fetching red and white outfits to a special mix from MC Trachiotomy featuring jingling bells and Slayer. Many of the Sleigher’s tossed out candy canes, glow sticks, ornaments and t-shirts to the crowd.

Little Mascara

Trixie la Femme

Vandal O'Riley

The Tannenbombers, dressed in camouflage, took the rink second with impressive military precision (let’s see the Marines do that on skates) to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall Part 2.” The Tannenbombers tossed out miniature army men with parachutes, airplanes and grenedae squirt guns.

Mace M. Dixon


As always, many fans showed support for their favorite teams by wearing the teams’ colors.

Bad Santas

They were also thrilled to notice some fresh meat on the rink:

Beatrix sKiddo (Sleighers),

Ibeatya Amber (Sleighers)

Lt. Dan (Tannenbombers) were all making their debut bout.

One young fan named Beatrice was especially pleased when she discovered her favorite ref (Beatrix sKiddo) was now a full-fledged roller derby girl. Her loyalties quickly switched from cheering for the refs to cheering for SLS.

Fans were equally excited to welcome back Guest AnnouncerGingersnap and Guest Refree Hambone from The Gotham Girls Roller Derby. They returned to NOLA because they wanted some more of that Big Easy fun that only New Orleans’ roller derby has to offer.

The Enchanting Gingersnap

The Hardcore Hambone

Once the teams took their respective sides of the rink and the crowd sang “You are my sunshine” the Big Easy Rollergirls surprised one of their premier volunteers, Glenn May by singing “Happy Birthday” to him. Glenn, who was appropriately performing another selfless act by filming the bout, waved down atop of one of the Mardi Gras Float to HIS roller derby fans.

Volunteer extraordinaire, Glenn May

The first half of the game was an aggressive display of defense. Each team fought for their points. By halftime, SLS were ahead by two little “Christmas Wish Points” with a score of Tannenbombers 29 and Santa’s Little Sleighers 31.

Vandal & Mace

Buck, Bruise & Sugar

BeAtch & Ibeatya

Shay puts a blocking move on Trixie

Wit & Bessie

Crusty & Mascara battle for the lead

During half-time, The Vettes rocked Mardi Gras World while fans dined on Juan’s Flying Burrito and Slice Pizza. Vespa and Ruthie the Duck Girl took a spin on the rink tossing out candy canes to the crowd.

The second period was even fiercer than the first. Each point was a battle.

Cherry tries to block The Tannenbombers

Scabby & Buck

CHEAP slams into Scabby

Ruffit holds them back

Shay gives Scabby a hand

Cherry & von Doom

Unfortunately, there are causalities in every battle and this occasion was without exception.

Bruise Springsteen of SLS, who had recently recovered from a broken kneecap, took a bad spill. Down, but not out, Bruise was forced to cut back on some of her playing time. Ruffit, Ibeatya and Beatrix stepped in to cover some of her jams.

Kelkat from SLS took a bad crash on her knees and was forced to sit out.

Marquee de Squad, from the Tannenbombers, in an effort pass Cherry Pi on the outside and protect her jammer, was delivered a crushing blow that sent Marquee to the ground and Cherry Pi to the penalty box. Marquee had to sit out a couple of jams but was quickly back in the action letting her presence be known on the rink.

But by far, the most devastating injury was when Power Snatch took a savage spill. Crawling off the track, Power Snatch sat in the inner circle. There she monitored the game and called out encouragement and instructions to her team. It wasn’t until the end of the bout that it was discovered that the mighty captain of Santa’s Little Sleighers had broken her ankle.

Despite all the injuries to their team, Santa’s Little Sleighers put up a valiant fight, but in the end were defeated by The Tannenbombers 63 to 56.

Trixie la Femme of SLS was the lead scorer with 31 Points. Scoring an impressive 55% of her team’s points. WoW!

"Yo, I'm the lead scorer, y'all.

Scabby followed with 18

"Hmmm, it feels good to score 18 points."

and Wit Vicious with 14.

Yay, 14 points!

Buck Wild, slamming her way to notoriety, made her debut on the Vicious Vixen Chart with a whooping 16 penalties.

Cherry Pi was right behind her with 15, while Bessie rounded out the top three with 13. Forearms and elbows seemed to be these ladies (?) weapons of choice.

Cherry Pi


To give credit to the “good girls” Kelkat of SLS finished the bout without any penalties!

Kelkat, the ultimate good girl

Crusty McKnuckle of The Tannenbomers and Ibeatya Amber of SLS each earned one. See, good girls can finish first!

Crusty keeps it clean

"Oh my gosh, only one penalty!"

Afterward, everyone gathered at The Old Point Bar in Algiers for an evening (that stretched into the morning) of dancing, drinking, laughing, playing “Spank the Believer,” and.....


The Big Easy Rollergirls would also like to thank everyone who so generously donated to their Holiday D├ęcor and Toy Drive benefiting the Common Ground and The Arabi Wrecking Krewe. Your donations brought many smiles to families in need. Crusty McKnuckle, who served as the liaison for The Common Ground, stated she was overwhelmed by the outpouring from the community.

A special Big Easy Rollergirl thank-you to:
Santa’s Quarters


The mystery man who dropped off FIVE very large garbage bags full of toys at Tommy Crane Group Realty.

Michael Cain of Mercury Injection And Jim Vella of Vella Vetrofor donating many beautiful hand-blown glass ornaments.

Shiek from The Arabi Wrecking Krewe for helping to organize and distribute the decorations.

Betty Cash, who instead of a Christmas gift from her son, asked that he make a donation in her name to The Common Ground and The Arabi Wrecking Krewe. Betty, you have the heart of a rollergirl.

The New Orleans' Blogger Community for getting the word out.

We would also like to recognize the NO/AIDS Task Force for coordinating their annual Holiday Wishes program, and to all the rollergirls and their families who VERY generously contributed to help make the holidays a little better for three families affected by HIV/AIDS.

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.

Thank you New Orleans. We love you and look forward to even a better bouting year in 2007!

And for those of who have requested the infamous I Heart Snatch t-shirts, you can email Power Snatch personally at: powersnatch@cox.net for more information.

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