Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rollergirls Favorite Moments


After almost two years of diligence, dogmatism and plain old tenacity, The Big Easy Rollergirls had their first bout, September 16th. To say it was a success would be an understatement.

Some of the women from The Big Easy Rollergirls share their favorite moments from the bout.

CHERRY PI: The best word I got was from my friend, who remarked that she felt she was in another time and place, without any memory of the hurricane or things that anger us on a daily basis. We helped people forget their troubles and have a wonderful evening. I love that what we do makes other people feel good, not just overselves.

LITTLE MISS RUFFIT: My favorite moment was waiting for the first points to be posted after the last regular jam and having a tie game.

CHEAP THR!LL: I LOVE to skate but my favorite moments were:
1. Hearing we sold out.
2. Hearing we had ticket scalpers in the parking lot.
3. The last few minutes of the bout when I paused long enough to listen to the crowd going CRAZY!
P.S. And trash talking with Bessie

GALAXY GRRL: When we were all on the track doing warm up laps, I doubted there would ever be a time in my life that I would feel that good and that proud to be a part of something so amazing with such amazing people. I felt like Rocky from the first movie when he ran all the way up the stairs for the first time… I’ve never been married, but I guess I’ve been kind of comparing it in my head to something like a wedding where you spend a year (or more) planning this huge event and then it flies by so fast that it all seems like a blur… It was also great seeing people in the crowd sooo excited and happy after it was over.

CRUSTY MCKNUCKLE: I was SO nervous before the bout started, but when we skated out for the first time something magical happened. I don’t know if it was the lights or the roar of the crowd or what, but at that moment I was like, “I can do this!” And after that it was just amazing, My favorite moment was when it was all over and we were all hugging each other and so proud of what we had ALL accomplished. It was a really great feeling.

SHAY-BAY: My fun time was the last jam (the tie breaker). No point shut down for The ‘Aints.

MACE M. DIXION: Warm-up laps, right as Manwitch set-up and played some adrenaline-pumping songs from Nirvana…. Watching Bessie jam… Sending some ‘Aints into the crowd with a good hit… Waving at my family and friends from “the bench” and discerning their shouts as I skated by during action… Hugs and kisses with everyone after the tie-breaker.

POWER SNATCH: I loved seeing a sign reading, “I heart Snatch” from the crowd. But the best part was having one night where it felt like the New Orleans I remember from before Katrina: great fun, beer, Mardi Gras floats, drunk people, sweating, and having a great time with a crowd during loud music. For one night, there wasn’t a storm and we weren’t thinking of houses or jobs. We skated and played and enjoyed ourselves. It was wonderful!

LITTLE maSCARa: I think I was most excited when we were doing warm-up laps to “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” It was the perfect song. I feel like Galaxy Grrl did, I kept comparing it to a wedding also. When I had to tell my professor that I was missing class for our practice run-through on Tuesday, I compared it to the rehearsal for the wedding I’ll never have.

BESSIE SMITHEREENS: In the last jam, I remember feeling that we had it as soon as the whistle blew, because I knew every single Hor-Not would do their job. I felt trust, and when I looked around Mace, Lil’ Innocent, Shay & Wit were exactly in the right places and the right times. The blockers knew what to do and we could completely rely on Wit. Sure enough, she made it through, scoring points. And we moved as a unit out of the range of an ‘Aint point. I really would go through hell and high water with these ladies because I know they would do what it takes to get to the other side.
P.S. I liked it when CHEAP told me I scared her mom. Made me feel at home. I’m pretty sure I scare my own mom.

SmasHer: My favorite three (since three is a prime number): I was so exhilarated to see “Ginger Rocks” our littlest (but most important) fan cheering us on. Her exuberance was heartening. She kept saying, “Only 14 more years until I am a rollergirl!” Cherry Pi’s last jam to tie the ‘Aints with the Hor-nots was what cheesy Hollywood movies were made of. And at the after-party when I pulled as many rollergirls together as possible to take a picture with our biggest fan, who drove almost six hours to see us! I thought he was going to die from euphoria! These three things represent inspiration, fortitude and gratitude – all of the qualities each and every Big Easy Rollergirl possesses.
P.S. Oh, I also loved that my team wore my number on their uniform so even though I was injured I could be on the track with them. Thanks, ladies!

DYNAMITE DAWLIN': My favorite part of the bout was watching all the rollergirls that had worked so hard for two years experience such a success.

KELKAT: Simply put, our first bout was the single most exciting thing I’ve been a part of. I could feel the energy from the fans as well as the other players. So many things had to come together to make the event come together and everyone stepped up to the challenge. I am honored to be a part of BERG.

TRIXIE LA FEMME: Arriving for set up in the A.M. and the announcement comes that we’ve sold out! Entering the track to skate warm-up laps as one league before all our fans… Heavy metal playing, Bessie Smithereens smacking me with her riding crop, ah… it was a perfect moment.

DIAMOND GRRRL: My favorite moment from the bout is still the warm-up to “Don’t Fear The Reaper,” purely because the roar of audience’s response. The roar of the crowd made my hair stand up. I was exhausted from being at MGW since 10AM setting up and then running around the East and West Banks on frantic last-minute beer runs. Not to mention SmasHer flying out of my car in the drive-thru to rip a car full of people a new one for littering. In the pouring rain and wearing a leg splint, I might add, and after nearly having her ear sliced off in a “freak” accident… The energy of our audience really made it all seem worthwhile. That and two days later at work when they were asking for season tickets.

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